EVA Air Cuts Rimowa Amenity Kits On Many Routes

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As far as I’m concerned, EVA Air offers one of the all around best business class experiences in the world. On their 777s, EVA Air has reverse herringbone seats in business class, which many airlines have nowadays.

It’s their soft product that really sets them apart, though. EVA Air has top notch champagne (historically they’ve served Krug and Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 2006, both of which are incredible, especially for business class), Rimowa amenity kits, pajamas, excellent food and drinks, and more. They’re such a pleasure to fly with, and I can’t recommend them enough, especially if you can get on one of their Hello Kitty flights.

While it perhaps doesn’t materially alter the experience for passengers, I have loved the Rimowa amenity kits that EVA Air has offered on all longhaul flights to & from Taipei. Over the years different airlines have offered Rimowa amenity kits, so you can collect these if you want to. I know others have sold them on eBay, as they sell for a surprising amount of money. However, historically these have been in first class and not business class, so EVA was really the exception there.

While the airline hasn’t completely eliminated Rimowa amenity kits, it looks like they’ve cut back. EVA Air is now only offering Rimowa amenity kits in longhaul business class when departing Taipei, and not when flying to Taipei.

For flights to Taipei, amenity kits are now from Georg Jensen. They feature 3LAB toiletries, which are very nice, even if it’s not the most mainstream brand.

EVA Air is trying to cut costs and improve yields, so unfortunately I guess they’re not seeing much of an ROI on their superior business class soft product, which is sad. Here’s to hoping they don’t cut back their business class experience too much otherwise.

Are you a fan of the Rimowa kits, or do amenity kits not matter to you at all?

(Tip of the hat to Kyle)

  1. I just flew from New York to Taipei on EVA Royal Laurel (4/13) and did get one of the Rimowa kits. They also served Krug 2004 as the champagne which was amazing!

  2. I could have flown EVA to Taipei last year in paid J – but didn’t, because of the risk of ending up on a Hello Kitty flight.

    Not being a prebuscent girl, the idea of being stuck inside that sickly fantasy was too much of a risk. They lost my business.

    Perhaps if they scrapped Hello Kitty they’d generate more cash and save on licence fees.

  3. Lucky, if I have a RT business class from JFK to Asia in a couple weeks but on return flights, will connect out of TPE, do you think they will offer the Rimowa kit on the outbound TPE to JFK flight?

  4. Oh my… I’m schedule to fly Eva Air tomorrow (SFO-TPE). I am / was so looking forward to get the Rimowa amenity kit… 🙁

  5. This is a really disappointing cost-cutting measure- and they are taking a step backwards while their competitor, China Airlines, is improving drastically with stunning, beautiful new cabins and an improving soft product. On the other hand, this doesn’t come as a huge surprise to me taking into account that EVA Air’s new management team is cutting costs significantly to enhance yields, negatively affecting the passenger experience.

    This involves cramming more seats in a 10 abreast 3-4-3 configuration while decreasing legroom, significantly affecting comfort especially on long haul flights: https://youngtravelershongkong.wordpress.com/2018/03/22/what-is-eva-airs-10-abreast-777-economy-like-is-it-worth-avoiding-on-a-longhaul-flight/

    And when you get an overwhelming soft product, lackluster snacks, and food poisoning in premium economy, the sense of a premium, five star airline is demolished. https://youngtravelershongkong.wordpress.com/2018/02/21/review-eva-air-777-premium-economy-taipei-to-los-angeles/

    While I understand that the Taiwanese and Asian market is very competitive, I’m not sure why EVA opted to get more money in the expense of their reputed premium cabin products, especially since as @Lucky mentioned that it’s EVA’s soft product in Business Class that used to differentiate them from other airlines. 🙁

  6. @The nice Paul, I m sure they don’t care about losing one grumpy old man whilst attracting hundreds of others with this gimmick.

  7. Would Eva offer Rimowa amenity kits on BR61 TPE-BKK-VIE, given TPE-BKK is a short haul but some pax are going all the way to VIE?

  8. @Tigris23 – EVA continues to offer the Rinowa kits outbound flights departing from Taipei, Taiwan, so you would get it on the second sector of your return flight. This cost-cutting measure only affects flights bound for Taiwan. Hope this helps!

  9. @Bob
    I’m sure you’re right – *if* that’s what happens.

    Personally I can’t see many boring old fart-types like me (the ones whose employers pay for J class tickets while flying on business) being hugely attracted by, er, Hello Kitty.

    If I’m wrong, it does make me wonder why high-end business hotels – the Four Seasons, say – haven’t also started creating Hello Kitty experiences in their properties. You know, to make loads of money.

  10. @Ethan thank you for clarifying!! Yes I was hoping to get one of the Rimowa kit so I look forward to that on my return flight!

