Emirates Teases Pictures Of Their New First Class

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In three days Emirates will be unveiling their new first class at the Dubai Airshow. From that time it’ll be less than three weeks until the plane is actually flying, as Emirates will be offering their new first class to Brussels and Geneva as of December 1, 2017.

As you’d expect, they’re not outright ruining the surprise before the big reveal, but they are dropping some hints. If you go to the emirates.com homepage in some countries (it doesn’t work on their US site, but does work on their UK site, for example), there’s a big banner at the top  saying “watch this space for our 777 reveal.”

It has several rotating pictures, though they’re close-in. So it doesn’t give you an overall sense of what the suite is like, though it certainly gives you some ideas.

I have two takeaways based on this:

  • Does each suite really have a personal temperature control panel?!
  • The design looks a lot more understated than the current “blingy” first class suite

What do you make of the hints being dropped about the new Emirates first class suite? Will it be more or less impressive than Singapore Suites?

  1. Just by the color palette alone, seems like it will be more impressive. Can’t wait for November 12.

  2. Emirates is always the ground breaker – I think it’ll be quite impressive. They have introduced many “firsts” in the industry, especially for first class.

  3. Agree with Elgin H. The color and leather trim looks Etihad-esk, which is one of the stylish first class cabins out there. The temperature control panel looks sweet, and the color panel looks like you can change some of the lighting around the space similar to a vehicle. That would also be a very cool feature!

  4. Kudos for Emirates for blocking award tickets on the new first class. As others pointed out, noisy folks (who booked with miles) taking pics and interviewing themselves for their video logs are a pain in the neck. As annoying as the ones taking their kids in business class.

  5. @Smart Brexiter – You’re right. Emirates should block ALL first/business award availability for JAL and Alaska (one transferable from Starpoints, another one allows pax buy points)

  6. I feel it’s a little unfair to compare F suites when EK is revealing it for their 777s and SQ revealed it for its new A380. If it’s for the EK a380, then compare away!
    Regardless, I’m quite excited! This reminds me of 10 years ago when SQ and EK revealed their A380 suites (SQ with the double bed and EK with its shower spa).

  7. @Hiro Emirates is the ground breaker? I’m sorry but ever since Etihad released the apartments and residence it surpassed Emirates first class by a long shot and it’ll be very had for Emirates, Qatar, or really any other airline to beat them at that. Even Singapore’s new suites aren’t that impressive compared to Etihad’s

  8. @Bernardo – Well, it was when they first introduced the closed-door suite concept back in 2003 on their A340-500, or the first ever onboard shower facility on A380s. Now it’s the temperature control at every seat, how creative is that.

  9. I think the picture with the light on the ceiling may indicate that the suite will be fully enclosed floor to ceiling. The temperature controls may be for air vents or they may be for a heated/cooled seat as you see in many cars.

  10. Nice to see the usual whiny troll rear his/her head again, this time now with multiple personalities (aka @A, @SmartBrexiter) – guess he/she can;t get over that they have to share the cabin they are flying in on their parent’s money with the hoi polloi

  11. I’m trying to figure out what the middle button symbol is in the first picture. It looks like the buttons control what is displayed on the control panel screen. It looks like overhead lights, window shade, rear-view mirror hanging parking pass, temperature, and then seat.

  12. I’m actually not impressed with SQ’s new first, no matter how nice and elegantly understated it is. I did not see an option to dine with a traveling companion seated across each other at the table, or discussing work. You can sit in your own suites with the divider down and talk across the room. No place for the companion to sit close to each other reviewing papers or dining. poor planning.

  13. I’d settle for heated seats (combined with a cool cabin). I love snuggling up with an electric blanket or moggie or bunny or human, especially on a cold night. The sensation of warmth is heavenly.

    The controls & lighting look like they’re inspired from the Mercedes E & S class cars, which could be good.

  14. i agree with @Hiro, Emirates has always been the industry leader and ground breaker in terms of airplane innovations. Move over, singapore!

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