Delta Elite Members Now Receive Complimentary Upgrades On Aeromexico

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Points, Miles & Martinis reports that Delta SkyMiles Medallion members are now eligible for complimentary upgrades when traveling on Aeromexico flights. Apparently this new benefit applies on all Aeromexico flights between Mexico and the United States, Central America, the Caribbean, and Ecuador, as well as all flights within Mexico.

Aeromexico 787

The benefit applies for all SkyMiles elite members, including Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Medallion members. However, it looks like upgrades will only be processed at the gate, so if you’re a SkyMiles Medallion member, don’t expect to clear in advance.

I don’t yet see an official Delta press release regarding this new benefit, though the SkyMiles partner page for Aeromexico does list this perk, which I don’t believe was there before:


It looks like the regions where members can be upgraded is very similar to the upgrade policy for Aeromexico’s own elite members, though I imagine Delta’s members will probably clear after them. Since these are only upgrades on the day of departure, I certainly wouldn’t count on them clearing.

Delta and Aeromexico have a new joint venture, through which they’re aligning schedules and fares. When there’s a joint venture there’s an incentive to create metal neutrality, where the member shouldn’t care which airline they’re actually flying, since the airlines are sharing revenue. Reciprocal upgrades certainly help with that.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 1
Aeromexico’s 787 business class

As much as there are aspects of the SkyMiles program that drive me mad, you have to give Delta credit for how many opportunities they have for upgrading on partner airlines. For example, just last year Delta made it possible to use Global Upgrades on Virgin Atlantic, which is a nice perk for Diamond Medallion members. So while SkyMiles is ultimately leading the race to the bottom, they’re also occasionally throwing us bones.

Will you benefit from Delta’s reciprocal upgrades on Aeromexico?

  1. This has been happening for a long time, years now, it just was never fully stated in policy. Getting free upgrades on the 787 lie-flat routes simply rocks.

  2. Not a new benefit. I’ve always been upgraded as long as I book through delta. What is new here ?

  3. But it’s not like many Americans will be taking advantage of this… I mean, who’d want to go to a place full of ^%#*+€|^}!€[‘/? 😉 @fakeDonaldTrump

  4. When I was an elite in Delta around 2014/2015, I was getting a few upgrades on AeroMexico. I didn’t know it was policy and just thought AM was being nice, which they probably were. I wish United had this opportunity because I would use it a lot. Delta blows though!

  5. It would be nice to know how this will actually work, especially with a significant language barrier.

    In my experience, it has been difficult three-plus years into the Virgin Atlantic-Delta relationship to even secure priority boarding unless you’re in Virgin Atlantic’s business-class. Then there’s KLM, which provides almost no benefits to Delta’s top-tier elites even those who flew into Amsterdam on business-class tickets but for whatever reason are only in premium-economy or economy-class out of Amsterdam.

    With that said, the reviews of Aeromexico’s business-class (or first-class, whatever they call it) I’ve seen haven’t been that great. Especially in the catering department.

  6. I am flying Aeromexico SFO-MEX-SFO on their 737-800 and called AM to move to an AM Plus Seat. They moved me no problem and for free, but it will be interesting to see if I get upgraded to Premier when I fly. Do you have to do anything, like call to put in a request to upgrade to Premier?

  7. I am a Delta Platinum Medallion flying from BOS-MEX this week. Clase Premier is completely empty, but no upgrade yet. I called AM and they said upgrades only process at the gate.

    It would appear that despite Delta’s announcement, Aeromexico is not actually processing upgrades within these windows.

    I also called the Delta Medallion desk, and they had no information to offer me. Here’s hoping the upgrade actually clears!

  8. Just flew from LAX-MEX-GRU as a Delta Platinum

    Went through the entire gambit.
    5 days prior – no upgrade
    3 days prior – no upgrade – called Aeromexico customer service – policy “At the gate”

    Processed for upgrade list in LAX – placed on priority list for both segments.
    Received a successful upgrade at LAX-MEX, at the gate.
    Unsuccessful upgrade for the MEX-GRU at the gate.

    Even though 6 seats remained in Premeire the message of the day was Aeromexico only allows Titaniums to upgrade to Premeire.

    Though that was odd – especially when they will making announcements up to departure time to purchase a premeire upgrade.

  9. Ben, reading the comments and leaning on personal experience, why don’t you call this out for the sham that it is. I am flying in 72 hours on Aeromexico and my upgrade has not cleared nor will it, as confirmed by Delta, as there are no upgrade seats available. This is despite me currently being able to buy 7 Business Class seats from a 12-seat cabin, ie >50% of the cabin is free. Delta confirmed that despite being Delta Diamond, Aeromexico’s lowest category of frequent flyer will clear for upgrade before me at the gate.
    This is

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