Delta A220 Coming January 2019: What You Need To Know

Delta is the first US airline to take delivery of the Airbus A220 (formerly known as the Bombardier CSeries). This is a fabulous plane from a passenger experience standpoint, and the airline has 75 of these planes on order. In terms of size, the A220 is between your average regional jet and average mainline narrowbody jet, so it serves a useful purpose.

The first Delta A220 will be delivered soon, and it has already been painted in Delta colors, and looks sharp. With the airplane soon joining Delta’s fleet, they’ve finally revealed more details about what we should expect from the plane.

Here are the routes that Delta says will initially feature the A220:

  • New York LGA to Boston as of January 2019
  • New York LGA to Dallas as of January 2019
  • Detroit to Dallas as of March 2019
  • New York LGA to Houston as of April 2019
  • Salt Lake City to Dallas as of May 2019
  • Minneapolis to Dallas as of June 2019
  • Houston to Detroit and Minneapolis as of July 2019
  • Houston to Salt Lake City as of July 2019
  • New York JFK to Dallas as of August 2019

It’s interesting how Dallas is a focus for the A220, it seems, with them eventually flying the A220 to Dallas from just about all their hubs.

So, what should we expect onboard? The Delta A220 will have a total of 109 seats, including 12 first class seats, 15 Comfort+ seats, and 82 economy seats. The plane will also feature seatback entertainment at every seat and Gogo 2Ku wifi. Seats in economy will be 18.6″ wide, making them the widest economy seats in all of Delta’s fleet.

That’s in addition to the generally awesome traits of the A220, including large windows, large overhead bins, and a sleek cabin.

Swiss Airbus A220 cabin

Swiss Airbus A220 cabin

Are you excited to see the A220 join the Delta fleet?


  1. Will the A220 be operated by Delta connection carriers or is Delta operating all of these flights? Just curios as I think nearly all of my flights on Delta to Dallas have been operated by a regional carrier.

  2. You mean Delta thinks and knows that passengers still value comfort? You mean passengers still prefer to have the option of in-seat IFE? You mean Delta is outperforming AA by every metric? Dougie? Are you listening?

  3. Passengers do value comfort, and value IFE as well. I know that because I am one of them, and everybody I’ve talked to on Delta flies them because the flight attendants provide exceptional service, there’s more amenities compared to other carriers, etc.

    The Bombardier CS100 will definitely be a great addition to Delta’s fleet. I can’t wait to try it soon.

  4. @Nate there is a cutoff (i think its 78 seats or so) that forces these to be operated by mainline delta.

  5. I heard Dougie is ordering the A220 as well for AA, but in a 3-3 configuration (Flagship First class is 3-2 with 34″ of seat pitch). He said the new “slim-width” seats are just as comfortable, even at only 15″ wide. They managed to eliminate the aisle since there are no bathrooms in Economy on the plane that anyone can fit into so you just climb over the seats when you need to disembark.

    All kidding aside, I doubt this, but I wonder if Delta is using the A220 for flights to Dallas as a dig at AA’s 737 MAX. Show people in Dallas what civilized air travel looks like

  6. never understand why anyone cares so much about IFE. Life is busy and chaotic enough, and flights are literally like the few hours you can get some peaceful shut-eye time, or catch up on your novels.

    that said, i applaud DL (for once) for making an excellent choice. IFE or not, A220 is an absolute delight to fly, even more so than E75 (i’ve done A220 on Swiss before)

  7. And this is why I try my hardest to only fly two domestic carriers Alaska airlines in the West and Delta for the routes Alaska does not fly #IFlyAlaska #MoreWestCoast

  8. I’ll be so glad to see more mainline and less Connection. They’ve been replacing the Connection flights between LAX-SFO/SEA and the experience is always so much better on mainline. While I miss the hourly departures to SFO, I’ll gladly take a plane with IFE and Delta FA’s…makes a world of difference, and I don’t feel like I need to go to movie theaters to see movies b/c I can start one on the ground (sometimes) and by the time we arrive I can usually be done with it. 🙂

  9. @henry LAX if that’s what you want to do, that’s wonderful, but it’s good on them to give passengers the options to just tap the screen and sit back and relax with a movie. That’s what I like to do.

  10. @henry LAX – yeah, reading on a plane is great, but lugging around books isn’t. The more modern IFE systems, like the ones I had on Delta a couple of weeks ago, allow you to recharge your electronics while you use them for books or whatever, and just leave the screen on the airshow. A great combination, and it’s still nice to have the movies/TV show option if you want it. More choices are always better than fewer choices.

    I’m looking forward to the C-Series!

    (And yes, I’ll probably continue to call it that, at least for a while. I still think of the 717 as the “MD-95” and cringe in horror every time I see or hear someone refer to a MD-80 or MD-90 as a “Boeing”. I also refuse to use the term “Dreamliner”, but that’s just me.)

  11. Delta has quite a few flights to DFW but most of them are on the md-80. Maybe they want to capture some of the market from AA.

    Also, what date will Delta start their LGA to DFW service? I’m flying this route on January 21 and would love to fly the A220!

  12. @Tim – that would be clever, but AA doesn’t operate the 737-MAX8 out of DFW. They are all currently based out of MIA if I recall. Now, it COULD be a pre-emptive strike to try and dare Dougie to deploy the MAX on those routes…

  13. @Henry LAX- I read A LOT and find that I have difficulty focusing when I read on airplanes. Not totally why, but I think it’s because of all the people around, sound, interesting things out the window, etc. I used to bring a lot to read on planes but noticed that I wasn’t getting through much of it.

    So IFE is nice and a benefit especially if flying with kids. I will definitely pay a small premium for it vs. a plane without. But the Amazon Fire has made all flights better with the ability to pre-load lots of movies/shows on a cheap tablet.

  14. I fly SLC-DFW often, it’ll be great to fly this plane. Plus it’ll be nicer with a little better capacity, all flights I’ve taken on that route, AA or DL, have all been packed.

  15. @meanmoash. Oh I know. But given that they have something like 100 MAXs on order, it’s just a matter of time before they infiltrate DFW. Oh joy!

  16. Lol I live the jabs at United(flights to SLC and IAH) and American(lots of flights to DFW). (Correction from previous comment)

  17. Looking like ATL-DAL wouldn’t get the new plane. Besides BOS, all routes are flying to Texas, DL really needs to do something in Texas even Texas is the home for AA/WN/UA. Maybe they can build a hub or focus in AUS or SAT before too late.

  18. Henry LAX – Your life may be that busy, mine isn’t.

    I also generally don’t like reading during the day and don’t want to nap as that will disrupt my sleep that night.

    I find sitting back and watching some TV/movies to be pretty relaxing and makes the time go much faster. Though I always have my own tablet so it’s not a big deal if it’s not built in.

  19. Why do so many people think they’re planning routes as a “dig” to UA/AA? The airlines aren’t as petty as the people that fly them, and will be planning routes to get the best return!

  20. I find it even more interesting that so many are being slated for DFW routes. I think the writing is on the wall that Delta is toying with going back to a small DFW focus/hub city like in the 80’s and 90’s. If you flew back then you remember that they had quite a big operation there including a few European flights using 767’s. The primary feeder aircraft back at that point with Delta to DFW was the 737-200 and DC-9. Also, they have expanded in Austin a bit and I recently flew with them on a non-stop AUS-BOS flight that was very full.

    Hopefully this gives the board at American a wake up call to get rid of Parker and make some changes stat as the A220 is a perfect aircraft for Delta to start chipping away at American strongholds.

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