Disappointed with Tumi…

I’ve been a long time Tumi customer, and always found their luggage to be excellent. I figured I’d be a lifelong customer, but I guess not anymore. Everyone raves about Tumi luggage, so I had assumed their bags would be of decent quality and come with a good warranty.

My primary bag is a 22” Tumi T-Tech, which served me well for a couple of years of heavy travel, but just last month the handlebar broke to the point that it automatically slides down all the time. To add to that, just today while in the security line at ORD, the strap for my Tumi laptop bag fell off, because a chunk of metal from the connector to the strap somehow fell off. No clue how that happened, and I’ve only had the laptop bag for a bit over a year. At $400 for a laptop bag, I was definitely hoping for better quality than what I received.

What’s disappointing is that I went to a Tumi store regarding my T-Tech last week, and the best solution they had was to send the bag to Tumi (I pay for shipping), and they’ll try to fix it and charge me accordingly. Now it’s a $300 bag, so by the time I pay for roundtrip shipping and what’s probably their inflated “fixing charges,” I’m not sure it’s worth it. The lady couldn’t even indicate to me a ballpark figure of how much it would be or whether they could even fix it.

As far as my laptop bag goes, I paid nearly $400 for it, so I expected that to last for a while. I can understand that my T-Tech broke after a lot of heavy travel, but this is a laptop bag, and just shouldn’t break so easily. And it’s not like the leather was showing signs of wear, but instead a chunk of metal fell off. That’s just unacceptable, in my opinion.

I just called Tumi customer service, and again, they just told me to send it in. I’d like to know what I’ll be charged, since they have a very murky warranty policy. This is the policy for the T-Tech. I have no clue what that means! What’s a defect vs. wear and tear? Is a handlebar breaking wear and tear? Is a chunk of metal wear and tear? Given the high quality products they claim to have, I doubt they’d admit to “defects” on both of my products.

In the past I have always raved about Tumi and assumed their customer service would be excellent, though I’m not pleased as of now.

Funny timing, because Briggs & Riley sent me a bag to try out a couple of weeks ago, and I had my mom take it on our trip this weekend. I’m in love. It’s a beautiful bag, very functional, and most impressively, Briggs & Riley bags come with a lifetime warranty. I wasn’t a fan of the previous Briggs & Riley bag they sent me, and even thought it was overpriced, but now I see their bags as ten times as valuable as Tumi bags. Their bags come with a lifetime warranty, virtually no strings attached. Hell, they even cover airline damage! Check out the simple warranty listed on their website. And the readers that left a comment regarding Briggs & Riley all raved about the warranty.

Anyway, I’ll be posting a separate review of that bag shortly, because I really do love it, but I think I’m done with Tumi. Time to find a Briggs & Riley laptop bag, I guess!

Am I totally missing something with Tumi? I just expect a company that has such expensive bags to have a simpler warranty. Not sure whether to bother sending these in or just retire both bags…

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  1. I assume that you sent them a link to your blog…… and I predict a new Tumi will be showing up next week!

    Actually, we all know you have a Costco membership. It sort of comes standard with your Hyatt Diamond status, right? 🙂 So why not just buy Tumi from Costco, and let them fight it out when the thing breaks? Costco’s customer service / return policy is pretty much no questions asked.

  2. @ hobo13 — Heh, some people seem to assume that, but I haven’t and have no plans to. Same thing with the Andaz West Hollywood. Some thought I was looking for compensation or a free stay. Nope. I just didn’t return and certainly didn’t get anything from them (or want anything). Interesting point about Costco, hmmm….

    @ Brian — Thanks, I’ll take a look. I do still love the laptop bag, so might just get that one fixed, as it was far too expensive to “throw away” after a year.

  3. There is nothing better then Briggs and Riley! Tumi I have always found to be substandard to them they are all show and no go!

    costco also has a great return policy but I don’t think all of them carry tumi…

    Briggs and Riley is literally the best you can find!

