Delta A350 To Fly Between Los Angeles & Tokyo Haneda

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In October 2017, Delta inaugurated service with the A350. The airline has 25 Airbus A350s on order, and they’ve already taken delivery of 11 of them, with the remaining 14 expected to be delivered through 2022.

At the moment Delta operates the following routes with the A350:

  • Atlanta to Seoul Incheon
  • Detroit to Amsterdam
  • Detroit to Beijing
  • Detroit to Seoul Incheon
  • Detroit to Shanghai
  • Detroit to Tokyo Narita
  • Los Angeles to Shanghai

Delta has just updated their schedule to add yet another A350 route, and this one is also out of LAX, meaning that Delta will have three A350 routes out of the airport. Delta will begin flying the A350 between Los Angeles and Tokyo Haneda as of March 31, 2019. The flight operates with the following schedule:

DL7 Los Angeles to Tokyo Haneda departing 11:02AM arriving 2:35PM (+1 day)
DL6 Tokyo Haneda to Los Angeles departing 3:15PM arriving 9:17AM

I imagine there must be some schedule change still coming, because there’s no way they can turn the A350 in Tokyo in just 40 minutes, and this is the only A350 route they operate to Haneda (as of now).

Presently Delta uses an A330-300 for the route, which features reverse herringbone seats in business class. The A330-300 has a total of 293 seats, including 34 business class seats, 40 Comfort+ seats, and 219 economy seats.

Meanwhile the A350-900 represents only a slight capacity upgrade, as it has 306 seats, including 32 business class seats, 48 Premium Select seats (which is Delta’s name for premium economy), and 226 economy seats. The plane doesn’t have any Comfort+ seats, which is the extra legroom economy that select elite members can assign for free.

Delta’s A350s feature their new Delta One Suites, where each seat has a door. I reviewed this between Detroit and Beijing last year, and found the product to be quite good, though it isn’t quite to the level of Qatar Airways’ Qsuites. I’d still rank it as one of the best business class seats out there.

The one thing to be aware of with the A350 is that Delta added a special surcharge for those booking their A350 Delta One Suites. Those on discounted business class tickets have to pay an additional $500 one-way for this product over other products, while those on more expensive fares have to pay an additional $250. So even if you find a good business class fare to begin with, you’ll end up paying an additional $1,000 roundtrip if the ticket is on an A350.

Delta also typically seems to be charging more miles for business class award seats on the A350. However, I do see some dates with reasonable mileage costs for the A350 between Los Angeles and Tokyo Haneda, starting at 90,000 miles one-way for business class, which is pretty good.

On one hand I’m surprised to see Delta choose a route where the A350 is replacing an A330 rather than a 777. That’s because Delta is in the process of reconfiguring 777s with their new cabins, and also because Delta will be launching service to Mumbai as of 2019, and I suspect they’ll use a Boeing 777-200LR for the route.

Anyone have plans to fly Delta’s A350 between Los Angeles and Tokyo Haneda?

  1. Has to be the MSP-HND flight switching to the 350, since LAX and MSP are the only airports served by DL at HND.

  2. Wow that is quite a quick turn around time! Is that for real Ben? Only 40 minutes turn around for an A350?

  3. ^^Never mind, missed the part again where you said they might still be working out some scheduling kinks….

  4. Considering LAX -Asia in general has so much competition I’m curious how long they can get away with the premium of $500 each way for the Delta one ssuite.

  5. Yay! I have an Economy ticket in the beginning of April on that route. Can’t wait for my first A350 ride 🙂

  6. 90k is a good deal? What the hell are you smoking? AA to Japan is 60k, United is 70k last I checked. Amex must be paying you a lot to pimp Delta these days. 90k is a good deal LMAO

  7. I would imagine that the MSP-HND flight may soon become an A350 flight, as the current scheduling into HND involves the incoming 777 from MSP turning around to LAX and the incoming 777 from LAX turning around to MSP.

    If Delta continued to follow that logic (which makes sense given the short turnaround time), the MSP flight may see a schedule and equipment change to allow for this.

    Source: Flightradar24 and my flights from MSP-HND and return last summer.

  8. @Lucky Agree with @Stu! How in the world can you say, “…90,000 miles one-way for business class, which is pretty good.” with a straight face???

  9. Would be kind of a waste for MSP to be switched to an A350 because current DL 120 lands just before 2pm and sits overnight before going back to Tokyo the next day after 11am

  10. off topic but which lounge does Delta one passengers use at HND? I know some skyteam airlines use JAL Sakura lounge, but I can’t find anywhere online stating that Delta uses it.

  11. Delta currently operates the 777 on both HND flights during the summer. The flight from MSP will turn around to LAX and vice versa. That’s what they currently do with the current HND flights. I IMAGINE the MSP flight will also change to A350 so they can align the operation

  12. I got a ride up front aboard the A350 last week from DTW to LAX. Just happened to catch one on moving day! Great ride. =)

  13. @W – plan your drinks carefully. There are 8 lavatories on board Delta’s A350. 4 are designated for the 32 seats in business class, meaning the 250 or so in premium economy and economy are subjected to ridiculously long lines for the other 4. Other airlines allocate 5 lavatories for economy.

  14. I have to admit (and curious if others have similar opinions) – though the Delta A350 suites were nice for privacy, and the large TV screen – I found the seat to be HORRIBLY uncomfortable for sleeping. The padding was inadequate (especially in the middle portion where by rear/low back was laying), and the positioning of your legs in comparison to the seat was bad, overall it was just miserable and I didn’t sleep at all. Upon landing in AMS I had severe leg cramps for a few hours. This seat now ranks below the 767s Delta One seats for me and I was REALLY let down by the experience and high hopes I had going into it…

  15. @Lucky was there a formal announcement for SYD? Not finding anything on Routesonline, and dummy bookings still show a 772LR.

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