Corsair Is Introducing A Business Class Product

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Corsair is a French low cost carrier that serves primarily leisure destinations in the West Indies and Indian Ocean, out of their hub at Paris Orly. It’s not an airline I knew all that much about in the past, though recently I was in Montreal and wanted to fly to Europe, and considered flying their Grand Large Class, which is basically equivalent to premium economy on other airlines.

Corsair has very reasonable premium cabin fares, so while I didn’t try it this time around, I’d still like to try their Grand Large Class.

One thing I hadn’t realized until now is that Corsair is also installing a business class product throughout their fleet. No, this isn’t a new product to replace their Grand Large Class, but rather they’re introducing a new business class product in addition to that. The Design Air wrote about this today, though it looks like this was actually announced a while back, and I just missed it.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise for a low cost carrier, but Corsair’s new business class will consist of angled flat seats, which are very similar to those offered in Air France’s old business class. Personally angled seats drive me nuts (I’d rather have a recliner seat than sleep in an angled dentist’s chair), but I realize others like them more than I do.

Corsair will be installing these seats on their fleet of A330s and 747s, with a total of 12 business class seats on each plane — the A330 will have two rows of 2-2-2 seating, while the 747 will have three rows of 2-2 seating on the upper deck.

Corsair will begin to roll out their new business class product as of September 2017, and I already see it for sale. For example, looking at a flight from Reunion to Paris in September, I see a 747 with both Grand Large Class and business class for sale.

Originally I thought that business class was just replacing Grand Large Class, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. As you can see from the 747 seatmap, Corsair’s 747s will have 12 business class seats and 18 Grand Large Class seats on the upper deck.

While the fare difference can be substantial, Corsair has an upgrade offer for those who already paid for Grand Large Class. Specifically, you can upgrade for 250EUR one-way to the West Indies, or 300EUR one-way to the Indian Ocean.

I’m always looking to check out the latest business class products, so I’ll have to check out Corsair’s new business class product at some point.

While I realize this is pretty niche, I still find this to be an interesting development.

(Tip of the hat to Izz)

  1. they used to fly CDG-LAX before Air Tahiti Nui took over. i flew once their Grand Large on the 747 upper deck 15 years ago. it was great!! it was only a large reclining seat, i guess that was pretty good back then, and i remember the food being excellent.

  2. Talking about premiu economy Corsairs Grand Large Class seats loom the exact same as Premium economy on Qantas (except different colours)

  3. fly Air Austral, from Paris to Reunion!
    77w and best business class catering just short of Qatar.

  4. Do the flight attendants say “Arrrrr!” all the time and wear a uniform with a red bandanna and peg leg?

  5. You should try it to go to Mauritius, lots of luxury hotels there , and on the way back you have many options : air seychelles (etihad partner), air austral, air mauritius etc… I realise Mauritius is not a big US destination, but it is quite a popular choice for high end holidays from Europe and Asia (Emirates sends two A380 daily to MRU… ).

    La Reunion is not as interesting from the points and luxury hotels point of view, though it is beautiful 🙂

  6. So can we book these airlines, Corsair, Air Austral, Air Seychelles, Air Mauritius on points preferably with no fuel surcharges?

  7. I am not the expert here 🙂 But air seychelles should be bookable through etihad guest, since etihad doesn’t fly to mauritius and uses air seychelles to get there, air mauritius is bookable through their many partners (i.e. flying blue has that option). There is also Emirates, though I hear award availability is quite low on that destination.

    Corsair and Air Austral on the other hand I have no idea, and would be very curious, since they are French airlines which dont have many partnerships. French overseas territories seems to be their main market (Air Austral is based at La RĂ©union), so I dont know how relevant those destinations are outside of France. It could be interesting to know if and how they are accessible to the US, or rest of the world, market. Maybe a challenge for Lucky ? The only other similar one I know of is Air Calin (cute name, means air hug) based in New Caledonia, another French oversea territory, but that one is bookable through flying blue.

  8. Corsair is flying an A340, 9H-SUN, from HiFly from YUL to ORY daily (flight 900/901) it looks like that plane already has angle-flat business class from SriLankan.

  9. Just returned from Mauritius actually, and it was honestly pretty underwhelming, the island itself was fine, but besides the underwater waterfall which you are most likely not going to be able to see right now, because it’s winter, everything else was pretty average. The beaches were quite underwhelming, they were at most on par with beaches in Hawaii, which are pretty average from a global standpoint, I think Seychelles would be a much better choice.

  10. The Grand Large seats looks like the previous (now gone) Premium Economy seats on TK and much better than AF’s Premium Eco seats. Just wish AF will up their game in this aspect as the current seat is terribly uncomfortable as they are so thin.

  11. I will be flying the new business class in 2 weeks. I have flown Grand Large previously (which I love) I will keep you posted.

  12. Real bad surprise for my Corsair flight in July. It was not a Corsair plane but a leased plane from HiFly- In fact an old Air Sri Lanka A-340- The experience was really bad. Next scheduled flight Air Canada business class ( for the same price !!!!)

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