Emirates Unveils Their Latest Jennifer Aniston Ad

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Last year it was revealed that Jennifer Aniston signed a $5 million deal to be the star of Emirates’ new ad campaign.

A couple of months after that was announced, Emirates unveiled their first ad starring Jennifer Aniston, which was hilarious:

In the ad, Jennifer Aniston has a “nightmare” that she’s on a US airline and being laughed at when she’s in her bathrobe looking for the onboard shower. Finally she wakes up, and realizes she’s actually on an Emirates plane, and proceeds to tell the bartender about how horrible her dream was, asking if they could maybe just keep the plane in the air a bit longer.

On one hand the ad is not relatable to 99% of people, since they’ll never fly Emirates first class. It might seem like something that’s silly to market in a global ad campaign. However, the Gulf carriers are all about aspirational marketing, and use that as a means of convincing the public that their product is better all around.

Well, Emirates has just unveiled their latest ad, and it’s also brilliant, but in a different way. This ad is instead focused on how good Emirates’ economy product is. Here’s the ad:


In this ad you can see that Jennifer Aniston returns from her shower to find a kid in her first class suite and she starts talking to him. He wants to be a pilot, and eventually they find his family seated in economy. Jennifer Aniston ends up sitting with him in economy, since it’s so comfortable, and sends the kid’s mom up to first class.

While it’s not quite as funny, I do think it’s smart of them to be marketing a product that’s more relatable to most people. I’m not sure if they’ve quite convinced people that Emirates economy is as comfortable as their first class, but I think it’s a good sales job nonetheless. 😉

What do you make of Emirates’ latest Jennifer Aniston ad?

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  1. 2 things
    1. That’s totally what happens when a kid sneaks up to First
    2. The Y seat is completely the same on the 777 as on the a380 😉

  2. Wow, the warmth this ad articulates is really something! The way they’ve juxtaposed First and Economy is very clever. Really impressive.

    Isn’t Jen just so likeable?!

  3. It’s against Emirates policy to switch seats between someone in a lower class and someone in First. For that alone, it sends a bad message

  4. Oh @Jack & @Ali Z – as the late Joan Rivers used to say, “Lighten the ***k UP!”.

    Jen is gorgeous, and this ad does indeed reflect her personality. I think the ad sings, and although I personally think EK First is slightly tacky (only for me – each to their own) I still nonetheless adore both of these ads. Very cute, quite funny and very aspirational!

  5. EK economy is a shitty product that makes me want to kill myself.
    EK first class is the second to none in terms of service in my opinion.

    Also, Emirates would throw the kid down to economy forcefully if it were a real situation.

  6. EK economy is a shitty product that makes me want to kill myself.
    EK first class is the second to none in terms of service in my opinion.

    Also, Emirates would throw the kid down to economy forcefully if it were a real situation.

  7. I guess the take away from this ad is to not waste all that money paying for First, since Economy is just so comfy. 😉

  8. Some things:

    I enjoyed both ads.

    @Nick – the only way I can think of is via wifi calling – assuming she can turn wifi back on after turning airplane mode on. A stretch, perhaps, but thats the only way I can think of at the moment.

    I think this ad is both a win for Emirates and Ms. Aniston…and she is still as gorgeous as ever.

    Its also a clever tie-in to the previous ad, and shows a class of service that is more available to the masses.

    The last few times I have flown Emirates economy, my experience has been quite pleasant.

  9. EK PR has too much money will too little brain.

    Tim’s interviews used to offend lot of aviation economists. Thank goodness he no longer talks.
    MXP-JFK ad in Italy featured Golden Gate Bridge
    Jetman A380 formation was one week hit.
    Ani’s shower ad offended lot of folks.
    Ellen show offended lot of folks, also they should send human cabin crew not robot.
    Casey the YouTuber lasted 3 days

    Though this ad is way better than Ani1, which freeloader in first will swap seats with paid economy passenger.

  10. They’re economy seat on the A380 is so comfortable! So wide and has so much leg room for someone my height (I’m 5’8) I flew them from Los Angeles to Dubai and back and it was great both ways.

  11. I have flown Emirates economy and think it’s a great product.

    Anniston is as always excellent! Great add in my opinion.

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