EVA Airways tops Cayman Airways for…

…the worst frequent flyer program name? I’ve always been quite fascinated by Cayman Airways and their “Sir Turtle Club.” I mean, if you’re going to pull a DYKWIA at the airport, who wouldn’t want to refer to themselves as a Sir Turtle Club member?

But I think EVA Airways may just have topped Cayman Airways. In the “spirit of innovation” they’re renaming their frequent flyer program from “Evergreen Club” to “Infinity MileageLands.” Perhaps that would be a good name for a frequent flyer program exclusively for their Hello Kitty flights, but seriously, Infinity MileageLands? That’s better than Evergreen Club how?

EVA, there are many things you do that show your “tradition of innovation,” but this ain’t one of them!

Anyone not think that’s a horrible name, or have another “favorite” frequent flyer program name?

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  1. Yeah but Cayman Airways flies to Grand Cayman. I just don’t really care about points when an airplane delivers me to Grand Cayman! 😉

  2. I used to live in Cayman and I snuck a peek into the Sir Turtle club lounge at GCM a few times. Let’s just say you are not missing out on much by not being a Cayman Airways elite.

  3. It like one of those timed essay tests and you HAVE to scribble something down for that last answer as the teacher tells you to put down your pen…….

  4. their chinese name, 無限萬哩遊, sounds good and grand

    無限 = unlimited / infinite
    萬哩 = technically means 10,000 miles, but generally means far distances
    遊 = travel

    the english name sounds like a direct translation without consulting anyone who natively speaks english

  5. Evergreen Club is easy to remember so I would say the old name is way better than the Infinity ML. A fancy name for membership does NOT mean anything. Eva doesn’t realize that in the US everyone likes to simplify anything.

  6. It’s pretty much a cadi of lost in translation. Sounded much better in Chinese. IMHO.

  7. having dealt with quite some Taiwanese before, I can validate this bit about google translate. It seems the standard practice in Taiwan is to think and write in the native script, and then paste in Google Translate to get English. And I’ve had loads of times when one would laugh or cry basis what comes from the Taiwanese end!

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