  4. Spend $400 on one bag that will last a year or spend $150 for a bag that will likely last at least as long and still have $250 left over. Tough call. 😉

    I don’t buy cheap bags, but I also know there are a handful of manufacturers (Delsey, Hartmann, Travelpro) that make very good luggage at you can find at reasonable prices (Macy’s or loomingdales is ALWAYS running some sort of 50% off luggage sale on some good brand) that will last just as long as any Tumi bag and even if it doesn’t, just buy a new bag! You’ve still got cash left over from not buying Tumi. 😉

    Overpriced anything is just that… overpriced. Is Tumi overpriced? If you expect a $100 piece of luggage to last 1 year, then a $400 Tumi bag should last 4 years. If it doesn’t, it was overpriced.

  5. +1 on the Tom Bihn bags… I have the back-pack, with the removable laptop sleeve and love it. Had it for 8 years, its been to europe a dozen times, and still looks virtually new.

    Also have one of the original, black, ballistic nylon roll-on Tumis (not sure of the model name), which I got at TJMaxx for $100! Had it for close to 10 years, and the only issue has been a zipper pull which got ripped off the one time I checked it… other than that, its been solid. Getting it for 100 bucks was nice too.

  6. Tumi T-Tech is not their top line in quality. It’s definitely way over priced for what it actually is. I’m not surprised with the problems you’re having with it.

    In contrast, I’ve found their Alpha line of luggage to be very top notch and have never had problems with mine. If your laptop is a $400 bag, I suspect it’s not part of their T-Tech line and they will likely repair it for free or replace it.

  7. @Everyone – I love my tumi bag. I was told, that if what happened to lucky happened to my bag, they would just replace it. Hmm. Now I am not so sure

  8. I have found the Victorinox Mobilizer NXT line to be second to none. They have a lifetime warranty (including airline damage) and I can personally attenst to the fact that they honor it. I have both a 22″ (domestic) and a 20″ (international) that one of the 2 has been used on a weekly basis for 4 years. They both look and feel brand new.

    For laptop bags, I love my Command Messenger from Timbuk2

  9. oops, I am not the only one, my Tumi luggage handlebar just broke too after a little over a year use. I sent in already for warranty, they did not contact me as of yet, been 2 weeks already.

  10. I have to say I am in the exact same camp as TonySCV and that approach has treated me extremely well. I have a 22 inch Delsey rollaboard and a much larger one for longer trips, and both have been excellent quality. The best thing about my 22 inch Delsey was it was $45 from Macys and it was so cheap I bought 2 and with 3 years of life into mine, I forecast having it much longer. My laptop backpack is an Ogio bag that I’ve taken on 400+ flights and it is also in excellent condition and was $50.

    While Tumi may make a nicer looking product, from what I’ve seen, I would put it at something I would spend $25 more on than a Delsey bag for the name and fancier finish. With Briggs and Riley, I haven’t seen a product of theirs I like and I wouldn’t be overly optimistic because the bag was great after one trip. For a $300 bag, I would have to be able to quantify what makes it 6 times better than a Delsey, which I doubt I could do. However when I compare my Delsey to anything that’s even in close to what I spent on it, I see an obviously excellent value.

  11. I’m sold on High Sierra bags. They’re inexpensive and they stand behind their product. I’ve never had a problem with customer service. My laptop back pack was used for over two years and a zipper fell off the track. Called and they sent me a replacement within a week. Didn’t even ask for the old bag back. Had a big drop bottom duffel that I took for a two week trip to Europe last year and one of the tie down strap buckles broke on the trip home…..again they replaced it right away. They may not be as fancy as Tumi or Briggs but I’m sold

  12. When I sent my T3-Tech Laptop bag in for repair the bets they could do was give me 40% off on a new one… :(. Somehow there was a slash on the inside of the bag near the coin pocket and it got rusty?? Sigh. I just wanted it replaced since I just had bought another new Ducati Tumi Bag.

  13. Luggage like that is nothing more than a status symbol. “Oh look, I fly so much that I need a navy seal-quality, rocket-proof bag”….
    Seriously, just buy ten $40 regular bags instead. They’ll last longer than you.

  14. Bought a $40 black Jansport backpack that has a laptop pocket with padding four years ago. It looks almost as good as new. I’ve had zero problems with it and there’s a lifetime warranty should I need to get anything fixed.

