Emirates Introducing Chauffeur-Less Drones With First Class Suites (April Fools’)

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Tomorrow is April 1, which means it’s April Fools’. Emirates is always early to get started with their yearly prank, and they’ve just revealed their concept for this year.

This year Emirates is introducing a chauffeur-less drone to take you around the UAE. Each drone features two first class suites, and is available exclusively to Skywards Platinum members:

Fly on our chauffeur-less drones between any location in Dubai and Dubai International Airport, starting from April 2020.

Each drone features two of Emirates’ game-changing fully-enclosed First Class private suites, offering signature luxury, privacy and comfort.

This revolutionary drone airport transfer service will be offered to all Emirates Skywards Platinum members.


As a point of comparison, in 2018 Emirates revealed the SkyLounge concept:

Emirates reveals SkyLounge, the most exclusive Onboard Lounge to be introduced on its Boeing 777X fleet from 2020. A completely transparent lounge with unmatched aerial views and unparalleled luxury, Emirates SkyLounge promises window views like no other.

Then in 2017 Emirates revealed a new triple decker aircraft prototype:

Emirates unveils plans for the world’s largest commercial aircraft. The triple-decker APR001 includes a swimming pool, games room, gym and park.




Well played, Emirates!

  1. Triple decker plane?!?
    The A380 announced end of production. Imagine the failure of a triple decker plane…

  2. My April Fools ideas:
    – Emirates and Etihad to merge.
    – New Istanbul Airport transition date to be pushed back.
    – Turkish airlines announces that they won’t transition to the New Istanbul Airport.
    – WOW air goes back into service, and that they were just fooling about ceasing operations.
    – Qatar Airways to acquire Alitalia.
    – Air Italy/Norwegian to go out of service.
    – TAAG Angola being rated a 5 star skytrax airline.

    Anyone got any others?

  3. I absolutely hate these companies jumping on April Fools day in the last few years. It’s a day for jokes and pranks with friends & family not for companies to try and ingratiate themselves with lousy press releases. It’s cringeworthy.

  4. I give them credit for taking the time to make the renders and all, but the best April fools day pranks are the ones that are actually believable.

  5. Would be a better April Fools Day prank if they announced the plans for a codeshare agreement with Delta.

  6. I’ll give some marketing kudos to EK for their FIRST go around on this Aprils Fools nonsense, but come on at some point its just trying too hard to be “hip” or “cool”..and frankly I don’t get why they try so hard (read: way too hard) to be clever. They have a great product and said product IMO in many ways exceeds that of their competitors and at some point you just need to stop the stunts.

  7. Probably would have worked better if you did not say up front it was an April Fools and stuck to one story item. I would totally believe, for example, that Emirates would want to put swimming pools in their A380s.

  8. As an April Fool’s man (too old to be considered an April Fool’s baby!), I do enjoy the jokes, especially the very subtle ones where it takes some time and thought to know it’s an April Fool’s prank. For instance, several years ago Johns Hopkins announced it was finally correcting it’s name to John Hopkins… without the s. You have to know the history of Dr. Johns — then you know it’s an April Fool’s prank. Play on all.

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