Delta AmEx Cardholders: Free Shake Shack Today In New York

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Oh, you lucky New Yorkers. The airlines can’t stop throwing freebies at you.

Next week you get stroopwafels, Heineken and electronic dance music courtesy of KLM.

Today (Friday, June 19th only), if you’re a SkyMiles American Express cardholder, you can swing by for complimentary lunch or dinner at the Shake Shack in Midtown East on 40th and 3rd.

The offer is only good from now until 9 p.m. Eastern time, so if you hurry you can get:

  • Up to two complimentary hot items (burger, flat-top dog or fries)
  • Plus one complimentary cold item (shake, frozen custard or soda)

This particular Shake Shack location seems to be open exclusively to Delta cardholders today, so you don’t have to fight the crowds that might otherwise be there.

You’re also welcome to purchase any additional items off-menu.

The offer was originally targeted to select SkyMiles credit card holders and “required” an RSVP, but per this FlyerTalk thread, which is vouched for by an events planner for Delta, no RSVP is required: you can just show up, flash your card and gain entry into burgerville.

Image courtesy Shake Shack
Image courtesy Shake Shack

For those of you not familiar with Shake Shack, it’s an insanely cultish (and rather pricey) burger chain based out of Manhattan that’s often favorably compared to the West Coast’s In-N-Out chain. Of course, if you’re in New York right now and able to take advantage of this offer, you probably are familiar with Shake Shack already. 😉

Like most things to come out of New York, it’s overpriced and attracts long lines. In full disclosure, I have never actually been to a Shake Shack (and I polled Ben, Tiffany and Travis, none of whom have been either), so it could be worth every penny, and plenty of people subscribe to that theory. Of course, when it’s free, it’s even better!

As a reminder, the following American Express cards will grant you free cultburgers and milkshakes today:

Delta Amex cards

Of course, if you’re just signing up now, you’re probably too late for free burgers, but you’ll be prepped for the next giveaway!

(Tip of the hat to commenter Alex!)

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  1. it’s good but not great. Def not worth waiting on line for more than five minutes for. I prefer Bareburger. But this is a pretty nice freebie!

  2. Grrrrr. I work three blocks from that one, and of course on the one Friday I took off…

    Oh, and while the burgers compare to In-n-Out, the Shake Shack fries are WAY better.

    Let’s see if this burger debate gets as many comments as a faux anti-semitic piece about El Al, because as a New Yorker who lived in CA for ten years, I am fully prepared to defend Shake Shack to the death.

  3. While not quite as good, Delta AMEX holders in Atlanta get a free pop from King of Pops tomorrow

  4. The best thing about this post is saying that Shake Shack compares favorably to In-n-Out. The comparison isn’t even close and Share Shack definitely comes out on top. 😉

  5. If you are the kind of person that gets excited about In and Out then you might like this above average all fast food mediocre experience
    Mc Donald’s and Burger King all have their fans too and Shake Shack has a cooler name and it wears a slightly better hat because they source from better providers on average
    For me you’d have to pay me to eat there or drag me in because some friends have decided they want to eat meh slung out food. Albeit a cut above Carls Jr and Jack in the Box
    High quality ick food but of course there is a huge audience for this stuff
    White Castle is living proof crud will sell! Shake Shack being on the high end of the fast food chain
    But still ick fast food. Speed over quality preparation and superior product

  6. Was there earlier today. Wait was 15-20 minutes which is less than a normal wait for shake shack (and i admittedly dont think its worth the wait). Def worth a trip if you’re in nyc and enjoy shake shack (which is better than In and Out and Bareburger but worse than Go Burger)

  7. I’m always baffled by the In-N-Out comparisons because they are nothing like one another outside of the whole burger and shake concept. In terms of quality and taste, Shake Shack burgers are more similar to the Fatburger chain.

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