    They don’t make my model anymore (it’s a really simple one) but I wish I had bought more when it was in production.

    It’s not leather, but it looks nice and gets the job done. The padded straps are nice too. Not to mention a backpack is more versatile than a laptop bag.

  15. Have to disagree with a bunch of the Tumi haters out there. I’ve had my 22inch expandable with suiter (massively versatile, btw) for 6 years (over 400K BIS miles), and put it through 3 years of 2x weekly travel, and 3 years of moderate travel with lots of punishment. Only a small piece of the plastic has broken off, and, after 6 years, I’m ok with it. The thing still functions like a tank, and manages to get the job done.

  16. Tumi Alpha is usually quite robust. AFAIK, Tumi has a 5 year warranty on its products. I would make future Tumi purchases at either Costco or Nordstrom’s which both have a customer friendly policy of an unlimited time return with no questions asked.

  17. Tumi used to have lifetime warranty too. I did get my old laptop backpack repaired twice under it and no questions were asked about wear and tear vs defect. I did have to pay for the shipping costs though.
    But their policy has changed a while ago and its only 5 years.
    For rollerboards I buy the kirkland Costco line and it served me well. Held up for 4 years of heavy travel already and it comes with the Costco return policy. I would not abuse it though and just buy a new one if it breaks now. With the money saved compared to a Tumi I can buy 3 more.

  18. I have a 10 year old Briggs and the handle broke so I sent it back. Not only did they fix it, they also restitched several spots that were showing heavy use wear and tear.

    This is a big bag (3 suiter) that has been on over a thousand planes (counting connections here).

    On the other hand, I have a TUMI backpack/laptop bag that I’ll replace as soon as I find one as well designed. (Soon, I hope). One of the shoulder straps is fraying. Tumi says it is too old to fix under warranty and they’ve discontinued that model. .

  19. +1 on the Tom Bihn bags. Love my Aeronaut and Western Flyer.

    +1 on Briggs & Riley–I now have three of their rolling bags (one roll-aboard and two larger ones), and they are outstanding. The roll-aboard is ancient and extremely well-used, and B&R has fixed it up good-as-new twice.

  20. What’s wrong with good ‘ole Samsonite? They are the best IMO. They have great laptop bags and awesome laptop backpacks! And, don’t get me started on the incredible spinners!

  21. Expensive bags are big scam. They play on the egos of frequent travelers and college students. You’re better off going through cheap or free laptop bags than spending lots of money on one.

  22. Tumi is made with the same fabric as Travel Pro, but Travel Pro delivers better quality than Tumi. Briggs & Riley is a heavy and their 22″ doesn’t fit in the overhead wheels in. Pathetic. Also, the handle is on the outside of the bag. It’s beyond me how people are in love with B&R. Don’t fall for the B&R blogger give away, Ben 😉

    Rimowa all the way for me, best quality, weight is nothing and warranty great.

    In conclusion: If you are on a budget, TravelPro is the ticket, and only the Crew model, not the Plat one.
    If money is no issue, Rimowa is the best stuff on earth

  23. I love my Tumi gear – but my stuff is 10+ years old. I have a Alpha leather laptop bag and it has had a hard life. Yes, the clips on the main strap have had to be replaced twice, but all I ever had to do was pay for shipping.

    I don’t think the new stuff is anywhere near as good as the old gear. My old Alpha 22 wheelie and Alpha wheeled garment bag are still going strong and I wish I could replace them with exactly the same models as I don’t like a lot of the new Tumi gear. (I miss the old comfortable handles on the top of the equipment)

    Have disagree with Tumi only there to accommodate the ego’s of the frequent traveler. My laptop bag is the most comfortable, durable, and practical piece of equipment i have. And its in its 11th year, so its actually been solid value for money.

  24. LUCKY,

    that’s not fair for you, they should took care of the shipping fee, replace you with a new one and $1,000 in TUMI spending cash.


