Review: Avianca Domestic Lounge Bogota Airport

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Review: Avianca Domestic Lounge Bogota Airport
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Our Miami to Bogota flight landed at around 2PM, and then our connecting flight from Bogota to Cartagena was at around 4:30PM. We cleared immigration, and then headed to the domestic terminal, where we cleared security. The security officers were among the friendliest I’ve had in any country. They actually seemed to be enjoying their jobs, which is quite rare.

We were flying on Avianca from Bogota to Cartagena, and they have a lounge in their domestic terminal. It can be accessed by business class passengers, Star Alliance Gold passengers, as well as Priority Pass members. If you wouldn’t otherwise have access, this is a great benefit of a credit card with lounge access, since it often represents a better value than paying for a membership outright, in my opinion.

The one restriction to note is that per the terms, Avianca only lets Priority Pass guests in between 6:30AM and 4PM, and then between 7PM and 10:30PM.

The domestic terminal at Bogota Airport is surprisingly nice, with high ceilings and lots of natural light. The terminal was also pretty empty, so even without lounge access it would be a pleasant place to kill some time.

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 1
Bogota Airport domestic terminal

The Avianca Lounge is located past the security checkpoint and to the left. For what it’s worth, this is the “Sala VIP Gold,” while I saw there was also a “Sala VIP Diamond.” I’m not sure who gets access to the latter lounge, but based on what I saw, it looked very similar.

The Avianca Lounge has a glass exterior, so it doesn’t feel especially private, since you can see into it from the terminal.

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 2
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport exterior

In addition to the Star Alliance Gold logo, there was also a Priority Pass logo on the outside of the lounge, which also explained the restrictions on hours.

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 3
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport Priority Pass signage

Inside the lounge was an unstaffed reception desk on the left, along with some seating along a counter.

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 4
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport entryway

Past that and in the actual lounge and to the right was the staffed reception desk. Upon presenting my Priority Pass card (issued through the Citi Prestige® Card, since it allows free guests) and signing, we were admitted into the lounge.

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 6
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport reception desk

The lounge itself consists of one large room with tons of seating.

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 7
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport

The lounge had a similar design throughout. In the center were sets of tables with 2-4 chairs, then along the wall by the window were seats along a counter, and then along the other wall were leather chairs.

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 8
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport seating

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 9
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport seating

The lounge had a view of the tarmac, and the runway in the distance.

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 10
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport view

There were separated areas with self serve food and drinks. Self serve drinks were at the far end of the lounge. There was a beer tap, though it was only available after 4PM, apparently.

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 11
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport beer

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 17
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport beer

Then there was a coffee machine, along with a selection of tea.

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 12
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport coffee & tea

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 13
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport tea

There was also a fridge with bottled juice, soda, etc.

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 14
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport soft drinks

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 15
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport soft drinks

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 16
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport soft drinks

The food was located back near the reception desk, and was possibly one of the most pathetic spreads I’ve seen. It actually made a US airline lounge look good by comparison.

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 18
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport buffet

There were four types of stale sliced sandwiches available, all of which were dry as could be.

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 19
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport food selection

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 20
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport food selection

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 21
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport food selection

The only other types of snacks available were packaged nuts and packaged sweets. That’s it.

Avianca-Lounge-Bogota - 22
Avianca Lounge Bogota Airport food selection

The wifi in the lounge worked quite well, which was good after a flight without wifi.

One of the big downsides to the lounge was that it doesn’t even have bathrooms — you have to go into the terminal if you want to use the restroom.

After being in the lounge for about an hour we headed to the departure gate for our flight to Cartagena.

Avianca A320 upon arrival in Cartagena

Avianca Domestic Lounge Bogota Airport bottom line

Some lounge is better than no lounge, but that’s about the only thing I can say about Avianca’s domestic lounge in Bogota Airport. The decor felt cheap and the snack selection was pitiful. At least it was a quiet place from which to work with free wifi.

I’m excited to check out Avianca’s international lounge when I fly them again shortly.

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  1. Unfortunately Avianca’s international lounge in Bogota is not much better. Same crappy food and drinks just a bigger space. On the other hand LAN’s lounge in Bogota is much better.

  2. I was just there a few weeks ago on my way to Medellin. Great minds think alike, as I was thinking it was the worst lounge I’ve ever visited. Cheap plastic chairs. Uncomfortable.

    The saving grace was they did bring out some decent food around dinner time.
    I guess it was all gone when you were there.
    The lounge was also hotter than the terminal, and there were mosquitoes.

  3. Their lounge at SJU was the worst lounge i’ve ever seen (and i’ve been to the Gol lounge at GRU). Usually a bad lounge is better than no lounge at all, but i chose to hang in the airport bar with their $11 medallas than hang at the Avianca lounge.

  4. AV domestic lounge at BOG is awful. It doesn’t even have a restroom. Int’l lounge is marginally better. At least it has lavs and showers and some nice lounge chairs. The domestic lounge at CTG (hidden upstairs) is actually pretty nice.

  5. I agree 100% with your analysis. While the lounge beverages are light years ahead of any UA,DL or AA lounge, the food was second rate and the seating comfort is horrific. It is also a bit of a PITA to use as it can be a hike from international departures. That being said, it is better than the PP lounge at CCS (Caracas)…

  6. I’ve just flown domestic with Avianca out of Bogota and this wasn’t the lounge I was in. Mine actually looked worse, but it did have bathrooms.

  7. I’m in the domestic diamond lounge on a domestic business class ticket right now. It seems comparable to the gold. Doesn’t have restrooms. Food / drink options look about the same. No beer tap, though, only beer in cans, available only after 4pm.

  8. Avianca opened 20 days ago the new Domestic Sala VIP GOLD and BIZ lounge. It is huge and offers a great variety of seating options. I love their new Lounge cubicles. Thought through design. Food and beverages have improved massively. Spirits wine and beer for free. Nice shower.

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