Frankfurt Airport Now Has An Airside Transit Hotel

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I seem to transit Frankfurt Airport quite a bit, and when I have a quick overnight my preference is to stay at the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport. It’s a great way to earn stay credits towards SPG status, the hotel is connected by a walkway to the airport terminal, and the club lounge is one of the better ones out there.

Sheraton-Frankfurt-Airport-Suite - 9
Sheraton Frankfurt Airport club room

So on one hand my Frankfurt Airport overnight needs are more than taken care of. However, I also appreciate a good airside transit hotel. An airside transit hotel lets you get some rest without having to leave security or immigration, and there’s no denying that there’s something especially convenient about being able to head straight to your gate, rather than have to factor in security, etc.

Singapore-Airport-Transit-Hotel - 15
Singapore Changi Airport transit hotel room

For a while I’ve been hearing rumors about a transit hotel opening at Frankfurt Airport (I first heard about it in Daniel’s interview with Frankfurt Airport’s director of operations).

Well, it looks like that airside transit hotel at Frankfurt Airport has recently opened. The new hotel is called MY CLOUD (yes, in all caps… apparently), and it’s located at Terminal 1, near Gate Z25. It’s on Level 3, and can be reached airside using the SkyLine from Terminal 2.


The transit hotel has 59 rooms, including:

  • Inward facing single rooms
  • Outward facing single rooms
  • Inward facing double rooms
  • Outward facing double rooms

The rooms look small but functional, and really that’s all you need for an airside transit hotel.



However, the hotel is not cheap at all. You can rent rooms by the hour, ranging from 3-15 hours. Here are the costs for an entry level (single inward facing) room in three hour increments:

  • 3hr — 80EUR
  • 6hr — 140EUR
  • 9hr — 190EUR
  • 12hr — 220EUR
  • 15hr — 250EUR

That is not cheap at all, especially when you consider those are the prices for inward facing single rooms. Then again, some will find it to be worthwhile for the convenience.

Bottom line

This is certainly a useful new hotel to be aware of, as it’s by far the most convenient option for getting some rest during a layover in Frankfurt. However, personally I’ll continue to use the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport for overnights (due to the more reasonable cost, stay credits, and great lounge), and hopefully for daytime layovers I have access to Lufthansa’s excellent first class lounges, which have private bedrooms.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal bedrooms

Would you consider renting a room at the Frankfurt Airport transit hotel?

  1. @Claus — The SkyTrain is airside. I used it to transfer from Z to B last year.

    This hotel is great for those who require a visa for Europe and find a good catch. Not uncommon for Egyptians to need to spend 10+ hrs in European airports for good deals (~350 EUR!) to the US.

  2. Yikes, those prices are CRAZY! Considering the fact that I got the Frankfurt Garden Inn hotel (attached to FRA by the sky bridge ) this summer for a little over $100US plus tax. Also, I got the Transit hotel this summer in SIN for six hours at $36USD plus tax.
    The FRA Transit hotel really only makes sense for people who might have to pay a huge visa fee to enter the country, otherwise, why not take the 12 minute metro into town where a plethora of hotel options exist!?

  3. @SullyofDoha : precisely. Or better yet, book a better connection. FRA by subway into city center is quite fast, so I don’t see the reason to pay this highway ransom.

    I certainly welcome the *option* of a transit bed (my parents in their 70s can certainly use them), but not at those price levels.

  4. Abdel and Sully nailed it. At those prices, NotMyCloud is only for the visa-constrained or the fiscally-aloof.

  5. Looks like a carbon copy of the CItizenM Hotels in London/Amsterdam/Etc. They are fantastic by the way, worth a stay at some point, especially the one in London with a view of the Tower of London!

  6. The Hilton Frankfurt Airport is a few steps farther, but well worth the extra exercise. It has become my favorite airport Hilton, so far.

  7. @ Abdel: Ha, I just looked it up. The train is actually simultaneously airside and landside. It has stops in both parts of each terminal, and one of the wagons opens its doors only at airside stops, the other wagon at landside stops. Interesting system.

  8. Thanks for the heads up about this hotel. I have a 5 hour layover in Frankfurt with a 2 year old year on Friday and have booked this hotel for the duration.

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