  25. I am in the music business and fly with ATA flight cases most of the time. I decided with some of my personal things to go much lighter and went with TUMI. I loved it! I bought 6 pieces and was hooked until I had to send a second one back for repair. They replaced the first one at no charge, but the second was a nightmare. Supposively, they think you are “scamming” them if you send back more than one bag in a 30 day period. I was told that I needed to “upgrade” to a better bag because the one I had was not fixable. So, for an extra $275.00, I could have a new T Tech. They said they were “discounting” the price for me. How about just fixing my bag? A minor zipper issue! I am back to my ATA’s and I think Tumi should be sold at Walmart with the rest of the crap.

  26. I have traveled with my two Pullman suitcases from Tumi for 13 years, but I would note than the lifetime warranty that was sold appears to have been rescinded. When my old Atlantic carry-on roller bag died, I did not replace it with a Tumi because of the cost of a Tumi. But, after having problems with the new bag (it kept falling over when I set it down since it was designed to be slanted), I replaced it with a Tumi a few years ago. The internal plastic frame has cracked, and the plastic casing on the outside has now cracked. The ballistic nylon is coming apart.

    I suppose that I have gotten my money out of my two Tumi Pullmans, but I would note that the piping on the corners has never had held up and that the cost of shipping to their repair center is high. (If I’m going to pay for a repair, I can take it to someone closer in south Florida, rather than ship it to Texas.)

    I always liked Tumi because the handle release button was recessed, making it difficult for the handle to be accidentally released. That meant that I was less likely to see my suitcase on the carousel with its handle sliding back and forth.

    Tumi continues to use its thin piping on many bags. The recessed release button is now positioned to allow its carrier to release the handle and pull it out with a single hand. The life time warranty is no more. The cost of repair is high.

    So, Briggs & Riley will get my next $1100 of bag purchases – even though their retractable handles are not nicely recessed as on a Tumi.

  27. I had the same issue with Tumi’s warranty. When I bought the bag six years ago, it was lifetime warranty. When I brought it into Tumi to send for repair, they told me it is OUT of WARRANTY. I was a little peeved. $550 rollerboard, my lifetime warranty went away??? Anyways, for $25.00 shipping, I sent it in since I drove 2 hrs to bring it into a Tumi shop. There were no correspondence, I noted on the repair form that if they can’t fix it for less than $50.00 (including the $25 I’ve just spent sending it in, I will buy another Briggs & Riley to replace it (B&R is far lighter). I’ve yet to see the bag, but apparently it has been fixed and sent back to me. I like the TUMI designs, is it overpriced? I think not, otherwise, no one would be buying them and they would be out of business by now. There is a sucker born every minute 😀

  28. I have Tumi Alpha, Briggs and Tumi T-Tech for a few now. Here’s what I have found:

    Tumi Alpha – all purchased in 1997 – all bags still going very strong. The frame is super, super strong. My 24″ has survived over 300 check ins-including to Africa & Asia – I am still amazed – only repairs have been to replace the zipper 3 times due to them being knifed in Africa – also lost the zipper pulls 3-4 times. My 22″ (non-expandable) is still going strong, it has started looking a little worn now – but it has over 5-600 flights and an untold number of road & train trips. 26″ is rarely uses (probably only 30-40 trips in 14 yrs) sine it is just too big and heavy (for flying) when filled. Only downside – Alpha bags are much heavier.

    Briggs – A really great bag, but not as strong as the Tumi (i would not dare sit on either the 23 or 25″ bag). They are much lighter then the Tumi Alpha (which is good).

    Tumi T-Tech – waste of money. Fabric is terrible, clips, trim crack/fall apart. I have 3 of them. If they weren’t useful sizes for occasional use I would give them away to relatives 🙂 Only benefit – its lighter then the Alpha – but then why bother – just buy the Briggs.

    Bottom line – Get the Alpha, if the airline weight allowance is not a big deal and you can afford it. If my and my friends experiences are representative, those bags will be with your for 15 plus years (I think these bags are designed to last a 1000 trips).

    I think the Briggs are great bags (thats what I bought for the rest of the family since they do not travel as much as me), but they are not as strong e.g. I would not use them as seats on a crowded platform like I do with the Tumi (I’m 200lbs).

    I will not buy another T-Tech.

