Revealed: All Five Weeks Of Daily Getaways Promotions

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Daily Getaways is a promotion, sponsored by the US Travel Association, that has been offered annually as a way of encouraging US tourism. The promotion has consisted of all kinds of travel packages, including offers on car rentals, hotel stays, loyalty program points, and theme park admission.

It was a great promotion when it was first introduced a decade ago, though over the years the deals have gotten worse and the competition for the best travel packages has increased exponentially. Nowadays it’s almost like a lottery to pick up one of the better packages, and that’s not even accounting for the deals getting worse.

When do Daily Getaways go on sale?

In late February it was confirmed that Daily Getaways will be returning in 2019, and this will be the tenth anniversary.

Packages went on sale starting yesterday (May 6, 2019), as we saw a promotion on purchased IHG points. While Daily Getaways shared a preview of the first three weeks of offers last week, they’ve now revealed all five weeks of offers. So that means they’ve now revealed weeks four and five.

For the most part the packages look similar to previous years. So, what should we expect?

What promotions are available through Daily Getaways?

Below is a rundown of the deals, though I’ll be writing posts about the deals that I consider to be the best on the day they go live:

Week 1

  • May 6 — buy discounted IHG Rewards Club points (as little as 0.5 cents each)
  • May 7 — buy discounted Las Vegas hotel packages, including at Luxor, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, and more ($475-1,700)
  • May 8 –buy discounted Wyndham Rewards points (as little 1.167 cents each)
  • May 9 — buy discounted Alamo car rentals ($25 per day)
  • May 10 — buy discounted Florida theme park tickets, including for Sea World, Busch Gardens, and more ($55-195)

Week 2

  • May 13 — buy discounted Universal Studios Hollywood express tickets ($149)
  • May 14 — buy discounted Las Vegas hotel packages, including at Caesars Palace and more ($299-1,400)
  • May 15 — buy discounted Choice Privileges points (as little 0.48 cents each)
  • May 16 — buy discounted Avis car rentals ($30 per day)
  • May 17 — buy discounted Loews hotel stays, including in Miami, New York, and Santa Monica ($275-1,200)

Week 3

  • May 20 — buy discounted Las Vegas hotel packages, including at the Venetian ($650-850)
  • May 21 — buy discounted Best Western Rewards points (as little as 0.55 cents each)
  • May 22 — buy discounted Omni Hotels stays ($160-335)
  • May 23 — buy discounted Las Vegas hotel packages, including at Bellagio, Aria, and more ($200-2,000)
  • May 24 — buy discounted Orbitz hotel promo code ($1,000 code for $650)

Week 4

  • May 27 — buy discounted Las Vegas hotel packages, including at Caesars Palace and more ($350-590)
  • May 28 — buy discounted Universal Orlando packages ($592-2,738)
  • May 29 — buy discounted Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points ($280-560)
  • May 30 — buy discounted Marriott eGift cards ($80-400)
  • May 31 — buy discounted Fairmont hotel stays ($608-2,000)

Week 5

How do you buy Daily Getaways offers?

Even if you’ve successfully added an offer to your cart, you only have a limited time frame in which to complete the transaction. In addition to planning out which packages you might want to purchase, you’ll want to have your credit card handy so your order doesn’t time out.

Which credit card should I use for Daily Getaways purchases?

The other thing to keep in mind is that Daily Getaways purchases are processed by Daily Getaways, and not the program from which you’re buying points. In other words, if you’re using this promotion to buy IHG Rewards Club points, your purchase will be processed by Daily Getaways and not by IHG (therefore it doesn’t count as hotel spend).

However, Daily Getaways is categorized as “Travel – Travel Agencies” in their own right, so you’ll want to use a card that gives you bonus points on travel.


So consider one of the following cards:

What Daily Getaways promotions interest me?

It’s definitely the last few packages that interest me most:

  • Buying Marriott gift cards for 20% off is appealing, though I also imagine there’s going to be a lot of competition for the limited number that are available
  • Buying World of Hyatt points for ~1.1 cents is a great deal, though I won’t even try, since these are mostly purchased by people writing scripts, so those of us trying to participate honestly basically don’t have a chance
  • Buying Hilton Honors points for 0.5 cents each can represent a great deal, though it’s the same price at which they’re selling them directly right now

Bottom line

Daily Getaways 2019 has already launched, and now we have the full details of the five weeks of promotions that they’re offering.

The deals look very similar to last year, and in many cases could represent a good value. Some of the deals aren’t actually that amazing, while those that are really exciting are generally really tough to take advantage of, given the demand for them.

Are there any Daily Getaways promotions you plan on taking advantage of?

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  1. Those almost all look terrible.
    Wow, 10 different deals for Las Vegas, arguably one of the worst places in this country.

    Not worth my time or money.

  2. That Russian plane crash certainly has a lot of stuff going on, depending on what is true:
    1. Some overweight guy being accused of slowing down the evacuation and then demanding a refund on his ticket.
    2. Two guys caught on audio/video joking about the crash
    3. What damage was caused by the lightning strike?
    4. Blaming the pilot for landing with a full fuel lode, instead of circling to burn it off

    A big mess and sadly a number of passengers not surviving the crash.

  3. Does buying any of the points one count toward your limit? ie (Hilton’s 160,000 limit) will they only sell up to the limit or over.

  4. Those Hertz packages look like terrible value. $280 for enough points for a week’s rental. Not many places where you would pay more than $280 for a week’s rental but I might be wrong. I feel like Hertz was much better last year.

  5. It’s quite disappointing that the US Travel Association effectively excludes non-North American residents from it’s travel offers. Don’t they want US$$$$ from other travellers?

  6. @John Since, these are processed by Points.Com, I do not think they count toward your annual limit.

  7. Hmm, if the purchase is coded as “travel” for this, Hilton point would be a (4-6%) better deal than its normal campaign, since you get 2-3% additional bank points beside the Hilton points.

  8. The Hyatt promo definitely looks appealing, but the problem with it on the surface is that even though it says points, the terms make it seem more like certificates. An email to the rep made them seem like certificates as well. Do you know if the points that you buy with Hyatt are flexible like they would usually be if you are buying what is listed as points, and not listed as a certificate?

  9. I was lucky to get some of the car rental certificates – the AVIS one sold out in seconds but I managed to get one. I use rental cars often so these are helpful to have when the promotions aren’t good or you can’t get a good weekend rate (the Alamo and AVIS ones were good that is, Hertz doesn’t make sense unless you have priced out a particular location – I recall Denver usually having quite _high_ rental rates, for example). Some of the hotel points are worth it, like the Choice points – with the points I purchased I will be able to effectively get a room I was going to pay $110 for $57.

  10. Hyatt wasn’t alone in adding terms that made points purchases seem more like certificates. Contacting reps has not been helpful. In your experience, when we are able to purchase points, are restrictions put on them that are indicated in the terms, such as the type of stay that is being advertised (i.e. a “2 night” stay), a “1 week” rental, etc.?
    1. Hertz 13,200 Pts: “Weekend Prestige Collection”
    2. Hertz 16,500 Pts: “One Week Prestige Collection”
    3. Choice 42k & 55k sold out options- in description it states ” book up to a 2-night stay” when points booking options usually start at under 10k.

  11. To follow up with my last comment, despite the “2 night” language in the description, the bookings appear to work for more than that with points. I purchased two 55k pts packages, each of which had “2 night” language, and still had no problem booking a 5 night package with points to spare, at least halfway through the booking process right before confirmation.

    @MB – 1 PM Eastern Time

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