Breaking: Outage Grounds All Domestic Delta Flights

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Per the FAA, “automation issues” have grounded all Delta flights to domestic destinations, including flights operated by subsidiaries. According to the notice, all international flights are exempt, though based on what I’m hearing, that’s not the case across the board. As of the time of this post the issue is persisting, though hopefully it’s fixed soon. Here’s the FAA notice about it:


Hopefully this isn’t as bad as their outage last August

If you’re flying Delta today or tomorrow I’d certainly keep an eye on this, as this could have a spillover effect to tomorrow, even if the issue is fixed soon.

Anyone flying Delta tonight and facing this issue firsthand?

  1. Experiencing this now. On a 21:37 Flight form ATL to LON Heathrow. Intl terminal says all grounded so EXEMPT they’re not…

  2. I have a 7AM tomorrow morning out of MSP. šŸ™ My alarm clock is already set up for 4:30AM. Hope Delta fixes this mess.

  3. Landed from DCA about an hour ago at MSP. Was in the penalty box almost an hour and just got off. No flights are leaving and a monitors have nothing but frozen data from when it started around 1915 eastern.

  4. 6:31 pm flight from Dallas Love Field still sitting at the gate. Captain says the ground stop will be in effect for at least another hour.

  5. In 2000 I worked for Worldspan, we shared 1/2 the DL Technologies building for our data center…the DL folks were not happy to have us there and were not good to work with. I’m glad we had office space away from the DC so I didn’t have to interact very often. It’s admirable DL Tech has had as few outages as they’ve had…

  6. Wonder if they are sorry they booked the Economy Minus IT Service?
    The one with no back-up redundancy, no legroom and flying standby.

    I always laugh when I read posts from the Valiant Delta Defenders on here…

    Because this is a company absolutely rotten to the core– they will chisel their passengers, their vendors, their employees, their IT staffing and their contingency planning. How can this happen twice in 6 months?

    They’ve had their run of record profits– but at this rate it will swing the other way really fast.

    Tricky Dick Anderson got out while the getting was good.

  7. Almost 4 hours of delay, but on the plane now. They went old school some with paper boarding passes and check in processes.

  8. Around 8 pm Eastern time arrived at Detroit airport. However it was stop after touch down about 90 minutes. I see that almost flight are delayed or cancelled.

  9. just checked in for our 8:35am flight tomorrow…of course was asked to volunteer my seat. If not flying with the family I’d have put $1000 down to see what happens

  10. So whats the consensus about the reimb we are asking from Delta? I was stuck at DTW fir four hours arrived to MSP five hours late at 1 AM

  11. If it’s an automation issue, that means Delta need more/better SRE & DevOps engineers. Unfortunately, Facebook, Google, Apple & most tech companies in Silicon Valley poached most of them…

  12. I got a phone text msg from delta this morning asking me to look into my mailbox. Whoo hooo. Am I getting some miles? Voucher because Dimond and I had to sleep on airport floor? So I did look. It was a three paragraphs “sorry for your luck” message. Sorry my ass Delta. And CNN says there were some domestic interruptions. Some? I was in the middle of this “some” interruption in DTW. What a mess. After hours at gate Noone knows what’s going on… We board, we set hours on plane because MSP was full of planes, can’t land at MSP. Than deicing… TWO deicing pads at DTW for all these planes TWO. I expect two deicing pads in a Florida airport but in DTW? Of for course our deicing truck breaks down and they have to climb Repair truck comes….but got another deice truck finally. Bunch of amateurs running Delta and DTW. And if someone tries to blame this to Trump. He she is just as an idiot as Delta CIO.

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