  29. I love my Tumi alpha carry on. I’ve been using tumi for many years now, and I think they’re hands down the best. I’m not at all bothered by the warranty. I’ve actually had them send me the older print warranties, (after sending in a bag with some zipper problems), and they plainly say they only cover defects. They still cover that, which I know because I recently sent in a much older bag that they said was defective and replaced. They’ve just added the five years of wear and tear to the warranty, so in my opinion, it’s better. I mean, with heavy use any bag will wear out, especially something like a zipper or handle and wheels. I usually replace mine before then anyway though. I’ve used Swiss and Hartmann, and I’ve had them say basically the same things tumi says when it comes to a warranty issue. I haven’t tried briggs yet, but I’m currently looking for a new bag, and I’m not finding a tumi that pops out to me from their current collection, so who knows? Maybe I’ll give them a shot.

  30. I have been very disappointed with Tumi as well – I was under the same impression as many of you that there was a lifetime warranty – not so much. For the cost of repairing my bag through TUMI it’s much cheaper for me to just buy less expensive bags and just get rid of them when they break – Tumi is a rip-off and I would never buy another piece of luggage from them again.

  31. I’ve been in the luggage biz for almost 10 years, there are a couple things above I want to respond to because I think a lot of customers are misinformed. I’m sorry this is long.
    Most high end luggage, Travelpro, Swiss Army, Boyt, ect, have a suggested retail price (MSRP), and a list price. The list price is generally 40% to 50% lower than the MSPR. When Macy’s or other stores say 50% off, they mean 50% off MSRP. No one sells this luggage for MSRP. I work for Landmark Luggage, we have 5 stores in the mid-west, we never advertise MSRP because we feel it is deceptive. So please don’t be fooled by that.
    Travelpro is an OK line for the price. I’ve seen a lot more issues with Travelpro than other lines. A few years ago the president of Travelpro apologized to us at a trade show for the quality of their bags. They’ve gotten better, but I’m not a big fan. For a few dollars more you can get Briggs and Riley or Swiss Army, both of which have much better warranties, bot come in high and mid line options. As for the commenter above that said they will not fit in the overhead, in 2010 when that comment was made, that would have been true of Tumi, Briggs, Travelpro Crew, and Swiss Army. They were all the same size. Briggs now makes a smaller bag that fits much better. The handle being on the outside is not a problem durability wise, I’ve seen enough repairs brought in to know. You do lose a little packing space though. Rimowa is the best, but you pay for it, I still think it’s worth it though.
    Wear and tear is the term used to describe any damage that results from the use of an item for it’s intended purpose. Wear and tear is typically slow and accumulates over time with use. For example, a car with 100,000 miles on it will not run as well as a car with 1,000 miles on it. The car has accumulated wear and tear. A defect is present at the time of purchase. So while they made look the same at first they are very different. Unless a bag is old the vendor will rarely cry wear and tear, they are more likely to claim abuse (not using it as it should be used).

  32. Absolutely agree with the Tumi Alpha being good. T-Tech falls apart. I’m a half million miler at this point.

    Whoever said big name luggage was a scam really hasn’t put the luggage through its paces. Never had a Samsonite or Travelpro last more than 1.5 yrs.. Tumi Alpha is bulletproof.

    “10 x $40 bags is better than 1 $400 bag”? Ridiculous statement. ONE incident of the thing falling apart on you say, on an escalator or in an awkward foreign place (Venice, for example) will convince you that $400 or even $1000 is a solid investment for a bag that will carry through.

    $40 bags are for people that never travel or people that are too cheap to get things right the first time.

  33. My experience is similar. Owned about 10 Tumi bags. Years ago I would send one in for repair and they fixed it with no questions. Recently sent one in for the same kinds of repairs and they sent me an estimate for $240 for necessary repairs, and even recommended further repairs beyond that. I argued they had a lifetime warranty. They basically denied it, and said they had IMPROVED their warranty recently. They also offered a new bag at 30% off. I wrote to the president of Tumi and explained the situation, suggesting that perhaps someone decided that their repair operation should try to make money rather than just support the brand’s image. Anyway, repair called me and they had “re-evaluated” my bag (a 13 year old $700 rollaway brief) and said they would cover SOME of the repairs. I was about to argue and then they added that since the bag would still not be in good usable condition, they would be sending me a new bag. A new $795 (list) bag showed up the next week. I can’t argue with that resolution of course, but their ambiguous warranty and uneven treatment of repairs is cause to seek alternatives for new purchases. I bought my first Briggs and Riley bag in the meantime and love it, and their warranty is as clear and broad as it can be.

