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Our Bogota to Miami flight was scheduled to depart at 3:09PM, so we got to the airport at around 1PM. Since traffic in Bogota was so terrible, we wanted to leave plenty of time to get to the airport.

American check-in at Bogota Airport was efficient, though security took about 30 minutes.

Once through security we found ourselves in the fairly modern and spacious departures hall.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 1
Bogota Airport international terminal

At check-in we were given invitations to the LAN Sala VIP, which American uses for their business class passengers. We followed the signage towards the lounge, which was located in the same area of the terminal as the Avianca lounge.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 2
Bogota Airport LAN lounge signage

The elevators to the lounge are located across from gates 34 & 35.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 3
Bogota Airport LAN lounge elevators

The lounge is located one level up from the main concourse, so when you take the elevator up you’ll find yourself in front of a large sign with the LAN logo.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 4
Bogota Airport LAN logo

At the reception desk we were welcomed by two associates, who scanned our boarding passes and waved us in. I should note that this is also a Priority Pass lounge, so a credit card with lounge access could help you gain entry.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 5
Bogota Airport LAN lounge reception

I had really low expectations coming into this lounge, given that the two Avianca lounges we visited in Colombia were terrible. Well, I was very pleasantly surprised by this lounge.

Just past the entrance were departures monitors, as well as a few racks with magazines and newspapers.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 6
Bogota Airport LAN lounge departures board & magazines

Past that is the main open room, which is in a triangular shape, with a good amount of seating.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 7
Bogota Airport LAN lounge seating

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, as the lounge was quite difficult to photograph due to the amount of natural light. I loved the variety of furniture, as there were some nice semi-private couches, and then more traditional lounge seating as well.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 8
Bogota Airport LAN lounge seating

In the far corner were rocking chairs, which is where we decided to settle down.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 9
Bogota Airport LAN lounge rocking chairs

The rocking chairs (as well as the rest of the lounge) faced the interior of the terminal.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 10
Bogota Airport LAN lounge view

In the distance they also faced a couple of gates, as well as the taxiway.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 11
Bogota Airport LAN lounge view

Across from the rocking chairs were four iMacs.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 12
Bogota Airport LAN lounge business center

On the other side of the triangular seating area were cozier and more private seats, many of which had ottomans.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 13
Bogota Airport LAN lounge seating

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 15
Bogota Airport LAN lounge seating

Past that were a couple of dining areas, with different designs. In one room the tables ran perpendicular to the walls, while in the other one they ran parallel to the walls.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 14
Bogota Airport LAN lounge dining area

Next to that were more dining tables, which each had seating for two.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 16
Bogota Airport LAN lounge dining area

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 17
Bogota Airport LAN lounge dining area

There were two self service areas. The first had a coffee machine, sliced fruit, and several types of sandwiches (which in and of itself is already a significantly better food selection than the Avianca lounge had).

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 18
Bogota Airport LAN lounge coffee machine

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 19
Bogota Airport LAN lounge buffet

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 20
Bogota Airport LAN lounge food spread

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 21
Bogota Airport LAN lounge food spread

There was also a fridge with beer, soft drinks, and bottled water.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 22
Bogota Airport LAN lounge drink selection

Further down in the lounge was the main self serve area, which featured a beautiful wine display, with bottles of wine and wine glasses stacked high on a suspended glass display.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 23
Bogota Airport LAN lounge buffet area

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 26
Bogota Airport LAN lounge wine selection

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 24
Bogota Airport LAN lounge wine selection

The food selection in this section was similar, though there were a couple more types of sandwiches.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 25
Bogota Airport LAN lounge food selection

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 28
Bogota Airport LAN lounge food spread

There was also soup.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 27
Bogota Airport LAN lounge soup

As in the other section, there was a fridge with beer, soft drinks, and water.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 29
Bogota Airport LAN lounge drinks

I was most excited to see a freezer with ice cream, which I took full advantage of, even if some of the flavors were a bit weird.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 30
Bogota Airport LAN lounge ice cream

The lounge also had sparkling wine, which is a lot more than can be said about the Avianca lounges I visited.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 31
Bogota Airport LAN lounge champagne

The lounge had individual bathrooms which had a nice design in theory, except they were in a state of disrepair, with the wastebasket overflowing, and no toilet paper.

LAN-Lounge-Bogota-Airport - 32
Bogota Airport LAN lounge hallway to bathrooms

We left the lounge at around 2:15PM and headed to our departure gate, where boarding commenced within 10 minutes.

LAN Sala VIP Bogota bottom line

While this isn’t a world class lounge, it was significantly nicer than the Avianca lounges I visited in Colombia. The lounge’s decor, along with food and drink selection, were actually quite decent. This is probably one of the best Priority Pass lounges I’ve visited, so I’d definitely recommend using this if traveling internationally out of Bogota Airport.

  1. They also give you free wifi with the password on a small slip of paper. As my flight was at 7am, I enjoyed the fruit that was out and the OJ. maybe 4 or 5 people were in the club early am.

  2. Ben:
    Just to clarify, LAN (now LATAM) does not allow Priority Pass cardholders into their lounges, just OW Business, First, Emerald or Sapphire. However, in order to be able to build a lounge in “El Dorado – Bogota”, LAN was forced to open the lounge for Priority Pass cardholders too, due to lack of VIP lounges in the international terminal in proportion to the amount of passengers that they have.

  3. @Lucky

    Any other standouts in the pool of priority pass accessible lounges? Have only been to #1 in LHR, the JAL lounge in HNL, and a few unmemorable (the club”, PHX and Wingtips, JFK) and would love your perspective.

  4. LAN is a chilean airline ,now becoming LATAM .The mayor airline in Latin America with high standards and prestige.
    This is why you had a nice experience in opposite to Avianca

  5. i actually think that the international Avianca lounge for business class passengers in Bogota is decent- quality shower facilities and a large selection of foods and desserts- i don’t think you reviewed those though- only the domestic which are definitely not as nice.

  6. Veronica is correct. The Avianca lounge (directly beside this one, visible in the photos of the open area) is actually quite decent. I’d put it on the same level as this one. It’s good they have both side-by-side, as even during the mid-morning, both lounges weren’t substantially crowded. Both are Priority Pass, as well.

  7. Can’t see what the weird ice cream flavours are on the picture, can only make out chocolate and vanilla. What were the other ones, if you recall?

  8. @Ben, you’ve generally bashed Priority Pass lounges. How about giving us some of the good ones and ones you think flat out suck. I love first class lounges. I, however, will take a PP lounge over no lounge any day. Thanks.

  9. Hello! Is it possible to order fast track service? or VIP service/
    What is the price ? is it possible to pay by Ukrainian credit card?

    The passanger is going to fly today.

    United Airlines Inc UA1007 – George Bush Intercontinental (IAH),Houston Eldorado Airport (BOG),Bogota – 19.04 – 15:45 19.04 – 20:45 H

    Thank you

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