Earn Delta Miles For Ticketmaster Purchases

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Airlines are constantly increasing the ways you can earn miles through non-flying means, as it’s an opportunity for them to generate extra revenue with new partnerships. Delta SkyMiles has just announced their latest partnership that some might find useful.

You can now earn Delta SkyMiles for Ticketmaster purchases:

  • You can earn one mile per dollar spent on tickets to sporting events, concerts, and more in the US and Canada
  • Through August 31, 2019, you can even earn three miles per dollar spent, in celebration of the new partnership

In order to earn bonus miles you have to book through delta.com/ticketmaster and enter your SkyMiles number.

Delta says that miles will be credited after ticket purchase, and that taxes, facility, service, parking, insurance, and other fees are excluded from mileage credit.

Bottom line

This isn’t a game changer, but since you’re not being charged extra for booking through the Delta link, you might as well pick up extra miles for your Ticketmaster purchases. I value SkyMiles at ~1.2 cents each, so that’s like a 1.2% return on these purchases long term, and a 3.6% return while they’re offering the triple miles.

Are there any frequent Ticketmaster customers who will benefit from this?

  1. I signed up. For all the concerts and sporting events I’ve been to over the years I’m sure I would have a ton of miles. Seems like an easy way to earn some extra points.

  2. And people wonder why it takes a zillion Skymiles to go anywhere… I feel like with so many opportunities to earn Skymiles (here and Lyft and Airbnb and whatever else), devaluation is inevitable. I am undecided if I should be annoyed or not.

    On a totally not separated note: this really dilutes the brand, no? Ideally, Skymiles should encourage people to fly Delta (on revenue ticket) more. How does *this* help? Is Delta trying to compete with, I don’t know Ebates?

  3. @magice

    I have an answer for you.
    Redeemable miles doesn’t encourage people to fly Delta, MQM and MQD does. Go ask any Diamond Medallion.

    Ebates is not a long term sustainable business, like Groupon. It will fail if it grows too big.

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