Emirates Announces World’s Longest Flight… Again!

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Goodness, lately we’ve seen a lot of activity for the title of world’s longest flight. Presently the world’s three longest flights are Dallas to Sydney (Qantas), Johannesburg to Atlanta (Delta), and Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles (Etihad).

Emirates has the intentions of launching a route between Dubai and Panama City, which would be the world’s longest, as it’s 10 miles further than Dallas to Sydney. However, that route has already been delayed by two months due to abysmal sales on it, so we’ll see if the route actually ever gets off the ground.

Then last week Qatar Airways announced their intentions to launch flights between Doha and Auckland, which would be the world’s longest flight by nearly 500 miles. That being said, no firm start date was announced, and it’s Qatar Airways, which is among the least reliable airlines out there. So I’ll believe that route when it happens.

Well, it seems Qatar Airways isn’t the only airline wanting to launch nonstop flights between the Middle East and Auckland.

Emirates has just announced that they will launch daily Boeing 777-200LR flights between Dubai and Auckland as of March 1, 2016.


The new flight is already bookable, and will operate with the following schedule:

EK448 Dubai to Auckland departing 10:05AM arriving 11:00AM (+1 day)
EK449 Auckland to Dubai departing 9:30PM arriving 5:45AM (+1 day)

Auckland, New Zealand

The eastbound flight will be blocked at 15hr55min, while the westbound flight will be blocked at 17hr15min. This cuts about three hours in each direction off Emirates’ present journey time via Australia. As you can see, the flights are timed with connections in mind, both in Dubai and New Zealand. The goal is that this route opens up lots of new one-stop options for customers traveling between New Zealand and Europe, Africa, and parts of the Middle East.

Emirates’ 777-200LRs are equipped with eight first class suites…


42 business class seats…


And 216 economy class seats.


I imagine this route will do quite well, especially for those traveling between New Zealand and Europe, where the flight provides the most benefit. This will be popular both with New Zealanders traveling to Europe in Northern Summer, as well as Europeans traveling to New Zealand in Southern Summer. The only thing standing in the way of this route being successful is the fuel burn on such a longhaul flight, but with current oil prices I guess that’s less of an issue. And perhaps it’s also less of an issue when you’re an airline based in the UAE. 😉

I’m curious if this route is truly launching in addition to the Dubai to Panama City route, or if this is perhaps the replacement to that struggling route.

Bottom line

Dubai to Auckland is 246 miles further than the world’s current longest flight, Sydney to Dallas, and 236 miles longer than Emirates’ proposed Dubai to Panama City flight. If Qatar Airways does in fact launch flights between Doha and Auckland, it would be 208 miles longer than the Emirates route from Dubai to Auckland.

The fact that this route is launching in just five weeks is especially interesting. I’m not sure how long it takes to get regulatory approval for a destination to which you already have three daily flights. If it doesn’t take too long, something tells me this route may have been decided on after Qatar announced their intentions to launch flights to Auckland, and it may also explain the quick start date.

What do you make of Emirates’ new nonstop flight between Dubai and Auckland?

  1. Happened the other way around. Qatar came to know of Emirates’ intention to launch and tried to steal the thunder.

  2. could take the wind out of SQ’s recent Canberra and Wellington flights, as some blogs thought they would be able to pick up passengers from Europe, now ME airliners potentially flooding the route and fares to match. I will certainly book this on March 1st, flying from Europe to Auckland, this is fantastic news.

  3. Nothing but another silly dick-measuring contest by the Arabs who have nothing to show for themselves except for cheap oil and their oil-funded airlines. Their ‘longest flights’ will all be left in the gutter when SIA resumes SIN-EWR in 2018 and throws in Chicago, Miami, SFO and LAX non-stop as well. But then I bet people like Akbar alBakar will start feeling insecure about it and might procure rockets for the world’s first scheduled passenger flight to the Moon and back.

  4. Most human progress has been made by small dick people. If everyone had big ones, and completely secure in themselves, no one would push the envelope. Two cheers that akbar baker was born the way he was.

    So then it’s the Arabic, Singaporean and Australian men? Good to know 😉

  5. Any idea if Emirates intend to cancel any of their 1 stop services via Australia?
    Bit of a downgrade in hard product when compared to the A380, but no doubt people will still happily pay for the cramped economy or mediocre business.

