Tickets Are Now On Sale For Frequent Traveler University Chicago

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Tickets have just gone on sale for the next Frequent Traveler University event, which organizers are expecting will be the biggest one yet. For those of you not familiar with FTU, it’s a weekend event centered around miles & points.

The next FTU will be held at the Marriott Chicago O’Hare the weekend of November 17-19, 2017. What’s different this time around is that there’s both an FTU Signature event, as well as an FTU Expo.

You can find all the registration details on this page.

FTU Travel Expo

For the first time ever there will be an FTU Travel Expo with 36,000 square feet of exhibition space and four simultaneous educational stages. They’re expecting for there to be upwards of 3,000 attendees. Confirmed speakers include the FTU regulars, plus guest speakers Rudy Maxa, Nomadic Matt, Chris Guillebeau, Chris McGinnis, Johnny Jet, and more. This will take place on Saturday, November 18, 2017.

Early bird tickets are available for $29 using code FTUEARLY by July 31, 2017. After that, tickets will cost $39.

FTU Signature details

In addition to the above there will be an FTU Signature event, intended for intermediate and advanced miles and points enthusiasts. This is for those who really want to get into the nitty gritty of miles and points. FTU Signature attendees will have full access to the Expo.

Tickets to FTU Signature include the following:

  • Cocktail reception on Friday
  • Coffee, tea, and seasonal breakfast breads Saturday and Sunday mornings
  • Two full days chock-full of classroom-style sessions, on Saturday and Sunday
  • Plated lunch on both Saturday and Sunday
  • Free wifi in the conference rooms

While the full schedule hasn’t yet been published, speakers will include Tiffany, Greg Davis-Kean (Frequent Miler), Matthew Klint (Live and Lets Fly), and Stefan Krasowski (Rapid Travel Chai), just to name a few.

Early bird tickets are available for $239 using code FTUEARLY by June 25, 2017. After that, tickets will cost $249.

Bottom line

If you’re a miles & points geek, then this event is for you. This should be one of the biggest gatherings of miles & points enthusiasts ever, so regardless of whether you’re interested in the one day expo or the entire event, you can get the best deal by getting your tickets early.

  1. @Lucky: Under “FTU Travel Expo” it said: “Early bird tickets are available for $29 using code FTUEARLY by July 31, 2017. After that, tickets will cost $39.” Later it showed the correct amount

  2. sorry, I have just realized that there are 2 different events with different costs……… my bad

  3. I’m very interested in learning how to be better at using miles and discounts for travel, if I were anywhere remotely near Chicago I would totally sign up. But right now I’m literally on the other side of the planet in Asia. Is there any way to buy the materials or do you have any other consolidated source where I can get caught up quickly? Lots of travel coming up, so many opportunities!

  4. Forgive me for asking…. but this whol event just looks like one big ponzi scheme… or just a ploy to get newbies in the hobby or game to go shell out a bunch of money for information which is already freely available. If you are willing to put in just a bit of effort and reading you can learn and strategize all of these things….what justifies flying out to chicago and doing seminars and such…i mean we are all out to save money… not spend a premium $250 for information which is already online…and all these people and speakers are blogs we all should already be reading.

    I am having a really hard time seeing the value here…i am afraid I would show up and attend only to be re-told what I already know through my own research on the subject.

    How about posting a more detailed schedule of seminars and such…please enlighten us as to the value of this thing


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