  11. @george. I took the br7/br8 flights to and from sfo and received the amenity kit abiut two weeks ago. Don’t lose hope!

  12. Back in the day I sold a bunch of my unopened amenity kits on ebay, and the Rimowa ones are the only ones that reliably sell (usually in the $30-$50 range). But these days I just leave them on the plane unopened. I already have a toothbrush, moisturizer, etc. in my carry on and it just seems like a waste of resources and time now that the shiny newness of flying in Business+ has worn off.

    Also, I’m a huge fan of the Hello Kitty plane (and all of their other Sanrio planes). I wish the amenity kits were also themed to match the planes!

  13. anyone know what the color of the Rimowa flying out? I’ve always liked the white one flying out of Taipei.

  14. That’s too bad. Everyone go fly EVA Air business! We should support airlines that are providing great products & service.

  15. Hope the Jensen kit is more attractive than LH’s current offering. A diehard Lufty fan here, yet to get my first Rimowa, I was disappointed by the huge blue sack handed out earlier this month.

  16. Colgate is the worst brand of toothpaste for flying. It smells much stronger than Crest. I use Colgate at home in the morning and Crest while traveling, if I brush after lunch and at home in the evening.

  17. Not a good news..I like the Rimowa kit a lot..it is still existant but only ex TPE..hopefully they would not scraped it entirely. Cost cuttings or just trying new products..still wish they have kept the Rimowa kit and just offered a new cosmetic brand..the one you will enjoy using and not throwing completely to the bin.

  18. @The nice Paul

    Funny, because when I flew in J on the TPE-FUK Hello Kitty plane last year, most of the asian businessmen in nice suits that populated the front of the aircraft seemed to get quite a kick out of it. I’m not a Hello Kitty fan either, but it does make for a pretty amusing flight if for no other reason than to enjoy the reaction of important, busy, no-nonsense businessmen such as yourself.

  19. @ Dusty

    What a nice person you must be, to get such pleasure from the discomfort of others.

    Surely the fact I described myself as an “old fart” should have given you a clue that I don’t think I’m at all important. Just averse to being bombarded by sickly imagery designed for prebuscent girls. The fact that some middle-aged men seemed to like that would frankly worry me, rather than making me coo with pleasure.

    Still, I look forward to you telling me which business hotel chains have also licensed Hello Kitty, given that you apparently think it’s a great money-spinner when targeted at “important, busy, no-nonsense businessmen”.

    Four Seasons? Intercontinental? Hyatt? Just let us know.

  20. Amenity kits are at the bottom of the bottom of my list. Having the nice Rimowa box just makes me feel badly when I throw it in the garbage. What am I supposed to do with these things?

    I think EVA is fine, and I’m happy to fly them. But if they want to buck up the product putting more effort into food (and offering Chinese food when flying to and from the Republic of China) and training FAs to speak English a bit better, would add much more value. The seat is just fine in my opinion.

  21. @the nice Paul
    Without getting into the argument of the esthetics of the Hello Kitty planes, I think it is not unreasonable for people to want appreciate the attention to detail and (I am assuming, I am yet to be on one of these flights) creativity in the execution. People with interest in marketing and niche positioning could find it fascinating.
    Regarding your hotel conment – that’s a good point. In a nutshell- flying is different in the sense that you are off the plane within 10-15 hours. Staying at a Hello Kitty hotel for 3-4 nights would be a trying experience, I agree.
    Personally, I’d love to check out one of these flights and observe the mood of the crew and the passengers. I have a gut feeling you might find it a fun way to break an otherwise dull J commuting routine. Give it a go.

  22. Out of all the services and hardware you get, the brand of the amenity kit is probably the least important to me, so I find that to be a good cost cutting measure.

    Of course it is nice to have such a thing at home but I definitely care more about the content than the brand here. Especially if you fly a lot, these amenity kits tend to end up in the trash or being left on board anyways.

    BR offers such a great product, so that does not really make a difference.

  23. Jumpseatflyer – I had not seen one Rimowa kit being left on board no matter on LH, TG, BR, or NH, trust me, i always look for leftover even if it is opened and used.

  24. @The nice Paul

    The term “pre-pubescent girls” seems to be a recurring theme with you.

    Maybe get that checked out?

  25. On the subject of the Rimowa kits, I have collected them from three airlines and use them all. Not one has been thrown in the trash. I use my handy Dymo labeller to indicate the contents. I am quite organised(not anal) and it’s easy to pick up the one labelled ‘US Navigator’ when I start a trip to the USA. You will be surprised how efficient it can be in organising all your travel accessories such as cables, chargers, pens, currency etc. etc..

  26. I got a defective Rimowa kit on my way back to the USA, the zipper is crooked and does not align. Lucky, I’m flying with them again in a couple of months out of YVR, do you think they would replace the kit for me?

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