“Professional Idiot” Claims To Fly In Cargo Hold, Gets Called Out By Airline

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Well this is just ridiculous. A popular YouTuber who is known for his pranks and refers to himself as a “professional idiot” recently filmed himself supposedly flying in the cargo hold of a plane. Specifically, he claimed that he flew in the cargo hold of an hour-long Tigerair Australia flight from Melbourne to Sydney. Here’s the video:

While I give them credit for making the prank 90% believable in terms of the production quality, there are some things that don’t quite add up.

Well, Tigerair Australia didn’t take too kindly to this prank, and has responded with the following statement, per Mashable:

There are a few inconsistencies in your production that don’t line up with reality.

Anything over 32kg gets rejected and our friendly staff would have stepped in to assist with options, as indeed they did. We have the footage.

It gets pretty cold at 36,000 feet without any heating. Had you been in the baggage hold, by the time you arrived in Sydney you would have been a popsicle.

Thirdly, we have footage of you boarding the aircraft (using your legs) … Given what you have portrayed could have resulted in serious injury or worse to you and the people around you, we’d suggest you [remove] the video promptly.

For anyone curious, here’s the footage of him supposedly boarding the plane:

Well played, Tigerair Australia!

  1. Ooookey… in addition to having become a popsicle, wouldn’t he also have been quite badly hurt considering he was in a softsided suitcase and the bags get thrown around quite a lot when handled at the airports? I don’t think it was 90% believable, not believable at all actually. Who would even believe that the suitcase just sailed away at the conveyor band after they got the stop-massage on the screen?

    TigerAir’s statment was very clever though! And I agree, I Hope they take down the video, what if someone gets inspired and stows a child in a suitcase?

  2. It warms my heart that down here is Australia a boy can grow up and become a professional idiot, anywhere else is the world he’d have to settle for amateur idiocy.

  3. If he had flown in the wheel well, he would have arrived a popsicle. But baggage holds are heated, aren’t they? Maybe not to the level that the cabin is, but that seems like an odd part of the airline’s statement.

  4. @Jeff R
    The holds are not always heated, the buyer may choose to not option heated cargo. Tiger have already said that their holds are not heated. That being said, the hold on the 320 is pressurized with air circulated from the cabin, temperatures are usually around 5-10 degrees Celsius without cargo heating. With heating it’s 15-20 degrees.

  5. Same clown who tried to board a Delta flight with a 9 foot teddy bear! Needless to say it didn’t work despite him buying it a ticket!

  6. Stupid people do stupid things. I don’t think you should have posted his Youtube video link here. You are simply rewarding his stupidity with more views.

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