European Union To Ban Non-Essential Travel

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The President of the EU Commission has today announced plans to introduce a 30-day ban on non-essential travel to the European Union. She has presented this idea to G7 partners and heads of state.

We’re still waiting for details on the timing, though I would imagine if this is implemented, it will happen soon.

You can see her announcement here:

There are a few things worth being aware of:

  • Unlike the US ban on European visitors, this isn’t being done because the EU thinks they have everything under control and other regions don’t, but rather is being done because they recognize that everything that reduces social interaction helps reduce the speed at which the virus spreads
  • Some EU countries have already started partially closing their borders
  • The EU wants to maintain the flow of goods to maintain economic continuity
  • There will be “green lanes” to give priority to essential transport like perishable goods and medical goods
  • Exemptions for entering the EU would apply for long-term residents of the European Union, family members, diplomats, essential staff, people transporting goods, and frontier workers
  • The restriction would also have to apply on the four Schengen associated states (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland)
  • On top of that, the EU Commission is working on a framework for state aid at “unprecedented levels, giving businesses access to liquidity over the coming months”
  1. While the Coronavirus is already in Europe, they cannot allow more cases in while they are in lockdown. This is about flattening the curve rather, now. Letting more people in will just allow more new outbreaks.

  2. @John

    As you should, China gives Europe and NA more than a month to prepare but apparently they all failed. Also there are more proofs that patient 0 comes from US. Lets see if anything interesting is coming up soon.

  3. Yeah. I’m inn Africa right now. If the way back to the North America, through Europe, is shut. My options should I need to bail are now a lot more limited, so I’m really interested in what this actually means.

  4. @john. Transit is likely to be ok. It’s not travel to Europe per se however depends on whether the airline offers the same schedule

  5. Color me skeptical, but what is “essential” travel and who get to define it? I’m sure all of us have general ideas about what is essential vs. non-essential, but none of that matters, really. The “who” in the discussion will be bureaucrats in the EU, who will have to be lobbied to permit travel that we consider essential.

    Thanks, but no thanks. This takes a bad situation, and gives politicians an angle to extract favors from their cronies.

  6. If enacted, does that means that US travel insurance will cover any non-refundable loss due to no longer being able to take a booked vacation to Europe next month?

  7. I think transit will also be affected as they are currently with passengers transiting through LHR to the US;

    From the VS website;

    Passengers who have been present in the Schengen Area, comprising of the following 26 European states: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. This includes passengers connecting via airports in these countries, for example, flying Manchester to New Orleans, via Amsterdam, travelling on a Virgin Atlantic or Virgin Atlantic codeshare flight (with a flight number starting with “VS”)
    Passengers who have been present in People’s Republic China in the past 14 days
    Passengers who have been present in Iran in the past 14 days

    Please note these regulations also apply to any passengers in transit through the US

  8. The euro nationalists are doing this to try to remain relevant. The member states have taken centre stage in this crisis. This is also the reasoning behind their increasingly desperate cries to “keep the borders” open, which everyone is fortunately ignoring, because nobody accepts unelected bureaucrats led by a poltical hack who made the German army practice with broomsticks because there was no budget for ammo.

    With any luck, this will help cut the EU empire down to size.

  9. @Icarus, thanks for that. You’re definitely right, it’s probably the greater risk that nothing coming out of East Africa to Europe is commercially viable with the policy anymore.

  10. “roundtree says: Color me skeptical, but what is “essential” travel and who get to define it? I’m sure all of us have general ideas about what is essential vs. non-essential, but none of that matters, really.”

    It’s easy d*mbf*ck! If you listen to the video: Essentials are defined as medicals, foods, doctors, and nurses. Unfortunately no brainer like ya r wandering around too long. Hope you got your Covid and pneumonia soon…

    Best wishes

  11. “Pete says: The euro nationalists are doing this to try to remain relevant. The member states have taken centre stage in this crisis. This is also the reasoning behind their increasingly desperate cries to “keep the borders”…

    Keep your sh*th**e in your sh*th**d! The EU has already been too late and they’re now realizing the own mistake and it’s their right to act ASAP. Regardless their empire – who cares?? Too many no brainer like you are the reason this CoVid should kill more people like you.

