Drunk guy goes off on pilot and slaps him

Here’s a pretty interesting video that was posted on LiveLeak, which looks like it was taken at a United gate at Dulles. Obviously the guy is being a total drunk idiot and should be removed from the flight, but am I the only one that thinks the pilot is completely out of line as well? He verbally provokes him, calls him a fatass, uses “fighting words,” etc. I think he should be disciplined (or at least talked to) as well… am I alone?

(Tip of the hat to James)

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  1. Thanks for the video, and NO you’re NOT alone on this one.

    Although is true that the inebriated guy, behaved like an idiot drunk, the ‘Captain’ should have been the bigger person here and not egg him on at all. He should have been more professional in dealing with the situation, especially while he clearly was waiting for the authorities to arrive and take away the frustrated passenger. The Captain’s behavior is not what I woukd have expected from an employee at United.

  2. The pilot’s behavior was totally unprofessional. All he had to do was tell the GA that the drunk idiot has been denied boarding. He could have even called security, but he had no business starting a fight was a passenger.

  3. Is it wrong that I’m glad this drunk idiot smacked the egomaniacal pilot?
    Guess I’m wrong.

  4. Agree with all the above… Pilot egged him on and frankly probably pushed him over the edge. Should have just called security. And agree how come 5 minutes for security to actually get there? Great job IAD security.
    On the other hand it’s both very sad and very funny

  5. I definitely would NOT want to be on that flight after that incident. That pilot clearly has some aggression issues and probably needed a long breather before flying again.

  6. Love the pilot’s nanchalant “tag-in” as he smoothly hands his portfolio over to the co-pilot. Totally concur some discipline is needed and undoubtedly the remainder of their workforce will get an anger management memo.

  7. Wow, think about this video next time there is some bad weather and the pilot has to make a snap decision under pressure at 30,000 feet. I wouldn’t want this guy behind the controls!

  8. @Eric F-D I believe United flies out of C/D at IAD, the A/B terminal is actually pretty nice.

  9. Pretty awful response time by IAD’s Police if you ask me. Should never have gotten that far.

  10. WOW. I admit to laughing hysterically when he hit him.

    Both were out of line, but because the guy was drunk and hit first, no one will discipline the pilot at all.

    Regarding response time, I assume they never called security/police until he hit the guy.

  11. Yeah, that Pilot should be embarrassed by his behavior, and then his completely woosing out on his big talk.

  12. That drunk jackass got what he deserved. I don’t have a problem with the pilot’s actions.

  13. Yeah, pilot is totally wrong. The guy was drunk and ridiculous. But mostly just sitting over there. The pilot kept stoking the situation by talking back a him. Rookie mistake to engage with someone who is being irrational. It’s like trying to argue with a two year old having a tantrum. You just end up looking like a child yourself. And frankly, to say, “we don’t have to step outside, I’m right here.” is provoking the drunk. Doesn’t excuse the passenger’s behavior, but puts the pilot right down there with him.

  14. This ain’t the 1400s in France. A man should never slap another man, especially after talking all that jazz. That’s just embarrassing.

  15. While the pilot was unprofessional, the drunk passenger committed a crime by assaulting the Captain. It also violates Federal Air Regulations to allow an intoxicated passenger to board so that guy wouldn’t have gone anywhere regardless. Kind of sad to see some cheer the drunk idiot. Also looks like a United Express pilot and not mainline, not that it matters much.

  16. It was a United EXPRESS pilot and there is a HUGE difference! Not even the same company or class of pilot. His actions were completely unprofessional and not how a real United pilot is trained or would handle the situation.

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