Lufthansa Thinks Their Business Class Looks Like Premium Economy

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As much as I love Lufthansa first class, I find their business class product to be underwhelming. They’ve just recently finished installing their “new” business class product throughout their longhaul fleet, which doesn’t even feature direct aisle access from every seat. Apparently they’ll introduce a new business class product in 2020, though it’s a shame to see them take delivery of so many new planes with an outdated hard product.

Lufthansa just took delivery of their first A350, which features a very similar business class product to the rest of the fleet (I believe the screens are just a bit larger, and the seats apparently a bit wider).

It seems I’m not the only one who thinks Lufthansa’s business class product is sub-par — here’s what Lufthansa has to say about it on their Facebook page:


Indeed, even Lufthansa’s social media team thinks their business class looks more like premium economy. 😉

  1. LH always has been a leader in the F cabin. The rest of the plane, including C, does not rank high with them, which is sad, as I sense F fading with them.

  2. Unless travelling as a couple. Then I’d say that’s the best business class seat available The middle seats would be perfect. All these staggered products stink for couples. It’s either far apart or honey moon

  3. @Ryan not sure if you’re comment is specifically about LH but JL has some Apex 2-2-2 seats in business class on some of their 787. This are much better in think – center section isn’t staggered and no restricting foot area. Furthermore, if traveling solo, dividers provide decent privacy. I also think 2-2-2 seats that other airlines like TK, QR, HU, etc use are pretty good. Decently roomy and no restricting foot area but not a ton of privacy

  4. Maybe I’m alone but I love LH’s Business Class on the upper deck of the 747-8. Sure your feet angle in, but I don’t feel like it’s as bad as people whine about.

  5. @Benjamin – I agree, I love LH Business lass on the upper deck of the 747-8.
    At least it’s flat bed all the time – American still has some angled flat, and so do even SQ, CX or ANA…
    When traveling solo, I prefer the privacy of staggered, forward facing seats, like ANA, Asiana or Oman Air. When traveling as a couple, the paired seats are much nicer…
    There are downsides to the herringbone seats as well – some, like on Delta, are claustrophobic and you can’t watch a movie before reaching cruising altitude, because the screen has to be folded away and stored…

  6. Is there any new F-Product in 2020 by LH?
    When they cancel it at all, what happens to the great FCT in FRA?

  7. So Ben, are you and your partner going to carry on about how bad LH Business Class is? Or is that opprobrium best reserved for BA Club World….ooops I mean Premium Economy? 🙂

  8. Even the old-fashioned J on QR 777s is far better than the new LH J. QR 777 may not have all the bells and whistles of the newer J seats but I find them to be among the most spacious J seats out there.

  9. Maybe this is 12 years of marriage talking, but I don’t understand the obsession some people have with needing to sit RIGHT NEXT TO their partner/spouse on flights. I am happy to be in business class, I don’t need to be able to hold hands with my husband to make it a better experience, I can see him when we get to our destination and enjoy the rest of our trip together.

    Plus, the market for business class flights is business people, they don’t generally bring spouses along and just want to be left alone while they get to their destination.

  10. Haha, everyone point and laugh at Lufthansa’s subpar business class.

    If we embarrass them enough maybe they’ll bring back a proper F cabin.

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