Delta Shares First Glimpses Of A220 Interiors

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Delta is the first US airline to take delivery of the Airbus A220 (formerly known as the Bombardier CSeries). This is a fabulous plane from a passenger experience standpoint, and the airline has 75 of these planes on order. In terms of size, the A220 is between your average regional jet and average mainline narrowbody jet, so it serves a useful purpose.

The first Delta A220 will be delivered soon, and it has already been painted in Delta colors, and looks sharp. With the airplane soon joining Delta’s fleet, they’ve finally revealed more details about what we should expect from the plane, including some snazzy interior photos.

Delta A220 interior

Delta A220 interior

Delta A220 interior

Delta A220 first class

Delta A220 first class

Delta A220 first class

Delta A220 economy

Delta A220 economy

Delta A220 lavatory

This is in addition to a video from a few weeks ago showing parts of the production and paint process:

Here are the routes that Delta says will initially feature the A220:

  • New York LGA to Boston as of January 2019
  • New York LGA to Dallas as of January 2019
  • Detroit to Dallas as of March 2019
  • New York LGA to Houston as of April 2019
  • Salt Lake City to Dallas as of May 2019
  • Minneapolis to Dallas as of June 2019
  • Houston to Detroit and Minneapolis as of July 2019
  • Houston to Salt Lake City as of July 2019
  • New York JFK to Dallas as of August 2019

It’s interesting how Dallas is a focus for the A220, it seems, with them eventually flying the A220 to Dallas from just about all their hubs.

So, what should we expect onboard? The Delta A220 will have a total of 109 seats, including 12 first class seats, 15 Comfort+ seats, and 82 economy seats. The plane will also feature seatback entertainment at every seat and Gogo 2Ku wifi. Seats in economy will be 18.6″ wide, making them the widest economy seats in all of Delta’s fleet.

That’s in addition to the generally awesome traits of the A220, including large windows, large overhead bins, and a sleek cabin.

Swiss Airbus A220 cabin

Swiss Airbus A220 cabin

Are you excited to see the A220 join the Delta fleet?

  1. Seats actually look comfortable – not as terrible as Swiss (or what UA uses on its new E75 too, aka wooden planks)

  2. Finally!!! I’ve been waiting to see images of the interior of Delta’s A220. I looked online 4 days ago but their wasn’t any interior images.

  3. @UA-NYC are you sure you flew on Swiss’ version of the A220? As a tall person I found the seats to be exceptionally comfortable when I flew with them September last year.

    Lucky – I think Delta’s lightning quick reaction to get this plane into service as quick as possible further highlights how much better their approach to customer service is over AA. AA is introducing the 737MAX with anti-consumer everything and Delta is introducing the A220 with pro-consumer everything. It’s too bad SkyMiles are so worthless overall or there would be no reason for everyone to fly them…

  4. @super – you just need to find the sweet spots and deal with perceived lack of value. I’m flying 6 to Hawaii on DL on miles, very happily!

  5. I have been flying the Swiss A220 a few times already and think the seat is not more or less comfortable than the usual LH group EU product. The seat lacks storage space for anything bigger than an iPhone 8. Also, the overhead bins go down quite a lot when opened so taller people should watch out for their heads…

  6. Cant’ wait to fly this out on NY. This looks like a great aircraft and it looks like Delta is putting passenger comfort first unlike the rest of the legacy airlines. I will go out of my way to fly this bird. Keep up the great work Delta!

  7. Looks like they’re targeting UA and AA hubs here to show the other two what is hopefully a much better customer experience. Very smart.

  8. From the photos, it appears that the window seats in first class are a lot smaller (narrower) than the aisle seats. Hopefully, it’s just bad photography.

  9. “It’s interesting how Dallas is a focus for the A220, it seems, with them eventually flying the A220 to Dallas from just about all their hubs.”

    Did you mean Houston? Please done confuse Astros fans with Ranger fans…..

  10. @Robert which you could have gotten much cheaper with AA or UA miles. In AA’s case – 17,000 miles per person less than the cheapest DL award (and Delta’s awards will possibly go up in price). Just because you used your miles doesn’t mean you got good value for them. AA and UA offer better value in almost every circumstance for redemption over DL.

