Video: The Most Disgusting Airplane Cabin Ever?

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I can’t say that my recent flight on Saudia was great, though it paled in comparison to the video footage of a recent Saudia flight that’s starting to go viral. In the not-even-minute long video you can see the horrible condition of the aisles, bathrooms, etc. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a plane this disgusting.

Here’s the video:

The most shocking part is that this footage was taken on a flight from Jeddah to Addis Ababa, which is a flight of only about 850 miles, or about two hours. How the cabin got that dirty on such a short flight is beyond me.

Have you ever seen a cabin so filthy?!

(Tip of the hat to Apurva)

  1. Not that easy to aim well, when you’re doing without your “squat hole”…..gotta hate those western toilets!

  2. I wonder how the plane got to be like this. Did everyone just throw their garbage in the aisles? Why was there feces on the toilet seat? Disgusting. Was it like this when the flight started I wonder.

  3. The flying public. I’ve seen this toilet in J cabin before. No wonder senior flight attendants are a bit cranky at times.

  4. And yet they are a member of Sky Team along with China Eastern makes you wonder what the qualifications are to get into that alliance. Shit where you want Smoke where you want – Fly us! Please join our Alliance!

  5. A while back, I took a flight from Bangkok to Cairo on Egypt Air, and someone smeared feces on the toilet wall near the doorknob……..

  6. Reminds me of flying Ethiopian from LAX-DUB (minus the crap). Toilets filthy, urine on the floors, rubbish in the aisles…. Won’t be flying them again any time soon.

  7. Yes! You might recall I commented on one of your posts that if anyone ever filmed the end-of-flight carnage it would go viral!

    This is actually pretty typical. I’ve definitely seen worse on Saudia. (Not especially looking forward to my flight on Saudia tomorrow.)

  8. @ROB up above this pales in comparison to any flight into the DR. I lived there for 3 years and took flights back and forth to the US every 2 weeks.

    I now live in Saudi Arabia and this is typical of the treatment of all things. No one really cares and they will let anyone cleanup their mess. They are not used to Western style toilets and so there will be water all over the place at all times for (cleanup). And the trash in the aisle, not their problem let someone else below them pick it up.

  9. Unlike Malc, I never encountered anything like this during my years of flying on Saudia. Though, the video does remind me of the sanitary conditions at JED

    @Nick – too funny. You made my morning.

  10. The cows, the goats and chickens the way they cry and scream while their throats are slit and bleeding profusely in those countries are nothing compared to this!


  11. I probably would draw a distinction between Saudia’s long-haul flights and its regional ones. This is pretty typical for regional.

  12. At least when it comes to the floor i have seen something even worse. And it was on … Saudia! Fra-Jed 1996 i was sitting right behind business class and had to walk trough it to deplane and you couldn’t see the floor anymore in biz. Economy was just fine – we were wondering were all this garbage came from.

  13. Well, this was still ‘ok’ compare to many real situations that you have never seen anyone posted in social media. Most people still doesn’t have common sense and civic minded.

  14. You also have to look at the passengers on-board the plane. In other parts of the world in particularly Asia, people don’t give a hoot about flying or respecting the space on a plane. You’ve all heard about feet between seats, bare foot, kids urinating in their seats and sometimes adults too plus no personal space etc. Don’t get me started on Opening Doors before the Taxiing had finished (?)! SQ has never been bad but you can see where I’m going. An African nation too, but of course they’re flying into the country… but they’re still heading home and it’s certainly normal to them. I feel bad for the Cabin Crew and the Cleaning team after this flight. :/

  15. @MattJ I take it you’re being sarcastic, and point well taken. One doesn’t want to colour everyone with the same brush. However, leaving rubbish lying around is a Saudi trait. I just read a book by a Saudi assistant professor called The Saudi Bro Code, and this is one of the cultural habits he discusses. When Saudis have a picnic they leave their rubbish strewn all over. (It may well be because not too long ago they were a nomadic people.) It’s surreal driving around Riyadh and seeing people throw garbage out of their car windows. You’ll see this on a daily basis. I like living in Saudi – I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t – but I’m not going to sugarcoat it. The mess left behind on Saudia planes beggars belief.

  16. May be you don’t live close to a mainland chinese neighbourhood, or saw them eat in a Macdonald’s . you would not surprised by this sight.

  17. It is probably a flight with folks going to/from Hajj. Most of the folks are very illiterate and are first timers on a plane and consider it akin to a bus/ public transport. That can explain a lot. Have seen previous reports of folks not knowing what to do.

  18. Top comment from reddit thread “My dad has been flying for Saudia for 30 years and I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s actually an incredible airline with incredible service.
    He also just became captain of the A330, so he very well could have been flying this aircraft.
    UPDATE: my dad wasn’t flying, he’s still earning his type rating for the aircraft and should be flying in a few more weeks. He also told me that the plane was full of Ethiopian deportees, so they were all in “fuck it mode” on their flight back home.”


  19. Maybe for the state of the toilet – I must admit I’ve never seen anything like that. But not the rubbish left in the aisles and around the seats. No way is that one-off. It happens regularly!

  20. A friend of mine worked in aircraft cleaning at a European airport. When they had to clean Saudia planes they were issued with protective clothing, breathing masks, extra strong disinfectant and tripple pay. Nothing less would do. So not surprised.

  21. Thought it was only fair to follow up on this. My flight to Amman in Saudia Economy was pretty uneventful – cabin nowhere as messy as I’ve seen before.

    And on my flight back to Riyadh in Business, the service was excellent (following up on one of Lucky’s other posts). Credit where it’s due …

  22. “A friend of mine worked in aircraft cleaning at a European airport. When they had to clean Saudia planes they were issued with protective clothing, breathing masks, extra strong disinfectant and tripple pay. Nothing less would do. So not surprised.”

    You made that up.

  23. I’ve actually heard that in some countries when you have flights to Mecca for the hajj (the Muslim pilgrimage for those who don’t know), many people are getting funded by various sources for the once-in-a-lifetime trip. Therefore, a number of people are flying for the first time, and maybe they do not know the same etiquette about being on a plane? This certainly is not everywhere by any means, but I have heard of this being the case.

  24. Did they even clean this plane?? I would get out of that plane and pay for another one if I’m in such a dirty plane

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