Delta eliminates close-in ticketing fees

It appears as if Delta has eliminated close-in ticketing fees for award tickets. Ironically enough, I don’t see any official announcement on this from Delta. You’d think they would be touting what a great enhancement this is (much like they do when they devalue the program and tell us how great it is for us), but I don’t see anything.

United eliminated these fees in July, so I’m quite surprised it has taken this long for another airlines to match. I’m betting the reason they eliminated the fees is similar to what I speculated in July. If they don’t charge a close-in ticketing fee, more people will fly last minute. Yes, more people that will be paying bag fees, buying drinks and snacks aboard, possibly making changes to tickets (which costs $$$), etc.

I’m betting we’ll see American match soon enough.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)

Update: It appears this was all a glitch and Delta ended up raising close-in ticketing fees. Nevermind.

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  1. @magiciansampras, there was nothing minute about the change that was posted. It was explicit and very noteworthy.

  2. I could have used this when I booked a close in C award on Korean Air a few years back, but better late than never. I should be @ 120k miles next month and am looking to burn them all, so this comes as a good time.

    Agree with Lucky that this will actually help the airlines clear and reduce the mileage liabilities on their books.

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