  34. I bought my first Tumi’s in Kittery Maine last July 2014 at their outlet store. The large suitcase’s handle stuck in extended position after my second flight. I had replacement parts sent to my hotel and fixed it myself because they could not see to it in a timely manner. It was not as easy as the repair people implied. The next thing was the wheels deciding not to cooperate, so that I had to roll it diagonally on it’s four wheels to get any cooperation from it at all. Then the zipper began sporadically catching.
    There is no Tumi near me, so I will be sending it for repair through Macy’s. I am very unhappy as I did not expect to have my luggage problems be the focus of my vacation trip. The list price on the suitcase was 650 or something, and for that money you expect it to stand up to existing conditions. Shame on you Tumi.

  35. This was good to read – as I am going through the same thing and was feeling alone. The zipper on my $185 Tumi bag broke after two years (not to mention less necessary elements falling off). I’m very practical – so I don’t mind spending extra money on something simple that will work. Tumi puts on a big show about quality and longevity, but I think (maybe now that they are more popular) their quality and service is really becoming crap. Trying to return the bag for servicing led to: harassment at the store; $15 fee just to hand it over; an email saying I needed to call to discuss “additional fees”; phone calls to “busy, but thank you for your patience”…all this to get a bag repaired that, well, for the price should have made it to year three.

  36. I just found this thread as I’m trying to figure out what to do with my T-Tech suitcases (bought around 8 years ago). Several have minor damage issues. I sent in my carry-on sized bag due to broken zipper and Tumi just called to say it’ll cost $95. Seems really excessive, but I also don’t want to risk buying another carry-on that is actually too big (Consumer Reports this month lists 11 bags that claim to be carry-on size and only 2 actually are). So maybe I spend the money for this bag but not give Tumi my others to fix but replace instead.

  37. Terribly disappointed with Tumi!!
    I had heard such good thing about Tumi when I retired and my wife and I were going to do a lot of traveling we decided to invest in 2 full sets of Tumi Tech luggage(I say invest because as we all know they are not cheap). One of the big reasons we invested in the Tumi luggage is what they say on their web site:YES. THE “ANSWER IS ALWAYS YES.
    Customer service doesn’t even begin to cover it. We go above and beyond. When you purchase a TUMI, you also purchase a promise that if something goes wrong, we’ll fix it. If it breaks, we’ll repair it. If it’s lost, we’ll help you track it down”.
    With over 260 locations around the globe, we’re here to help you no matter where you are in the world. Stop by any store for timesaving services like zipper pull and handle repairs, immediately completed on-site – we’ll have you on-the-go again in no time.”

    But unfortunately as the saying goes, “you can’t believe everything you read on the internet” and this definitely includes Tumi Corp. I found this out when I wanted to get a frayed suitcase handle repaired.
    Let me count the ways that they disappoint in what they say and what they do:
    1. Went into the Tumi store in San Francisco on Market st. and they were not interested in even looking at the problem. They showed no interest repairing it and much less in doing the paperwork to return it.Since I had bought it at Nordstrom I went there and they promptly received it and sent it on its way to be repaired.
    2. Two weeks latter I get an email from Tumi telling me to call them. No explanation, no way to email back to see why they want to talk to me. I call them,wait 10 minutes for a rep to answer and they tell me that that there is only a 3 year guarantee and they will not, cannot repair it. They will give me $180 towards the purchase of a new one. That,as we know, will not pay for a Tumi back pack much less a full size luggage bag. All of which they could have put in the email and saved everyone a lot of time.
    3. I call back and wait 20 minutes to talk to a rep to tell them to ship the bag back to me.
    What a waste of time, Tumi does not, in my mind, know the meaning of customer service. They should take lessons from Nordstrom or other that attend high end customers to understand what customer service really is.
    They have a well made bag but there is no way I will ever buy any thing from them again.

