Continental’s Mileathon returns April 1 (and that’s no joke)

Even though many still haven’t received their miles from Mileathon 2009, Continental has announced the 2010 Mileathon. Registration will be open from April 1 through May 31 for activity qualifying through June 30. And again it is only open to those residing in the 48 contiguous United States (why Alaska and Hawaii are excluded is beyond me).

(Tip of the hat to Hunter)

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  1. It’d be nice if they’d post the miles from the 2009 Mileathon before they start a new promotion…hmph.

  2. @Chris — Ditto for me and my partner. I have never had a harder time getting credit for a promotion — total incompetence on CO’s part. I certainly won’t be going out of my way to earn any miles under the new Mileathon.

  3. I had my 10,000 miles from the last Milethon Post at the end of January 2010. I have a few friends that posted about the same time +/- a week.

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