Don’t forget about Aegean!

As I blogged about back in early July, Aegean Airlines joining the Star Alliance has some positive implications for the not-so-frequent flyer. Their elite level which gets you Star Alliance Silver status requires only 4,000 miles, and there’s even a sign up bonus of 1,000 elite qualifying miles the first year, meaning you only need to fly 3,000 miles to earn Star Alliance Silver status.

If you’re not a frequent flyer (or have friends or family that aren’t frequent flyers), this is the program to credit to. Reader hobo13 just sent me an email saying that he had his friends credit their roundtrip Boston to Denver flight to Aegean Airlines, and they’re now both Star Alliance Silver. While it took a bit of work since United wasn’t accepting their frequent flyer numbers, it all worked out.

So for that simple roundtrip they get free checked bags and priority boarding.

And if you’re looking for an easy way to get Star Alliance Gold status (which gets you lounge access for all Star Alliance flights), they’re not bad either at just 20,000 miles

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  1. I used Aegean and am now *A silver for flying so cal to DCA on CO. I had to make sure that the co fare class was enough to get 100% and 50% mileage credit for the outbound and inbound flights, respectively.

    Although, I thought *A silver only got a person free bags and priority check-in, not priority boarding. Can anyone clairify?

  2. P.S. Just to clarify, I understand what you meant, Lucky: that *Gold through Aegean gets global lounge access (because it’s not subject to the limitation I cited above). It’s just that your wording is ambiguous, and might lead readers to think that *Gold status gets that benefit in every case; I know I did a double-take.

  3. Don’t Aegean have a different sort of program though where elite qualifying points are based on segment length and fare class rather than miles flown?

  4. Roland, take a look at their earning chart:

    Basically it depends on operating carrier, booking class and miles flown. Sometimes its a flat number, sometimes its variable with a minimum. And fare class applies a percentage to that number, from 25% for discount Y to 300% for full J.

    I did the math for my flights but Skyteam still offers the most in my case. When flying mostly on deeply discounted tickets intra-europe, the 500-1000 Miles per roundtrip requires quite some flights in order to reach gold. Skyteam gives out Gold level (With lounge access) from 8 roundtrips in deep-discount Y.

  5. @beltway – I beleive you are misinterpeting that. If you are flying on a CO, UA, or US flight as a *G member of the frequent flyer programs of one of those three airlines, then you do indeed have to have an international itinerary to access the clubs of those three airlines.

    “As a Star Alliance Gold member, you and a guest will always be welcome in one of the Star Alliance 990 lounges worldwide (Star Alliance Gold member’s departing flight must be with a Star Alliance carrier), no matter what class of service you travel in. Just look for the Star Alliance Gold logo.”

    I’ve a co-worker who credits flights to AC’s Aeroplan and he is *G. I’ve seen him use an RCC with his Aeroplan *G card.

  6. Not sure I understand the discussion above about needing to be on an international itinerary.

    Continental, United, and US Airways Star Alliance Gold customers may only access the Presidents Club, Red Carpet Club and US Airways Clubs within the U.S. when travelling in conjunction with a Star Alliance international flight.

    If you’re an Aegean Star Alliance Gold customer, the limitation does not apply to you (i.e., you’re not a Continental, United or US Airways Star Alliance Gold customer). Doesn’t it necessarily follow that Aegean Star Alliance Gold gets you access to any these clubs even on a flight wholly within the US?

  7. As a new CO silver, I was given Group 1 boarding with on a United Express flight, but that’s not a stated benefit.

  8. 4k in 12 months (rolling calendar), currently 1k enrollment bonus will count towards Blue/*S

    then, 16k more in a new 12 months (rolling calendar); any unused from the 4k will rollover to count towards Gold.

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