PSA: Don’t Kick & Punch The Police When Your Flight Is Delayed

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Here’s your daily dose of “what on earth was he thinking?!?”

A few days ago there were some delays and cancellations at Frankfurt Airport due to weather, which can certainly be frustrating and bring out the worst in people. However, I have absolutely no clue what would posses someone to respond like this.

There’s video footage of a man punching three police offers after his flight was delayed, but only after pledging his allegiance to… the UK! Per The Daily Mail:

This footage shows the extraordinary moment a rampaging British passenger punched three German police officers to the floor after his flight was delayed.

In the shocking video, filmed near a Lufthansa check-in gate, the man reportedly shouted ‘I am a British citizen’ before launching the assault.

He started the brawl when his wife was apparently knocked to the ground by staff when the couple complained about flight delays. 

A police spokesman said: ‘The attacker was an Englishman who was worried about his wife. She had circulatory problems’.

Here’s the video footage:

I’ve seen a lot of videos of airport assaults, though this has to be the worst I’ve seen yet.

Not that assault is ever okay, but seriously, assaulting armed police officers… really?!

Well, good thing this didn’t happen in the US, at least, because it could have ended very differently.

(Tip of the hat to John)

  1. There was a time when one could have gotten away with this sort of behavior in Germania by asserting one’s Roman Citizenship. But those days are long gone. 😉

  2. The German cops got their asses kicked, which is kind of embarassing since they were 3 vs 1.
    I’d make them redundant for being totally useless. What if the guy had managed to really hurt someone?

  3. Totally wrong and inexcusable. But, that guy is either a beast or those are the weakest most under-trained cops in the world. Dude had 3 cops on the ground in seconds, and multiple times, without taking so much as a punch. In the US, it would not have ended so well for him.

  4. Ahhh Britain doing us proud again. With low cost airlines all over the world now it really brings out the best people.

    Granted he looked like he could have been in a few pub fights, but those police sucked and looked really young.

  5. “However, I have absolutely no clue what would posses someone to respond like this”

    “He started the brawl when his wife was apparently knocked to the ground by staff when the couple complained about flight delays.”

    Hmmm, I wonder why?

    In all seriousness though, I’m not advocating for this kind of behavior, but if he was going to punch someone, it should be the staff, not the police. That’s fair game.

  6. Lucky, where’s your post on the awful changes to the Citi prestige card announced this morning??

  7. @Jack Look at his posts going back about a week. He has covered the changes extensively. This is not new news, Citi is just now proactively alerting their customers.

  8. This is what happens when you have too many pints of Guinness before flying. Probably a football hooligan.

  9. @Ben. I’m a fan of OMAAT, but these types of videos just bring the whole thing down. I don’t ‘get off’ on watching people behaving badly. I’m also uncomfortable with arriving at ‘conclusions’ when we have no facts here (and let’s face it, the right-wing Daily Mail might might not be the best place to get ‘news’ when it involves a dark-skinned man who happens to be accompanied by women wearing headscarves).

  10. White privilege & male privilege in action, ladies and gentlemen! Imagine a “brown-looking” person from “over there” even thinking of doing such a thing? And how would this hypothetical incident have ended for said person?

  11. @Ben – I am a huge fan of OMAAT but that last line was in very poor taste and all it does it creates more divide..

  12. @Liam. Of course someone had to bring up the “right wing” theory again……….I think most people come here to learn about points, award travel, and not to hear your unsolicited political views.

  13. Those are some lame officers. They were just trying to protect their faces. wth. where’s the hand to hand combat skills? What if the guy was a terrorist? They need to learn some ninja fighting skills pronto. But what a sad video. How people melt down so easily these days. I used to think it was just trailer trashes doing that. This is why I stick to watching cute kitty videos.

  14. @Lucky… So I am a little confused …. How would have it ended in the US ? I would think that the aggressor would have been tasered a couple times or pepper sprayed.


  15. That’s where the taser would come in so handy. This idiot would have dropped like a rock. Hopefully he gets a nice long prison sentence to think about his childish behaviour. If his wife had medical problems, he should have taken her to a hospital, not an airport. Yes, it may have ended differently in the States, but remember who started this whole thing…he did, not the police. And he deserves whatever he gets. Idiot!

  16. Do you really think that US police officers just go around shooting people for no reason? Police officers are authorized to use deadly force when presented with an individual who posses an immenent threat to life. There are over 500K police officers in the US that have millions of interactions with people every year and less than 1% end in the use of any type of force much less deadly force. Please think before you post lines like your last one. Maybe you should go for a ride along one day I’d be glad to take you myself.

  17. @Gwayrav
    Well , since you want to go many men with ‘brown skin’ have raped German girls/women, only to be told by a liberal Mayor that the girls/women ” need to adopt code of conduct” ?

    Want to be angry at seeing people behaving badly…by all means have at it…but if you want to play a race card, especially with everything that is going on in the EU, the ‘male white privilege’ accusation isn’t going to hold up too well.

    Take a seat….

  18. @C Diddy

    I can’t believe how those 3 cops had their asses handed to them. I don’t even know how the guy ended up on the ground..did he have a stroke or something?

  19. @Grawrav the person with 2 wives, an assumption I admit, is not indefinite from the parish of Britain.

  20. @Grawrav the person with 2 wives, an assumption I admit, is not indigenous to the parish of Britain.

  21. Oh people stop it. In the US it would have ended differently. If you think it wouldn’t you are naive. No they would not have shot him, of course. He wasn’t armed and there are a LOT of people around. But they certainly would have kicked the living s&*t out of him. And tasered him a couple of times.

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