Etihad Airways Boeing 787-9 Routes And Cabins

Earlier I wrote about Etihad Airways’ ridiculously amazing Airbus A380s, which will feature Residences, First Class Apartments, and Business Class Studios. The new cabins are truly revolutionary, totally putting everything else out there to shame.

However, that’s not the extent of their new fleet — Etihad will also be taking delivery of their first 787 later this year.

Etihad’s long term Boeing 787-9 plans

Etihad Airways has the largest order of Boeing 787s of any carrier in the world. Between Q4 2014 and 2023 they’ll be taking delivery of 71 Boeing 787s, including:

  • 41 Boeing 787-9s
  • 30 Boeing 787-10s

They’ll be taking delivery of the first 787-9 in December 2014, with a second 787-9 entering service in January 2015. Then by the end of 2015 Etihad will have a total of five 787-9s in service.


Etihad’s first Boeing 787-9 routes

Etihad will be deploying their first 787 to Dusseldorf in December 2014, and by January 2015 will feature the 787 on flights to Washington Dulles and Mumbai.

Between December 1 and December 31, 2014, the following flight to Dusseldorf will be served by a 787-9:

EY23 Abu Dhabi to Dusseldorf departing 2:20AM arriving 6:35AM
EY24 Dusseldorf to Abu Dhabi departing 10:20AM arriving 7:50PM

Effective January 1, 2015, the following Mumbai flight will be operated by a 787-9:

EY206 Abu Dhabi to Mumbai departing 10:05PM arriving 3:05AM (+1 day)
EY205 Mumbai to Abu Dhabi departing 4:30AM arriving 6:30AM

Effective January 1, 2015, the following Washington Dulles flight will be operated by a 787-9:

EY131 Abu Dhabi to Washington departing 11:00AM arriving 5:40PM
EY132 Washington to Abu Dhabi departing 9:30PM arriving 7:45PM (+1 day)

More service will be announced in 2015, as long-term the 787 will make up the backbone of the Etihad Airways longhaul fleet.

Etihad’s Boeing 787-9 configuration

Etihad’s 787-9s will feature three classes of service — first class, business class, and economy class.

Each plane will feature a total of 235 seats, spread across three cabins as follows:

  • 8 seats in First Suites
  • 28 seats in Business Studios
  • 199 seats in Economy Class

Here’s a video of the new Etihad Airways 787-9 cabins:

Etihad’s Boeing 787-9 First Suite

Etihad will have a total of eight first class suites in a 1-2-1 configuration.


While their Residences and First Class Apartments on the A380 are especially innovative, the 787-9 first class product looks like a slight update to their current first class suite.

First Class Suite

Current First Class Suite

Here’s a video of the new Etihad Airways 787-9 first class product:

Etihad’s Boeing 787-9 Business Studio

Etihad will have the same business class product on the 787-9 that they have on the A380, which from the looks of it may be the best business class hard product in the world.

There will be a total of 28 business class seats spread across seven rows, also with four seats per row.


Given how spectacular the new business class appears to be, the first class product may only be marginally nicer than the business class product.

Business Studio

Business Studio

Business Studio

Here’s a video of the new Etihad Airways 787-9 business class product:

Bottom line

I’m thrilled that Etihad is going with a three cabin configuration on their 787s, given that most airlines are only offering business class as the highest cabin.

While the first class product more or less looks on par with what Etihad Airways currently offers, the business class product is a substantial improvement.

Unlike on the A380, Etihad isn’t actively blocking award space on the 787.

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  1. Is it my imagination or are there rear facing seats as well in F? Plus, I would imagine that 1-2-1 setup on the 787 would render a narrow suite (it’s 1-2-1 on the 777 as well correct?)

  2. Looks very nice. Nice that F suites are sticking around but J product is fairly close to what airlines offer in non-suite F, right?

  3. So when you move in full time in late December, will it be to a Residence, or just a First Apartment ?

  4. Whose website are you guys using to search the IAD-ABU route for award space? Just curious. BA site is only pulling up BA and Qatar space.

  5. @ Graham — You’re best off using Etihad’s website to search for award space on their flights.

  6. Ben, thanks for posting the links to the videos. Just a slight request… When you post videos, can you embed them in the page so that they play in the article and don’t send you out to YouTube in a new page?

    Thanks! 🙂

  7. Data note: Of the 41 B789s EY has ordered, 20 will be three-class configurations and 21 will have two classes.

  8. I reread this article and the more I think about it, the Etihad A380 is not that revolutionary, as you stated in the introduction. When Emirates introduced the showers for its First class in 2008, I felt that was revolutionary. I have never heard of a shower on any plane ever. When Singapore introduced its suites, I knew there were double beds in the sky in private charter planes but never in a commercial plane; yet it was revolutionary along with its introduction of the double decker A380 in 2007. In this case for Etihad, there is only 1 double bed (in the Residence) yet there are 2 in the Singapore A380. In Etihad’s plane, there is only 1 shower available for its 9 first class passengers, whereas there are 2 showers available for Emirates’s 14 first class passengers. Perhaps the butler concept is revolutionary but to me, it’s not as striking as showers in the air back in 2008. It’s definitely impressive though!!!

  9. @ Coutureguy — Hmmm, that was my intention and it shows as embedded to me. Is it now showing as such on your end?

  10. @Ben- When I click on the picture it takes me to YouTube, and doesn’t remain on the page and play within the window. So when you click on it on your computer, it plays within the window? Which browser are you using?

  11. @ coutureguy — That’s odd. For me it plays just fine in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

  12. Hmm, that is strange. Maybe I need to check some settings. Oh and I just noticed that my handle was in lowercase on my last reply. Sorry, not trying to be shady. Just chose the wrong one on autofill. 😮

  13. I would note that it does look like EY is blocking F availability from AUH-IAD. I can’t find a single 2015 date with availability.

    On the other hand, IAD-AUH doesn’t seem to be affected.

  14. When selecting flights 205 and 131 Etihad prompts a message stating that the aircraft for those flights will be leased by Jet Airways. This is for April 2015.

    Will these planes be there new 787s as listed? Or has something changed temporarily for those dates?

  15. @ Nick — If the flight still shows as a 787 then it should be the new ones and I would assume it’s a glitch.

  16. I second @Eric ‘s comment. I can see F availability in a few places on AUH-IAD, but nothing in June. Hope that changes for July….

  17. Lucky, any feedback/suggestions here? Should I just book the business class and then call to upgrade if/when F opens? Thanks!

  18. @ Lucas Cabral — That would make sense, since there are still four seats per row and the 787 cabin is narrower.

  19. Ben–have you traveled on these yet? Any suggestions for seats for couples in business? Assuming center two would still be best but just checking. Thanks.

  20. @ Gaurav — Haven’t yet, but I’d suggest any two seats together in the center for couples traveling together.

  21. @ Al, oh, that makes so much sense now, I was looking at a 787 flight from AUH-JNB, but Etihad’s website always said sold out, well, now I know that I’m not missing out on F since they don’t even have it, thanks!

  22. Hi Ben
    Which seats in J would you recommend for two travelling together on the 787-9 (2 class)?
    Specifically if we pick the forward/backward combo with an even row window seat, are there any negatives for the other person facing the other way (e.g., 5 AC)

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