Delta Air Lines Introduces BON & VIV Spiked Seltzer

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Delta is adding a new drink to their beverage lineup, which I’m looking forward to.

Delta introduces BON & VIV spiked seltzer

Delta has announced that they’ll be rolling out BON & VIV spiked seltzer on all flights as of March 2020. They tested this in SkyClubs earlier this year (as they often do with drinks), and are now rolling it out on flights.

This will be complimentary for customers in Delta One, First Class, Premium Select, and Comfort+, while it will be available for purchase in Main Cabin for $8.

The spiked seltzer will come in two flavors — grapefruit and lemon lime. Each can will have 90 calories, and has zero sugar, and is gluten free.

For those of you who have no clue what spiked seltzer is, it’s basically flavored sparkling water with alcohol. Think of it as the avocado toast of alcohol.

Delta is following JetBlue & American here

JetBlue was the first major airline to introduce spiked seltzer to their onboard beverage list, as the company started serving it in late 2019. Then as of February 2020, American rolled out spiked seltzer on all their flights as well.

JetBlue and American both serve Truly branded spiked seltzer, and I recently wrote about why I kind of love it.

Can iced coffee or cold brew be next, please?

Delta’s VP of Onboard Service Operations said the following in the press release:

“We have a keen focus on listening to customer feedback and innovating our food and beverage programs to provide more choice. Spiked seltzer has been a fast-growing trend in the beverage industry, so we knew it was something our customers wanted.”

I know I’m going on a crusade here, but can we please see a major US airline start offering iced coffee or cold brew on planes, even if it’s only available for purchase?

  • Iced coffee/cold brew has become increasingly popular among consumers
  • Airplane coffee is kind of gross, and this would present a nice bottled alternative for those who want to get caffeinated

Bottom line

I’m excited to see spiked seltzer expand to yet another US airline. Airlines aren’t exactly known for investing in great wines on domestic flights, so personally I love the concept of a fairly low calorie spiked seltzer as an alternative, if I’m looking to have a drink or two.

Anyone else excited to see Delta add spiked seltzer to their onboard drink lineup?

  1. FYI B&V>Truly>WC

    I wonder if the FA will pour it in the back so I don’t have to suffer the public shame of drinking one of these. Hard seltzers are the new Vespas.

  2. @ Ben — As a teetotaler, I vote for cold brew! It would be nice, especially since I refuse to drink coffee made with nasty airplane water.

  3. Imagine how many cold brews these airlines could sell on 6am transcons!!!! Dougie and Ed and the rest are really missing out on delivering value to shareholders here.

  4. I know Allegiant airlines has iced coffee in a can avalibe for purchase. It’s the only type of coffee available on allegiant. They don’t make hot drinks (or have hot food)

  5. “Spiked Seltzer” ? What the heck, American companies are coming up with some new strange stuff all the time. Always taking well established products, looking how to cut production costs and then adding some trendy marketing to sell it for a higher price than the original product.

  6. Would love to see one of the various cold brew cans onboard soon, my only worry though is they’ll bypass the no cream/no sugar route (black) and go directly to a sugar bomb.

  7. I just hope they don’t starting loading the carts with these and cut back on the other booze. They often seem to run out of Woodford (at least when I’m on board).

    re: cold brew. A few months ago flying Delta, the guy next to me asked for cold brew coffee. When told they could only do hot coffee over ice, he said skip it, and asked for a vodka and soda instead. I thought that was interesting.

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