Delta To Launch Service Between Atlanta And Burbank

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Most Angelenos will concede that LAX, the area’s flagship airport, leaves a lot to be desired. While there are plans underway to modernize the airport before the 2028 Summer Olympics and create light rail transit links to points throughout the city, at the moment LAX is a hodgepodge of 9 terminals, some terrific (the Tom Bradley International Terminal specifically, but also Terminal 5 and to a lesser extent Terminals 2 and 6) and some in utter disrepair (looking at you, Terminal 3, with American’s Terminal 4 and United’s Terminal 7 also leaving a lot to be desired), all surrounding a heavily congested loop road.

Worse, there’s no real airside connection between all of the terminals, and transfers between some terminals on opposite sides of the loop require either a lengthy bus ride through stop-and-go traffic, or a daring pedestrian dash through makeshift paths between parking garages.

LAX’s terminal mess

At the moment, Delta flyers in Los Angeles have it the worst, since the airline relocated its operations from Terminal 5 to Terminals 2 and 3 (with additional gates at Tom Bradley).

Terminal 2 is perfectly okay, while Terminal 3 is miserable, but none of the terminals are connected airside except by shuttle bus, and the three SkyClubs (a large one in T2, and two small clubs in T3) are merely stopgaps until the flagship SkyClub is completed along with the finished “Delta SkyWay” mega-terminal.

(As a point of example, I just flew Delta to and from Tokyo, and had to check in at Terminal 2, but take a shuttle bus to the gate at Tom Bradley, all of which took much longer than it should have.)

In any event, Burbank Airport — officially Bob Hope Airport, and now marketed as “Hollywood Burbank Airport” — has long been the preferred alternative for many L.A. residents, particularly those in the San Fernando Valley, Pasadena, Hollywood and Silver Lake, where it’s a far quicker drive than the slog to LAX.

Burbank Airport is terrific in so many ways — uncongested, small and simple to navigate.  Although it lacks the “amenities” of a bigger airport, the convenience means you can pull up practically to the gate and spend less time actually waiting in the terminal area.

Burbank Airport

The drawback with Burbank is that there isn’t much in the way of flight connections. It’s great for quick hops to Las Vegas, the Bay Area or the Pacific Northwest. JetBlue has long offered a redeye flight to New York-JFK (and now offers a redeye to Boston), though not with its Mint service. But generally speaking, it’s not a great airport for flying between Los Angeles and the East Coast.

Starting in July 2019, however, Delta will be launching twice-daily nonstop service between Burbank and Atlanta on a 737-700, which is a bit of a game-changer, at least for L.A. based Delta loyalists.

Moreover, and probably more relevantly, it’s a route that’s tailor-made for the entertainment industry. Burbank Airport is an easy 10-minute drive from Walt Disney Studios (and ABC’s entertainment division) and Warner Brothers Studios and a 15-minute drive from Universal Studios (and NBC’s entertainment headquarters) and CBS Studio Center.

While most television and movie production used to take place in Southern California, a huge number of shows and films are now produced in the Atlanta area, which has strong tax incentives geared toward attracting the entertainment business.

In fact, Georgia sees more feature film production annually than the entire state of California. Film and TV executives and stars, however, still live in Los Angeles, so the introduction of a convenient nonstop will undoubtedly mean that the first class cabin will have some guaranteed celebrity sightings.

For non-entertainment industry folks, however, this flight is still great news. While I’d still take a nonstop from LAX over a one-stop out of Burbank, others — particularly those who live within spitting distance of Burbank Airport — might choose otherwise.

And if I were connecting in Atlanta anyway to fly to an onward destination, I’d strongly consider jumping on the Burbank flight instead. The fact that Delta’s operations out of LAX are currently in a “pardon our dust” phase makes this all the more appealing.

Delta’s 737

Flights are currently bookable and will debut on July 8, 2019, with the following schedule:

Depart ATL at 8:50 a.m., arrive BUR at 10:27 a.m.
Depart BUR at 11:15 a.m., arrive ATL at 6:58 p.m.

Depart ATL at 7:15 p.m., arrive BUR at 8:52 p.m.
Depart BUR at 9:45 p.m., arrive ATL at 5:28 a.m. the next day

The 737s will feature 12 seats in the First Class cabin, 18 in Comfort+, and 94 in the main cabin.

The Burbank-Atlanta flight will be in addition to another new Southern California route Delta is launching in 2019, with daily nonstop service between Atlanta and Ontario International Airport (on a 737-900ER) commencing April 22, and with an additional frequency commencing June 9, 2019.

  1. exactly how is UA LAX T-7 terminal in “utter disrepair” ? when’s the last time you even step foot inside T-7 post TSA security ? Sure it’s not SIN Changi T-4 level of grandeur, but it’s not the greyhound slump that is the current LGA Term-B (fka “central terminal”) either.

    DL is also launching (or is it re-launching) ATL-ONT, so maybe this fits with the same strategy.

    And it’s definitely fool’s gold to think BUR is some hidden blue diamond that DL just magically discovered last night. AA is barely resuming BUR-DFW (the 2nd largest fortress hub in the world after ATL), and UA, despite having mainline service to both DEN and SFO, still doesn’t bother connecting BUR-IAH. That alone should tell you how much value the others see in BUR.

