Great Deal: Get Starbucks Gold Status After One Purchase

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Today is the day that My Starbucks Rewards goes revenue based, meaning you’re rewarded based on how much you spend at Starbucks, rather than how many transactions you make. Under the new program:

  • You earn 2 stars per $1 spent
  • Gold status requires 300 stars ($150 worth of spend)
  • Gold members need 125 stars for a reward ($62.50 worth of spend)

In terms of program benefits, Green members receive the following perks, which include things like a free birthday drink and free in-store coffee refills:


Gold members receive the following perks (the most significant being that you can redeem your stars towards free drinks and snacks):


In light of the program transition, Starbucks is offering a very generous promotion at the moment. You can earn Starbucks Gold status if you make just one purchase by May 2, 2016. If you’re already a Gold member and make a purchase by that date, you’ll have your status extended by another year.


There’s no registration required for this promotion, and your status should automatically be updated within 48 hours of your eligible purchase.

If you’re not yet a My Starbucks Rewards member, you can register using my link, and you’ll receive a free drink upon signing up and agreeing to receive emails (which you can unsubscribe from). Meanwhile I’ll receive 60 stars (a little bit less than half of a free drink or snack).

If you’d like to refer a friend to My Starbucks Rewards so they can take advantage of this offer as well, you can refer them at, by entering both your email address and their email address (or you can simply share a link through social channels).


Bottom line

Even if you’re not a super frequent Starbucks visitor, this is a great promotion you should absolutely take advantage of. Just make a single purchase at Starbucks by May 2 and you’ll receive Gold status for a year. If you’re not yet a My Starbucks Rewards member, you can even get a free drink upon registering, and you’ll still get Gold status after your first purchase.

(Tip of the hat to Heels First Travel)

  1. This could be more lucrative for you than all those credit card referrals 🙂

    Remember the old days, when bloggers use to post just to post? Sigh…

  2. @Credit
    I’m not fat, but they do make mean hot cocoa. I should probably get my kids their first status today since they think Starbucks is SOOOO neat.

  3. Wow…so Green gets the free birthday drink too now? That is a significant change, and definitely nice to know.

  4. It’s quite common to see people queuing to buy this low quality coffee. I guess that says a lot about the power of marketing. The story linked above about the cup marked “here comes diabetes” is not an isolated incident; similar stories have been in the news.
    This is a company that engages in significant tax “minimisation” strategies, ie pays no tax, in many if not most of the countries in which it operates ( and has been shamed into making back tax payments in several).
    To be avoided.

  5. @Paolo:
    “It’s quite common to see people queuing to buy this low quality coffee.”

    I just go there for their milkshakes.

  6. You may want to point out the following: Your free drink will be delivered seven days after you register for My Starbucks Rewards®. To receive your free drink, make sure you are opted in to receive emails from Starbucks.

  7. I don’t get how this is a great deal. What is so great about this loyalty program. A free drink after spending $62. Or is it that you get a free “gold card”? Confused on this post.

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