  11. 2-3 seating, large overheads and IFE screens. Surely this is now the best narrowbody to fly domestically in coach.

  12. Really starting to think about a status match challenge with Delta. Where others like American are moving in a very different direction with their hard product, here is a plane that is focused on a great balance between comfort and profitability. I mean… even the bathroom is bigger than the AA 737-MAX…

  13. This makes me so excited for other re-vamps coming out like AA’s project Oasis. In my (sarcastic) opinion, I think that the planes just look so much better when they pull out all of that IFE crap! Customers clearly don’t want that at all!

  14. Can someone point out how this is a different look and feel than the 717s? Other than consistent IFE and a mildly updated FC seat design, I’m not really seeing anything to get excited about.

  15. The difference between this and AA’s 737 MAX are night and day. An article with a side-by-side comparison would be really interesting – F vs F, Y vs Y, pitch and width, IFE, lav vs lav, etc.

  16. That chicane between First and Coach looks as though it might cause some problems.
    Is the gap wide enough for standard size rollaboards?
    Seat 4C (or will they call it 4D?) will be the best in coach IF one boards last, and the worst, if one boards earlier.

  17. The premium economy as first class seats are growing as me. They are a little wider and tend to have more storage than traditional first class

  18. While I get that this plane is certainly better than an A319 from a customer perspective, I don’t get why so much love for A220, since its closest direct competitor is ERJ190, which gives 2×2 seating. Yes, I know the middle seat in the row of 3 is slightly larger, but so what? It’s still a middle seat that you didn’t have to deal with before!

    Also, unless I’m missing something, this plane only has one rear lav. How on earth will that work on a plane with 2-class service? That ratio is like 1:93!

  19. @Jeremy – JetBlue does not use the E175 at all, only the E190

    Compared to the 737-900s I flew on recently, this looks good, and the lavatory looks like heaven compared to the latest Boeings.

  20. Boy o boy, you can see why Boeing moved heaven and hell to keep the Bombardier out of the US.
    The 737 is just a shit box compared to the 220

  21. First class seats look sort of cheap and unimpressive. Delta always serves PDBs, good. The problem is there isn’t much room for them, bad. The A220 looks like it has even less space than other Delta planes. Fitting two drinks on the small space between the seats without having the rims of the glasses or cups touching looks like a dicey proposition. The video screens in first and coach appear to be big enough to get a good picture. Who wants to watch movies on a phone (AA)? I’ve got my ticket for the A220 (C+ currently) for the first day LGA to DFW.

  22. Ugh. I guess I won’t seeing these anytime soon. Was hoping these would see more action out west, but I have zero interest in flying Salt lake to Dallas or Houston.

  23. So glad DL is showing up AA in DFW and UA at IAH. While a smaller Aircraft, this looks miles ahead of the other Big 3’s uncomfortable, customer unfriendly options!

  24. Yet American didn’t install seat back entertainment on their longer range 737 Max planes, I wonder why people fly Amercian

  25. @Morgan. Why indeed? What once was hands down the Best US Carrier is now sadly the worst. Even worse than UA and that’s saying a lot ☹️

  26. Same old domestic “business class” product lacking both the legroom and footstools of their so called “premium economy” on international flights.
    Why US airlines (now that Alaska has ruined Virgin America’s business product) continue to offer a domestic business product that is inferior to their international coach product is mystifying to me. Of course equally mystifying is so called European Business with the coach legroom and empty middle seat, so at least we have the bigger seats!

  27. @super – I like it! So your assertion is to hold DL miles indefinitely solely because you can get better value on UA or AA. That is perfectly sound advice! Sure, I could get some better value somewhere else doesn’t mean I shouldn’t use my DL miles .

    And I’ll say this, not looking at obscure partner options AA and UA price out at 45k RT to Hawaii in Economy. My DL booking was at 47k miles RT which was Econ going and Econ+ coming back. Sure, that’s a lot of miles per ticket, but not that much more than the others. BA booking from the west coast is great, but I’ve still got to get to the west coast. And if we’re really interested last year I was able to get DL tickets via KE, 25k each in econ. Sure, that was a great price but schedule changes by DL meant I had no ability to adjust. I’ve already modified my DL award due to schedule changes…

    So good job hoarding DL miles that you’re never going to use since you’ll always be able to find a better deal…

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