Continental Mileathon details unveiled!

As promised, details are out and registration is open for Continental’s Mileathon this year. Up until this year I never cared about Continental miles, but with the Chase debit cards I’ve become a big fan.

So first let’s discuss the basics of the promotion. You earn credits for all kinds of activities, from booking a Continental flight on to booking a rental car through them to signing up for a credit card to purchasing a Presidents Club membership. At the end of the period (December 31) these credits are converted into miles, based on the Mileathon Rewards chart. For example, 50 credits get you 10,000 bonus miles.

Those that already fly Continental miles know how to earn credits, but if you don’t, you seriously should sign up for Continental debit cards. You can earn 50,000 miles just for going to your nearest Chase branch and spend an hour and $90 in fees there. Check out this post and this post for details.

So now you not only earn those 50,000 miles, but you would earn extra miles through this promotion. Unfortunately I already signed up for the debit cards for this year (although I’ll be signing up again in January), but I’ll be applying for a Continental credit card next month, given that it gets me an extra 5,000 miles through this promotion.

So I have two questions for those that are experts on this promotion (cause I’m not):

— Can you earn more than one of each credit? In other words, if one signs up for two debit cards, can one earn the 20 credit bonus twice?

— So I signed up for two debit cards about a month ago, and the bonus has posted for one but not for the other. Does that mean I’ll likely get Mileathon credit for the second debit card, given that the bonus posted during the promotion period?

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  1. Lucky,

    I’m guessing:

    1) No. There is an explicit comment under some other items that say the bonus can be earned multiple times. There is no such comment for the debit cards. I certainly hope I’m wrong, since I expect to earn the bonuses for both the personal and business debit cards during the promotional period!

    2) Maybe, depending on the “activity date” that posts to your account.

    Good luck!

    P.S. IMHO, the US Air Grand Slam promotion that began today is better than CO’s promotion because the bonuses are easier/cheaper to earn (unless you already fly alot on CO) and the miles are more valuable (at least for now).

  2. Just ask ’em. Amazingly enough, they will send you and answer. I did this very thing (on a different subject) earlier this week. I rec’d a reply in about a day and a half.

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