Emirates Will Now Come To Your Home To Check You In

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Here’s a service that almost sounds like an April Fools’ joke.

For those originating their journey in Dubai, Emirates has introduced a new home check-in option. No, we’re not talking about being able to check-in online and print your boarding passes at home. We’re not even talking about a home baggage delivery service, where some airlines have partnered with freight companies to let you ship your bags door-to-door at an extra cost.

Instead, with Emirates’ new home check-in option an Emirates representative will show up at your door, print your boarding passes, do document checks, and take your bags. They’re literally bringing the entire check-in experience to your door.

This service is available exclusively in Dubai, and allows an Emirates representative to complete the check-in process and security check from the comfort of your home, hotel, or office, and have your luggage transported to the airport prior to your flight. An Emirates representative will arrive at your preferred location at your preferred time to weigh and tag your bags, check you in, and issue boarding passes. Then when you go to the airport you can head directly to immigration and security.

As you might expect, there’s a cost for this service. The cost is 350AED (~95USD) per trip for up to seven pieces of luggage, and 35AED for each additional piece of luggage. This service needs to be booked on emirates.com at least 12 hours before departure time.

Now, I think it goes without saying that for most of us, this service seems nearly useless. We can check ourselves in online, and it’s not like transporting bags to the airport is that much of a burden, especially if you’re traveling light.

However, I can actually imagine this service being quite popular in Dubai. If you’re traveling with a lot of luggage or with a family, this can eliminate some amount of the stress typically associated with the airport experience. We’re also talking about the UAE here, where people are known to pay for some unnecessary things, to put it mildly. šŸ˜‰

What do you make of Emirates’ new home check-in feature? Is it completely useless, or do you see circumstances under which it could make sense?

(Tip of the hat to Chandan Bhat)

  1. …to which Virgin Atlantic snickers and says, “we’ve been doing that for decades AND we’ll even pick you up, not just your bags.” No extra cost if flying their “Upper” class.

  2. Would definitely use, if they could come to a hotel or resort in Dubai. I think the idea of just walking into the airport and going straight through security and to the lounge (or gate) is very simple and makes the whole travel process much less stressful.

  3. This service makes a lot of sense, especially since they will take up to seven pieces of luggage! Imagine a single parent traveling alone with one baby and two younger kids. They could easily have 6 or 7 pieces of luggage and how is she going to handle that AND the kids? This scenario might sound rare in the U.S….but there are PLENTY of South Asian families that make a trip like this multiple times a year because a family member works in Dubai!

  4. Seems like it would make more sense if they just tied it in with their chauffeur service, with the EK rep tagging along.

  5. “allows an Emirates representative to complete the check-in process and security check from the comfort of your home”

    Security Check at home?!?!

  6. Innovation. Meanwhile three US3 removed one olive from the salad and saved millions. Spreadsheet warriors.

  7. They do the security check at your home? And then assume nothing nefarious happens between the time they leave your house and you get to the airport?

  8. @Conway: the driver taking them to the airport will handle the bags at pickup, then curbside checkin at the airport. . This is just a waste of time

  9. I would find this A LOT more useful at outports when you have a late flight. Then you could leave your luggage with the hotel after having checked out . Then go do other stuff and head straight to the airport

  10. @anon – What if they don’t have a driver? What if a relative is taking them to the airport. Is the relative going to leave their car at the curb unattended and then help them get the luggage from the car to the check-in counter? Or better yet maybe without all the luggage they then take the Dubai metro to the airport…. I’m not saying this service is for everyone…but it can definitely help some segments of EK’s customers. What a lot of people outside of the region don’t appreciate is that the majority of EK’s customers are NOT rich Emirati….

  11. BA has had airportr for a while which is more or less the same except you need to check yourself in online rather than the rep who collects your bag having anything to do with it, but that isn’t a big deal.

    Bags are tagged and checked in for you. Other airlines they take to the aiport but you have to collect there and take them to the desk which is less useful.

  12. This sounds pretty handy, actually. I’ve enjoyed the Hong Kong Airport Train Station check-in because I can easily check my bags there, and then spend my last day sightseeing or hanging with friends, or whatever, without having to worry about my bags. (Of course, it’s nice that it’s free.) I can see its usefulness for situations like that.

  13. I’d rather enjoy the first class check in @ DXB, flashing sunglasses and a cool DYKWIA resting bitch face.

  14. With a familly I can see this being useful. Switzerland has something like this. You can check in your bags at the train station the day before. You can also check in your bags in North america and have them delivered to a train station in Switzerland or even a hotel. The usefull part is that they can keep your bags for a few days so you don’t have to pick them up right away.

    I did this going skiing a few years ago. Kept me from dragging my huge snowboard bag across Switzerland.

  15. SAUDIA has started doing the same for first and business class passengers, theyā€™re just not as good in marketing as Emirates is.

  16. So weird that this isn’t done in tandem with the chauffeur service that EK offers to F & J passengers across the UAE and many other destinations.
    Or at the very least offer this for free to F&J passengers whom are willing to forfeit the chauffeur pick up.

  17. ..so the reps can also experience the lounge and the flight for me ..as I am so lazy doing anything for this trip at all! Why bother flying personally , just send a proxy instead..

  18. I can see this being popular in Dubai. Most people transit in Dubai so a lot don’t actually see the check in area which can be chaotic with big groups of people checking in what seems like huge amounts of luggage, including big boxes and large screen LCD TV’s and this can take ages at the counter plus the problems in getting them to the airport.

    Also if you have a late flight and need to check out of your hotel it may be worth the expense so you can check out at noon and spend they time exploring the city without having to go back to the hotel and then to the airport.

    Could see them offering this for free with first or even business if you take up the free transfer service the driver could do the check in process and issue the boarding pass, then drive you somewhere on the way to the airport and leave you and all you have to do is get yourself to the airport for the flight.

  19. “…..and security check from the comfort of your home, hotel, or office”
    Dream on if they are flying to the US.

  20. I’ll probably try it out in a couple weeks. If I can get that all taken care of in advance, so that when I go to the airport, I just have to go through screening and passport control, I’m up for that.
    But maybe not. Dubai has decent fast track lanes that are, well, actually fast. Most of the time.

    Ultimately depends how far in advance I can avail myself, if it is around the same time as I am able to physically check in at the airport, then probably not. But if it is like eight or more hours in advance, then the convenience would be worth it for me.

  21. Some wealthy travellers in Dubai will use this service. Emirates use cheap third world labour for ground staff in Dubai, Filipinos, Indians , Pakistanis ,Bangladeshis, and similar so they keep costs lower than other airlines based in other countries like EU and USA.

  22. Good luck with that. This is the airline that stiffed me with rides that did not show up for paid business class travel. And lied to the WSJ about their “lie flat” seats (which had not been universally rolled out a few years back). I would not trust Emirates with anything extra though I did appreciate the Dom in first class.

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