  38. Disappointing Tumi customer service.
    I bought a Tumi bag just one year ago. Used for light travel, maybe 20-30 short trips, always cabin luggage. No exposure to stretch or any physical impact. The sewing is torn on one of the pockets. A simple warranty case that any cheap producer would handle swiftly.
    I originally bought the bag at the Amsterdam Shiphol Airport in the Tumi sport. They directed me to the customer service somewhere central Amsterdam (why didn’t they post the bag, I’m not sure). The customer care person took the bag, and told they will post it to Germany for inspection. In about one month (!) they managed to send a few liner highly standized letter (dear sir/madam – type), that I should pay 17 euros if I want my bag back. No explanation to what they found, why should I pay anything for a bag that is supposed to have full warranty, not to mention any apologies. I have some questions here:
    – why is it good for Tumi to collect 17 eurs for a faulty bag that costs 300+ eur? Do they have so regular quality problems that this becomes a factor?
    – what would it cost to them to send a proper letter with my name and the actual details of the case rather than this poor ‘and/or’ type of photocopied message. Do they have such a volume of customer complaints that they cannot handle?
    – why is a 300 eur Tumi bag tear after less than 10% of the use than my other cheap Samsonite bags.

    Tumi might have saved 17 euros now, but they have lost a customer. Their call.

  39. I also bought a Tumi T-Tech satchel bag for my i-Pad thinking the same and that it would be top quality. My problem is the flap and some trimmings are real leather, However, the rest of the bag (most of it) is a canvas material with some paint made to look like leather. That paint has started to peel off. I also called them and they said I had to mail it in at my cost. I asked what the repair would be as I don’t want them to repaint it and they could not tell me until they look at it. Fortunately it’s still under warranty. They told me it was 5 years.

  40. Dear CEO,

    I have been up until recently a proud owner of your products. I literally carry your brand from place with me and proudly display it where possible. I travel extensively. In two months to Christmas, I will have been in Johannesburg, Capetown, Rio, San Paolo, Amsterdam, Dublin, Dubai, San Francisco, Hawaii and next year many more places.

    I am travelling with an old bag I had from Samsonite as the handle of this relatively new nag broke on me, cutting my hand and causing me to travel with a broken bag with sharp edges sticking out as I travelled. I was embarrassed.

    When I went to get if fixed I was asked for bank statements for proof of purchase, again embarrassing. So I agreed to pay to have it fixed as I am busy and I don’t have time to trawl bank statements for this item. Not all banks are the same and it is not a case of data at your fingertips in every country.

    Anyway you can see it has taken far too long to be fixed.

    Alpha Bravo Carry On – 222461 KH2
    · Date bag dropped for repair: 7th November 2017
    · First Update: 15th November 2017 – advised by shop that the bag was waiting a spare part (new telescopic handle). When questioned when the spare part would arrive, response was “it might take some time and we will keep you updated accordingly”
    · Follow Up By Customer: 26th November 2017 – having not heard from the shop, we followed up to establish what the status of the repair was, response was “As we informed earlier from the workshop, there’s no update yet , we will let you know once we have any news”
    · Follow Up By Customer: 28th November 2017 – requested the return of the luggage or a temporary replacement be provided due to extensive upcoming travel. Response was that a temporary replacement was not an option and it would take approximately 24 hours to get the case back from the workshop – which was too late for the emergency travel on the 29th November. The replacement part would require shipment from Germany and there was still no date on the expected delivery.

    My question is, if you can get the products to every part of the world as I see them all the time, why can you not get the part to me?

    The more pressing question is should I stick with Samsonite and bring their brand on journeys with me and invest in more of what they have which is dependable and less embarrassing as a product to own?

    My colleague Ollie Long has been dealing with this. Contact able here – Olivia Long [email protected].


    Tom Clancy
    Global VP Talent Acquisition

  41. Thank you for your post. I wish I saw this before buying my new $385 dust collector. Purchased the bag, left the Country next day for 70 days; bag cannot be exchanged for a bigger more expensive bag, even though it is brand new.

    Terrible support they have.

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