  12. @John

    China did gave US/EU months in warning. Everyone failed.

    If I were you and can stay in Africa for a reasonable amount of time without affecting my daily life (work+family), I would.
    Now your options back to the US maybe more limited but I won’t go as far as limited at all. Just to name a few that are still flying JNB LOS NBO CMN CAI DSS LFW ACC ABJ and possibly more. All 3 alliance have flights for you to come and suffer in US.

  13. @eskimo, I’ve lived in East/Central Africa for the better part of a decade, so it’s not really disruption if I stay here, it’s where my life is. However all my family and a lot of friends are in North America (US and Canada), so for me, if it’s looking like several months of cut off, it’s good to factor that in to my near/medium term decisions.

    Currently for me transition through JNB or NBO is already potentially problematic in the future given immigration restrictions and the possibility KQ/SAA just decide to stop flying to JFK/IAD. While I’m definitely not here to defend the US and it’s not looking great there, the standard of medical care in the region (And I’m only 37 so probably fine) is still somewhat worrisome, particularly given the lack of respirators per capita.

    It’s not an easy call particularly given I can’t actually stay with my parents, but one I at least want to be aware of if I think the drawbridges are going up.

  14. @yourcommiedadddddd @Eskimo
    From December till late January China covered the thing to the world.From late January till late February Chinese airlines kept flying to other countries and China kept saying other countries overreacted.Is this waht you mean GAVE a month?Yes almost everyone failed.Their failure was not OVERREACT as soon as possible.
    @yourcommiedadddddd Some lies do not become true, even repeated a thousand times.

  15. @ Pete

    Correct. I don’t think that Ursula has any authority in this. Obviously she, and the European Commissioners can make suggestions and recommendations, but decisions are made by respective governments.

    The fact that she is making this kind of statements, gives me as well the impression that she made them in an attempt to stay in the picture, after the respective nations had taken the lead already.

  16. @ron

    The EU Commission has competence over national authorities for state aid; states must follow EU rules. Only the commission can propose law changes.

    If you think Ursula went public without first doing a huge amount of behind-the-scenes work with the individual state governments, you have no idea how the EU works.

    My only criticism of the EU is their weird translation of “transport sector” as “mobility sector” (the latter is more often used to describe wheelchairs or other technological aids for people with mobility issues, not to describe the shipping of goods in lorries, vans and trucks, etc).

  17. @ The nice Paul

    Just have a look what is happening on the ground with each EU country doing his own thing with border checks, border closures, banning certain flights. Not to mention the very different approaches countries have chosen to address the current challenges.

    In situations as this one, millions of citizens take their cue from their respective governments.
    I dare to bet if Ursula were to appear on TV that the audience would be very small, let alone someone would take a cue from it.
    I am under no illusion that 100% of citizens will obey their own elected governments, but a fair % will.

  18. @ Endre says: “AB needs to get banned, wishing people getting killed sets a new low for this website”

    You like it or not – Darwinian natural selection will happen either socially, physically, or technologically. Low brainer like Pete or roundtree who has lower IQ and many fellow obese Brexiteers will be naturally extinct first.

    I’m not saying that all Brexiteers or anti-establishment folk are all stupid, obese or long-term unemployed. PS: there is a minor amount of smart people in that population. But the majority of them, typically unflexible, non-adaptable and politically fanatic people just like many Arch-Brexiteers, is gonna wiped out first due to either social pressure, poor health and nutrition, natural disaster, pandemic, AI automation, and advanced technology.

    Their fast extinction is good: in Europe, they’re state burdens and ideally tax benefits are only for those who paid and can efficiently manage things in pragmatic way. The faster they extinct, the better would it be. In Muricah, things are of course a bit different: no need pandemic, just wait until the next mass shooting – it’s recurrent every year coz Murican loves gun. You play fire, you get burnt. (Galatians 6:7 God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows).

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