  2. Nick, seriously? Is this what you’ll write about in your guest post? This is such a boring topic, Ben could’ve written about it quite easily enough. Pick something more interesting please.

  3. Strange logic – LA based actors who are flying to Georgia for filming will do so from Burbank because it’s close to the studios they would have been filming in had it been done in California

    Alternatively they’ll just go to LAX since that’s what’s convenient from their homes

  4. and this “media” traffic being touted are also the same reasons people used to try to claim LAX-YVR is THE place to be while airlines were taking turns to see who can reduce service the fastest.

    actual A-list celebrities only fly on AA’s 3-class A321 in F to JFK (my friend sat 2 seats away from Britney Spears on a red-eye), or fly private. You ain’t gonna see them in on DL ATL-BUR, no matter how much hype they wanna spin this route.

  5. 20 years ago, Delta introduced nonstop OAK ATL service which was a great service for residents of the (San Francisco) east bay area. It was initiated when jetBlue had the nerve to start an OAK ATL flight from its then hub in OAK. Unfortunately the DL flight lasted only a few years before DL decided to consolidate its flights at SFO. We’ll see how long the BUR ATL nonstop lasts.

  6. Not to mention Turner (sister company to Warner Bros under their Warner Media label) is headquartered in ATL but have office branches in Burbank. Lots of execs have to travel to and fro.

    and as the unfortunate fires have revealed, a great deal of celebrities actually live inland and Burbank is much closer than LAX not to mention it is easier for private jet planes

  7. If you can get from Burbank to CBS in 15 minutes, I’d like to know your magic route 🙂

    There’s actually quite a bit of drama going on with new (NextGen) flight paths at Burbank as things changed recently. More flights going over expensive homes in the hills (and over a private school) which has caused some uproar with those residents.

    As someone who lives in the valley and can fly premium (when flying for work) I would gladly take a “lesser” premium class experience in order to fly out of Burbank. That would save a tremendous amount of time.

  8. Huh? LAX’s Terminal 7 (United) has just completed a multi-year complete renovation, with the Polaris Lounge opening in the next few weeks.

  9. When will delta rebuild LAX T3? It’s been a long time and ..nothing Meantime AA has started on integrating 4-5

    Btw since when are there 2 skyclubs in t3. Just about room for one

  10. It isn’t the stars or the top executives who’ll be using this flight, it’s the people another couple of steps below them, just like JetBlue sees on their JFK-BUR flight. And a lot of those will be going from ATL to BUR and then home again, happily earning SkyMiles and not having to deal with LAX.

  11. People commenting here negatively clearly aren’t LA locals. Any flight out of Burbank is a huge plus for the local residents. Most people in the SFV, Hollywood, or SGV would much prefer to fly out of Burbank than LAX. It’s only out of necessity that I choose to fly out of LAX (I’m based in Pasadena).

  12. You really know nothing about LAX if you’re saying UA’s termina 7 is in utter disrepair. They’ve almost finished a multi-year renovation project on it, and it’s really nice now, especially the United Club. While Terminal 8 may not be aesthetically pleasing, it’s functional. And the check – in and security areas are now well-designed and flow smoothly. What planet are you on?

  13. @Gene: We’re mean to Nick because he used his guest post to talk about something that isn’t interesting, and that Ben could have easily talked about. He’s a guest on this blog, so I expect him to write about something unique that isn’t ordinarily covered by the main writers on the blog (Ben and James). If Nick writes something original, we’ll apologize and give him all the due credit. But until that happens, I offer no apologies for my comments on this blog.

  14. Seems like a good idea. I generally will pay a premium to fly in and out of BUR. It often saves 1h+ compared to LAX when you look at taxiing times and traffic. Jetblue should really get a Mint A321 on the JFK route. It would work really well considering it is a redeye eastbound. Can Burbank handle A321s?

  15. WOW – all that to get to the actual point of the article. I completely forgot it was about BUR and was wondering why there was a clueless post on LAX. Is this on purpose to annoy everyone, make us all comment, and drive revenue on the site?

    It’s also quite clear that you know nothing about LAX besides mis-info you read online. LAX is an excellent airport that was designed for O&D!. T3 is the standout sad space that is going into reno/replacement.

    This route will do well.

  16. I don’t think you’re going to see too many proper celebrities on a BUR-ATL plane. Maybe some Netflix extras.

  17. I don’t foresee myself taking this route but I’ll always welcome new service in to Burbank. Much more convenient for me to visit relatives in Agoura Hills

  18. Hey Lucky!

    have you heard that yesterday 13 Nov, in PVG, one Delta A359 did one full brake while taking off, because one JAL 787-9 plane was trying to cross 34L runway.

    Delta plane was doing DL582 PVG to DTW, and the JAL one was JL873.


  19. You think American’s terminal 4 is terrible????????

    I get checked in, through security and to my gate in less than 30 min. It’s HEAVEN and one of the main reasons I fly AA out of LAX. Not having to deal with Tom Bradley or any other terminals is the best.

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