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I use Uber a lot. I don’t have a car since I live in hotels full time, and ultimately in many cities you can’t beat the convenience of an on demand car service. UberX is in virtually all cases cheaper than taxis, so it truly is the cheapest way to get around when a city doesn’t have good public transportation.

A friend made me aware of a pretty cool website — — which shows you all kinds of stats about your Uber history.

You simply have to log into the website with your Uber credentials.


And you do have to allow them to get access to your data, so I realize from a privacy perspective this is something that some won’t want to do. I don’t know much about the site, so can’t personally vouch for the security of it. But I guess I’m a pretty trusting person.


And then it shows you a breakdown of all kinds of information about your Uber history, from the number of rides taken to the number of miles ridden to your total riding and waiting time.


Pretty cool stuff! And then there’s a leaderboard of sorts, which shows you just how much some others have ridden. Goodness, someone has spent nearly 22 days in Ubers!


If you want to look up your Uber history, just follow this link — it only takes a few seconds to pull up the data.

Is there any statistic about your Uber history which most surprised you?

  1. 264 rides! Wow that’s seems like a lot! But then again it probably makes sense given your situation!

    So if you’ve waited more than 1 day for your Ubers, how long have you waited for flights in the same period?! šŸ˜‰

  2. @Lantean: Could you please elaborate a bit more on your comment about Uber being an “unethical” company? I used Uber maybe 20 times and I engaged in conversations with all drivers. Not one had any complains about Uber. They loved the flexibility of driving when they wanted and I only got clean and nice cars on all my rides. Also from the money side, a ride from my home to the airport where I live cost between $50 and $60 on a regular airport taxi that is usually filthy dirt and it takes forever to run paper transactions on a credit card when you get to the airport (cannot use Chase Sapphire since there is no way to run a paper credit card transaction on that type of card). If I get a UberX, the maximum I paid for the same ride was $26 and all I have to do when I get to the airport is to open the door and leave.

  3. @ Marc
    I would guess that none of that took place in the USA actually came out of Ben’s pocket.

  4. @Santastico

    yes, of course i can.

    of course none of the drivers you engaged complained about their employer to a client… did you really expect that would happen?

    but that’s not even what i was referring to. Uber has been all over the media about how their employees work to destroy competition… they book phony rides on Lyft (or other competitor) and then wait until the driver is very close and cancel the ride. then another Uber employee books a ride for a nearby location (most likely getting the same Lyft driver) and also cancels when the car approaches. and so on.
    so the competitor’s drives just keep driving from one location to another and getting canceled shortly before pick up. they don’t make any $$ but burn a lot of gas.

    does this seem like ethical way of doing business to you?

  5. @Lantean: First, the Uber drivers are not employed by Uber. Thus, they are not Uber employees. They are using Uber as a way to make money for them so Uber also makes money. In my view it is a “win win” situation. Thus, if a driver thinks that Uber sucks they would be OK to share that. What would be the worst case scenario? I would give them a poor rate because they said bad things about Uber? Would I send an email to Uber to alert them that one of their drivers said bad things about them? My point here is that for Uber drivers I don’t think Uber is bad. As for the comment on Uber drivers destroying competition, do you have any evidence that Uber is telling their drivers to do that? How about if Lyft drivers do the same? Yes, it is not ethical what these guys are doing but you cannot generalize that all Uber drivers do that and thus Uber is an unethical company. At the end, their business model is brilliant and it is an eye opener for the monopoly of taxi drivers that charge you whatever they want just because you don’t have an option. If not for Uber, I would seriously consider renting a car from the location close to my house and returning the car 20 minutes later at their place at the airport. It is way cheaper than paying $60 for a taxi ride.

  6. You should be able to write to Uber and or Lyft support and ask them for your passenger rating. I don’t think really though that most passenger ratings do much in the system. Yes, its a curiosity factor, gee wiz, thing, but unless you have a rating of 1 or 2 etc. the company isn’t going to take any action or you won’t likely have a different customer experience based on your rating.

    I don’t even know for drivers how actively Uber culls out or works with drivers with low ratings. I know friends and I will sometimes cancel a ride if we get a driver with a 4.6 rating or below but this morning I stuck with it with a 4.6 driver and the ride was fine.

    I think my passenger rating is somewhere around 4.9 when I checked it with Uber and Lyft support.

    Maybe next time I will ask my driver, but again, its just a gee wiz Mary thing, its not like something tangible like your credit score where you will really be impacted by it.

  7. @Santastico

    it is not Uber drivers who do that, Uber has hired employees to do specifically this and they admitted it in the media. Google it.

    I understand what you’re saying but do you think when Uber destroys all competition they will be any better than that taxi mafia you despise now?

    i actually dislike Uber because i am PRO competition.

  8. Hey šŸ™‚ I built this and yes, you do give my App permission to view your account profile + history. You can trust me though – there’s not much I can do but see the numbers I give you access too, like total rides, email, etc.

    Hope you all enjoyed it and thanks for sharing Ben!

  9. @ Ben — I bet you have never spent a dime on uber! Me and FCQ, almost $5k. Ouch! We’re up to $250/moth now and still have a car for some reason…. šŸ™‚

  10. @Jonathon — A driver recently told me that the vast majority of customers have a 4.9 rating, including me. He also told me that they cannot refuse an uberPpool ride based on passenger rating, but can pick their passengers for uberX rides.

  11. Too bad you can’t find out how many your star rating. I heard stories where people were not picked up because they had low scores (anything under 3 is pretty bad).

  12. not for nothing but… i have and still do defend uber because if you live here in nyc, i’m sure you’ve experienced how awful yellow cabs can be. i think they’re a refreshing breath of competition in a market that has for a long time been constricted by both the local government and under the table shadiness. and if their unethical behavior really bothers you, go ahead and shred your debit and credit cards, since i think artificially inflating the global economy and then watching it collapse for pure profit counts as unethical in my book. oh and get rid of your smartphone, since that was most likely built in a facility where wage slaves are mistreated with no oversight whatsoever. see what i’m getting at? uber’s duplicity is small potatoes relatively speaking.

  13. Hi all,

    I would really appreciate if someone could give me hand with an issue I am having with Uber. It is really weird, but I will do my bets to explain it as good as I can.

    I am trying to get a copy of the receipts of all my trips. The thing is, that I have no way to find my actual trips in the personal account. I click on my trips, but nothing comes up…
    The weirdest thing is, that I do see my trips in the phone-app, however when I go on-line -clicking the link it provides with- nothing shows up.

    Anyone could give me hand?? Do you have any email where to contact in case that help is required?

    Thanks in advance guys!

  14. I had someone use my credit card this past month for approx 8 Ć¼ber rides. The credit card company caught it and I’m trying to find out where these trips where made. Any help. Can you tell by my cc number ?

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