Delta Flash Sale: 98,000 SkyMiles Roundtrip For Business Class To Europe

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For 48 hours only, Delta is selling roundtrip tickets from North America to Europe for 98,000 SkyMiles. Tickets need to be booked by 11:59 PM ET on Thursday, November 15th (yes, tomorrow), and the sale is valid for travel from December 24th, 2018 through May 27th, 2019.

Award tickets to Europe in Delta One typically start at 145,000 SkyMiles roundtrip (and can cost upward of 500,000 SkyMiles – for real), so if you can snag one of these, this is probably about the best value that you’ll get.

Most Delta hubs, from JFK to Seattle, are valid for the promotion, in theory, but of course availability will vary. For example, Atlanta (ATL) to London’s Heathrow (LHR) has pretty weak availability in December, but plenty in mid-January:

And availability from Seattle’s SEA is a much rarer find, but here is some availability to Paris’s CDG in February:

Even Cincinnati’s CVG has some (spotty) availability – here is an example from CVG to Barcelona’s BCN:

The sale only applies to roundtrip fares – one-way fares in the same calendar range look to be pricing at around 86,000 SkyMiles. Bleh.

You can read the full details of the promotion here (it’s not showing up on Delta’s “standard” flash sale page for whatever reason). I would use Delta’s now-mostly-operational five-week award search calendar for the best results.

The Seats

If you’re looking for the best possible seat, I would prioritize the A350 or retrofitted 777-200 (if you can find that needle in a haystack availability):

Over the A330:

Over the 767:

But at the end of the day, if you can get Delta One to Europe for 98,000 SkyMiles roundtrip, I wouldn’t be too picky. 😉

Bottom line

This is about as good as SkyMiles deals get, and the availability already reflects this. If you’re thinking of jumping on one of these, I would act fact, given that the promotion ends tomorrow and seats are already going quickly. But if you’re able to snag one of these tickets, congrats!

Has anyone been able to take advantage of this deal? 

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  1. I am on a 2 week trip in Asia. Delta just moved my one way award to get home back by over 24 hours. They did not even have the guts/class to email me a “change” notice; you know like when Aeroplan moves my flight 15 minutes I get. They just sent an email stating “congratulations on your award” and stating the new flight, good thing I looked closely at it… I could have shown up for the old flight. Both the new and old flight were to have the long pacific crossing leg on Delta metal, so its a Delta flight.

    I am Delta elite, yet I get treated better by random airlines I book award flights with and will probably never have a revenue ticket with. I canceled the flight and booked an excellent Cathay flight through Alaska.

    I live in Seattle and buy premium flights and short notice expensive business flights… I am an ideal Delta customer and this is what they come up with? I will never accept that this was some sort of “operational change”… pretty sure they just saw a better opportunity to cancel my flight and resell it for a few $k profit. Well they have lost a lifetime of profit from me.

    So yeah, #DeltaSucks. Back to Alaska in every situation I possibly can. But thanks for posting, I do need to get rid of these Delta points… which they still have not posted to my account (like most airlines would have by now) so I probably cannot take advantage of this sale.

  2. @DaKine,

    So much whining. Did you call them and request the flight be changed back? Award flights get messed up all the time.

  3. Is anybody seeing any deals to Europe that DON’T include 12-hour-ish layovers on round trips starting on the U.S. West Coast? Trip durations of 25+ hours are brutal, even with a segment in lie-flat.

  4. Funny, you can get a DL r/t saver award to Europe for 100K Virgin Atlantic miles any other day of the year without a flash sale. Once again proving the SkyPeso™ truly worthless compared to everyone else.

  5. Its not whining, my life is great… its a story that I thought would be useful, and because I now enjoy disparaging their business. Yes, called them to ask if it could be changed.

    I have not had anything like this; two weeks out and they totally change the itinerary by days not hours.

    Biggest thing here; they send an email which says “congratulations on your award!” Really? How shady is that? Rather than: “We changed your flight”

    That was the thing which turned me off Delta forever.

  6. @lucky It’s not just the A350 with Delta One Suites you should look for. I just booked SFO-MSP-CDG over Valentine’s day with my flight to and from MSP to Paris on the new suites in the 777. I saw a ton of availability in suites from MSP and ATL through March.

  7. @DaKine, yes, it is whining. You had multiple opportunities to correct this, yet all you do is whine online.

  8. @ Chris – What would I have done to correct it? I called and they said ‘sorry, that is it, your flight is moved more than a day, nothing can be done”. So I re-booked a better flight with Alaska and canceled the Delta flight. So yeah, I corrected it.

    I am not whining, I am disparaging Delta. Which is what they deserve IMO. And this is a travel blog which reviews the performance of airlines.

    Tell me though… what were my multiple opportunities to do what?

  9. I scored the A350 on this deal DTW-AMS suites this am at 7:00 for 2 of us. Great deal at 98K each and $55. I believe it is only the DTW AMS route that uses the A350 D1 Suites to Europe.

  10. @Bacontron – Good pickup – I completely spaced on the retrofitted 777s (I think they’re only doing like two routes to Europe right now but I updated the post to reflect this).

    Congrats on finding space on the MSP-CDG route!

  11. @Dakine. You’re whining or maybe check your spam or make sure your email is updated. I always get notified about schedule changes 100% of the time.

  12. I bought one.

    Transferred points from Marriot today. Low chance but if they arrive before midnight tomorrow I’ll buy another RT.

  13. Just booked JFK-Barcelona r/t for March. Perhaps not the best time of year to visit, but I have 5 vacation days to use before 3/31/19 and for 98K miles, its a great deal (for skypesos at least!). Its not the A350, but a second best A330. Ole!

  14. PIT-MXP in April. A330-300. I had previously booked a one-way PIT-MXP in DL One for 86K and I thought that would be the best I could do. Cancelled and re-deposited the one-way.

  15. For those that exported a mixed itiniary? I.e PE on one way and delta one on another, how does that work? I thought that’s not possible in 1 ticket.

  16. @ Jr – Spam checked… glad you agree it is obscene that they change a flight by more than one day and not notify me of it other than some happy sounding “Congratulations on Your Award”. It is downright dangerous to do something like that to someone potentially in a foreign country counting on a flight.

    So thanks for agreeing it was totally out of the ordinary and wrong what Delta did. And your welcome for letting you know about it… on an airline blog… on a post about Delta awards.

    I understand I am nothing to Delta but a datapoint in an algorithm… but how bad is their algorithm? With limited research into just their own data they should pinpoint me as a top potential client; and obviously it was not smart to do this as I will never trust them again nor say positive things about them. I am just going by the standards of their own marketing and their “huge push into Seattle”… well keep pushing and giving me free points for Seahawks scores… because the rest of that effort is a failure… I am more loyal to Alaska than ever.

    That said, good luck on this sale all; I hope I can do the same and get rid of these Delta points.

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