  6. It does seem like certain airlines are only launching routes so they can say they have the worlds longest flight.

    But I do see that passengers from London / Europe who want to get to New Zealand with Just one stop will enjoy this service, typically as you mostly have to connect in SYD, MEL, or BNE to get there.

    This will also probably put a bit of strain on Air NZ service they have from LHR-LAX-AKL.

  7. “The only thing standing in the way of this route being successful is the fuel burn on such a longhaul flight, but with current oil prices I guess that’s less of an issue. And perhaps it’s also less of an issue when you’re an airline based in the UAE.

  8. Airline being based in the UAE does not equal with being able to purchase cheap oil for 2 reasons:
    1) Refineries / oil companies in UAE sell their jet fuel to airlines on market prices including Emirates, Etihad.
    2) On the inbound flight they have to fuel in the ‘other country’ (i.e. New Zealand). Again no discount on oil prices.

    I believe these ultra longhaul flights are really unhealthy, especially for the Economy passengers…

  9. So with 10H30M on the ground will they have time to operate a 5 freedom route?

    Backtrack to AUS?

    New Caledonia/NOU?

    All in the 1200-1500 miles range.

  10. They may also be banking on an increase in tourism from within the region. Cutting out Australia means that passport holders from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman, who can all visit NZ under the visa waiver scheme, won’t need to apply for an Australian transit visa.

  11. interesting move from both EK and QR. Probably both market research arm’s proved the economics of such route, there are no

    the fact that as a Bahraini i can now do without the aussie visa hassle is very enticing on its own.

    …and whats with the condescending comments? low oil prices are giving the whole GCC very hard time. not exactly a point of strength anymore, rather totally the opposite.

  12. I remember back in late-2013 or early 2014 that Delta twice ferried their B-777-200LR from SIN to ATL at 9,962 miles which the -200LR could also operate with a reasonable payload. That leg is actually 12 miles further than a JFK-SYD flight and 425 miles further than a JFK-SIN flight. Yes, the flight was not a scheduled trip and I doubt that an ATL-SIN flight would ever be feasible…though perhaps for Delta’s JFK hub servicing all of the NYC area, a nonstop with a good amount of payload to either SIN or SYD is certainly possible utilizing the -200LR….of which Delta operates with 3-3-3 seating in Y. Just musing the possibilities.

  13. This is now on my bucket list !! I live in SoCal, so Biz Class, all-Emirates: LAX to Dubai to Auckland …. YEH !!!!

  14. Is it already that time of the year ME3 network planners throw darts at world map to start new service/upgauges?

    Someone should analyze how many of their routes actually make profits, it is hard to believe their statements.

  15. Reply to Paul: No EK will not be cutting the A380 flights between DXB and SYD. These will go on as usual. The DXB to AUK is an additional flight with a B777-200LR.

  16. This new flight is in addition to the 3 existing A380 flights between DXB and AKL with one stop and 777 flight between DXB and CHC with two stops.

    I can see the logic – get higher yield from NZ passengers on the nonstop flight (since it is quicker and also more conveniently timed for some) and free up some space on the flights via Australia for higher yielding Australia passengers.

  17. @Scandinavian Aviator – Qatar is only going 10 across on the 777-300ER, and will stay 9 across on the 200LR. Or so they say… Although if they change it, I’m sure it will be silently released 🙂

  18. I am booked on this marathon flight at the beginning of March and will report!

    My preferred airlines are swiss and Austrian but LX quoted me over CHF25,000 (no that is not a mistake! =USD25,000) to do the trip I need to do in business. The service agent on the phone was obviously embarrassed to tell me the price.
    I told him that he had misunderstood me, I didn’t want to buy the plane just a seat.
    For entertainment value I asked him how much it would be in first; over CHF36,000!!!
    EK (in first) (and 2 extra connecting sectors in Y/C less than 2 hours each) cost me USD6500.

  19. I have just flown this leg of Dubai Auckland and it was a fantastic flight. Very smooth and time went really quickly. I will always do this flight rather than stop in Australia en route !!!

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