Video: Woman Asks Flight Crew To Tell Husband She’s Pregnant

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While this video is from back in January, it’s only being picked up by the media now, and it’s too cute (and creative) not to share. ABC Action News has the story of a woman who was flying from Tampa to Chicago with her husband in January. The day before the trip she found out she was pregnant, but wasn’t completely sure. Then early on the morning of her trip she took another pregnancy test, which had positive results twice.

That’s when she came up with this creative way to tell her husband that she was pregnant. When she got to the airport she scribbled a note while her husband was getting coffee, and then she boarded right behind him and handed the below note to the crew:

They were good sports about it, and a bit later the captain made the announcement, while she filmed her husband’s reaction. Here’s that video:

I’ve been wanting to share this video for so long! This time around I really wanted to surprise David with the news of our new baby. I think I got him pretty good😁✈️🤰🏻

Posted by Audrey Rose on Thursday, January 11, 2018

What a cute way to reveal a pregnancy!

  1. Would it be discrimination if I asked them to talk about my pet hamsters diarrehea ?

    Either do it for all do it for none. It’s a slippery slope. Why are theother passengers subjected to this personal BS?

  2. @debit I think the reason you are so unhappy in life because of your name Debit. Change your name to Credit and things will be much more brighter. Life has so much sorrow. It is nice to see / experience happyness of others once a while.

  3. I am in favor of keeping Debit here. S/He clearly gets off on making people annoyed but if her/his reactions are so predictable that you can just laugh it off.

  4. I am expressing my opinion. There is nothing trolling in that. You clearly are bunch of assholes that think everyone should kiss your ass and agree with you.

    There is vpn.

  5. This verbal diarrhea is the reason why America needs a cull. You people have become just a laughing stock throughout the world. I remember I met a normal American person once but sadly it was just a freak occurrence.

  6. Sorry but this seems like quite a big overshare to all the other passengers. And it puts the husband in a pretty awkward position right?

    On the surface it might seem cute but a line does need to be drawn somewhere about sharing with random people (or forcing them to listen/react to your news in a highly contained crowded space) and I don’t think you have be negative, or mean, to think that.

  7. The guy expressed an opinion that differs from most. Maybe his language was a bit rough. That is hardly trolling and certainly not grounds for expelling him.

  8. @Kerry
    Thats all fine and good. But do you feel the same way when a birthday announcement is made in the office of a colleague you don’t really work with. A b’day announcement at the table next to you in the restaurant. Does something like this really need a rule or policy rather than leave it up to the discretion of capable adults?

    At what point in life do you reach where something so innocuous as this causes you to feel inconvenienced, disturbed or bothered?

    Is that really how one wants to go through life where they can no longer feel happy for a random human being they don’t know unless there is something in it for them? Just be happy for them. You don’t have to congratulate them or clap or even smile. You can just let it be. It won’t cost you much.

  9. What a great time to share the news – just when they have several hours of alone time to talk about it and plan ahead. I think the timing was perfect. As for everyone else – I think this is a lovely way to start a flight and, if it were me, I’d feel good about hearing it before takeoff as it would ease my typical pre-flight jitters.

  10. The ladies get clever. Tell him on an airborne aircraft. No way he can get out of it by “picking up a pack of smokes”

  11. @Joey,

    I think a bday announcement is a very radically different level of personal information to be sharing. Much like an engagement, a birthday is is a typically public event, and I wouldn’t feel it’s too personal to be sharing the information with strangers.

    Telling your partner that you are pregnant is a completely different level, I have literally never heard anyone announce this in public (remember she was informing her partner for the first time, this is very different even from a couple together informing their friends or family about the news). This is an intensely personal event. I do think it crosses a huge line to impose this event “live” on strangers in a captive environment like a plane. It’s not about feeling happy for them or not, it’s about where we draw the line in basic public etiquette. I am genuinely surprised more people can’t see this.

  12. I’m surprised nobody has commented that the guy clearly doesn’t want the child. I don’t think that is the reaction the wife was looking for.

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