Dynamic Air’s Unbelievable Engine Fire Press Release

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Most people probably didn’t know about Dynamic Airways before yesterday. After Baltia Air Lines, they’re perhaps the second most mysterious airline to me (though I suppose unlike Baltia Air Lines, they’re actually an airline).

How does Dynamic Airways describe itself?

Dynamic Airways is a US Certificated FAR PART 121 AIR CARRIER. The Airline changed ownership and management in 2013 with the goal of providing high quality, affordable, long haul, point-to-point air service. Dynamic Airways, which is headquartered in Greensboro, NC, recently revealed its new branding and website and now offers service between New York and Guyana, Orlando and Brazil, as well as service between Hong Kong and Palau.

Yep, they’re based in Greensboro and fly between New York and Guyana, Orlando and Brazil, and Hong Kong and Palau… as one does. They operate a fleet of a handful of 767s, though in reality their route network is actually a bit different than what they claim above. Here are the routes Dynamic Airways currently flies:


Anyway, yesterday the engine of a Dynamic Airways 767 caught fire at Fort Lauderdale Airport. And when we say “caught fire” we mean caught fire. Here’s an NBC story about the incident:

Over a dozen people were injured, though it’s my understanding that this was due to the evacuation as opposed to the fire as such (remember folks, in the event of an emergency evacuation, leave all carry-on items behind). The damage to the plane is extensive, and I would assume it will likely be written off, as such structural damage is tough to repair.

The most interesting part of the incident, though, has to be the press release that Dynamic Airways sent out yesterday afternoon (bolding mine):

After today’s engine problem that prevented on time departure of Dynamic’s Fort Lauderdale to Caracas flight 2D 0405, airline has successfully organized subservice with partner airline in order to assure passengers are protected to their final destination.

That’s right, folks. Move along, there’s nothing to see here. The footage above is simply of an “engine problem that prevented an on time departure.” I suppose that’s one way to describe an engine problem which will probably ever prevent the plane from flying again.


The plane itself was roughly 30 years old, and has quite an impressive history in terms of the airlines it has flown for:


Bottom line

I can appreciate Dynamic Air wanting to diffuse/downplay the situation. But there’s a difference between that and simply insulting everyone involved, from the passengers, to the crew, to the firefighters, all of whom were at risk.

(Tip of the hat to Wandering Aramean and The Gate)

  1. After doing a little investigation and reading the wording of the release, it is likely that the author is international. Such matter of fact unemotional statements like that are more common partly because of mindset and partly due to translation syntax.

  2. If only these guys had been around to write press releases for White Star, that Titanic incident wouldn’t been so blown out of proportion:

    After last night’s hull problem that prevented on time arrival of RMS Titanic in New York, White Star has successfully organized subservice with partner shipping companies in order to assure passengers are protected to their final destination.

  3. Disgraceful piece of click-bait blogging.

    Whether you intentionally did it for hits or just didn’t do your homework, that second press release was specifically for the benefit of friends and relations of passengers in the event they were having trouble making contact with either passengers or the carrier.

    The initial and main press release reads as:

    Greensboro, NC – October 29th 2015 – Today October 29th 2015 while taxiing for an on time departure from Fort Lauderdale to Caracas, Dynamic International Airways Crew became aware of an engine problem. The crew followed the emergency procedures, shut down the engine and evacuated the aircraft in order to assure safety to all on board.
    The Company is conducting initial investigation and will issue further information once available. Safety of our passengers and crew members is the first priority of Dynamic International Airways. Dynamic International Airways is currently arranging accommodation and transportation for all passengers impacted by today’s flight disruption. Airline expects to continue operation as per the schedule starting tomorrow October 30th 2015. Dynamic International Airways would like to thank its passengers for their patience and support while our teams conduct their duties.

    Emergency contact line for passengers and their relatives is (888) 283 – 2157

    Dynamic International Airways

    Little more to be said when you are now dealing with an Aircraft Accident.

  4. Having dealt with Dynamic in the past, the powers that be probably still don’t realise what actually happened. These guys barely know which end of the plane points up.

  5. @Fredd – Hilarious!

    But seriously, airlines are masters of understatement. I’ve worked in advertising for more than 20 years, and I still firmly believe that one of the all-time best lines of copy in any industry/context is:

    “In the unlikely event of a water landing…”

    Sully aside, water landing?!?

  6. There’s a bunch of 121 airlines out there that operate like this and they’re all very similar. Always 30 year old aircraft, subcontracted flights, etc.

    Interestingly… when you start peeling back the layers of the onion, they’re all owned/run by the same shady people. I wish I could say more..NDAs prevent it, but if an airline you’re going to fly on looks anything like this one, I’d personally book on a different carrier.

  7. Why don’t you publish Dynamic’s first press release instead of sensationalising the second which was meant more for the benefit of friends and relatives of passengers ?

    I did post it here, but you’ve clearly chosen to censor anything which takes the sting out of your headline.

  8. Ah, Mark, so quick to judge.

    Next time, you might want to try clipping and pasting what you want into your post. Unlike what you did, that will actually work.

    As has been noted here many times, linking to something doesn’t really work. Your post simply won’t go through. Making it post requires a manual override from Lucky, which isn’t always going to be possible on a real-time basis.

    Nice try, though.

  9. My boyfriend’s friend and her aunt were on the flight. He sent me a video of them looking at the plane after they exited on the rear slide. They had to wait for the airline to remove their luggage and then were sent to a hotel in FtL.

  10. Hehe, that press release remains me of the famous announcement the captain of BA9 (Speedbird 9) did when all four engines of the B747 died outside Jakarta after entering volcanic ash. While the B747 were reduced to a glider, he announced:

    – Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We have a small problem. All four engines have stopped. We are doing our damnedest to get them going again. I trust you are not in too much distress.

    Gotta love the British 😀

  11. I find it hard to hold in great esteem an airline that operates in an English-speaking country but doesn’t have a single person in its communications department who speaks English. “Airline has successfully organized subservice with partner airline”? If that’s good enough for their press department, what’s good enough for their maintenance department?

  12. The approach to public relations reminds me of ValueJet. After they had a horrific crash in the Everglades in which the plane was sucked below the muddy swamp and never found again, the airline responded by simply changing the name of the airline. That is how AirTran came to be.

  13. Really, you you have any idea of the hurdles you have to pass through to run an airline. Its is really, really hard to get certification. Such that UA was still technically two separate carriers years after the merger. Just try to hire a wet leased plane, its really, really hard. This is not an easy industry. Sure you fly on planes, but try to make money owning and running an airline. Its totally different.
    Oh, and since this blog is soo favorable to the majors, maybe you should peek under neath the clothes of the USA majors. There is a lot of mistakes there too.
    And whats the matter with the age of this plane? Delta just bragged about buying some jets that may be even older.
    If it was a 50 year old DC 9 DL would scoop it up!

  14. I agree with the poster under the video clip who asked “why the hell is everyone standing around watching the plane burn after they exited?” It almost looks like they were told to wait there, given the number who congregated in that same area. I’d have run as far away as I could get.

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