Do I really have to ducking fly Lufthansa again?

I’m a bit OCD when it comes to collecting random things. In the airline industry there are two things I obsessively collect — Rimowa amenity kits and the Lufthansa first class ducks available at their lounges in Frankfurt and Munich.

Well, according to LufthansaFlyer there’s a new limited edition blue duck available in the Frankfurt first class lounges, and it’ll be available in the Munich first class lounge in a few days.

Who’s excited?!?

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  1. @Lucky — wouldn’t it be cheaper to offer your customers a partial refund if they bring you back an LH duck, a Rimowa kit, or LX F PJs? 😉

  2. @ Ivan Y — Hah, well I have several pairs of Swiss PJs and all the Rimowa kits I need, but what’s the fun in having someone else get your ducks? 😀

  3. @Lucky — True, true… Then you’d better hurry up and get all the ducks before LH follows LX F policies *sigh*

  4. What’s the fun in outsourcing it? Transiting FCT or FCL is certainly all it’s “QUACKED” up to be!

  5. The Christmas duck is part of the reason I want to go to Germany this December. If I did what you did, I would be there in no time flat! 🙂

  6. My 1st award trip ever–2 years ago—my family of four flew 1st through Frankfurt and we didn’t realize the ducks we keep-able. That trip wrecked me—must go back!!

  7. How about some cool duck/pajama/Rimowa kit giveaways to your loyal readers? Wait – you usually wear the PJ’s – so maybe not them.

  8. Despite the GREAT temptation here, I do believe I’ll pass. But thank you for the offer. Any progress on getting a life .

  9. This is a very nerdy thing to do (we all do nerdy stuff that no one else understands) 😉

    To answer your question, no, I am not excited about rubber ducks.

  10. Has anyone ever attempted to spend a prolonged period of time living in FCT? It’d be a blast if Lucky attempted a week-long stay in FCT (no hotels!) and blogged about it 🙂

  11. @ Lucky

    I’m excited to be flying Lufthansa F to Bangkok on Friday 🙂 This will be mu first time in Lufthansa F. I am flying from LHR via Frankfurt. Will I be able to use to the FCT or only the First Class Lounge? Is there a substantial difference and if so is it worth seeking one over the other (assuming I have the option)?


  12. @ Greg — Enjoy your trip! You can use either the Lounge or the Terminal. If you use the Terminal you’ll have to walk there yourself, which will require you to leave immigration and walk along the outer roadside to the FCT. It’s worth it if you have a long layover, in my opinion, so you can get the full experience. Otherwise the FCL is nice as well.

  13. Hi Lucky, thanks for a great blog! When speaking of (limited) LH ducks, are you aware that they offered limited ones in Munich for a few weeks during Octoberfest this year? Maybe they still do. I got myself one two weeks back. Image:

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