Great Deal: Conrad Maldives Overwater Villa For 95K Points Per Night

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This is extremely rare. While base rooms at Hilton’s best hotels ordinarily go for 95,000 points per night, it takes more points to book a premium room, since the number of points required for a premium room is correlated to how much a cash stay would cost. So you’ll typically pay a disproportionate number of points if trying to book a premium room.

The Conrad Maldives is one of the most aspirational Hilton family properties in the world, and the base room there is a Beach Villa, which costs 95,000 Honors points per night.

However, at the moment you can book a Water Villa (which is an overwater bungalow) for 95,000 Honors points per night, which is a heck of a deal.

Keep in mind that if you’re an elite member you can get a fifth night free, meaning you’d pay an average of 76,000 Honors points per night.

So that’s a great opportunity, since in the past I’ve only ever seen those rooms for 300,000+ points per night. However, the paid rates I’m seeing at this hotel are among the lowest I’ve ever seen, though admittedly I’m looking at rates in low season. $460 for an overwater villa? Not bad. However, keep in mind even that doesn’t include the 10% service charge and 12% tax, which will add up quickly, and which you don’t have to pay when redeeming points.

Of course if you’re redeeming in peak season you’ll get a lot more value.

There aren’t many hotels in the Maldives that you can redeem points for, and there are even fewer where you can efficiently redeem for an overwater villa, so this is a great opportunity. For example, the Park Hyatt Maldives can be booked for 25,000 points per night, though you can only redeem points for base rooms. You have to pay cash to upgrade to an overwater villa. Then the St. Regis Maldives can’t even be booked at the standard award rates, but rather only for a crazy number of points.

Anyone plan on booking a Conrad Maldives overwater villa for 95K points per night?

  1. Nope.
    I’d much rather stay in the beach villa than overwater. Having stayed in both the former is larger, more peaceful & relaxing. Plus you’re then nearer the house reef, although further from the quiet bar – though being on the “wrong” island is hardly any sort of hardship.

  2. This is probably the most useful blog post I’ve ever seen from you. I had Hyatt reserved but this makes all the difference in the world. I got the overwater villa for my 5 nights in March. Plus I’m Diamond so with the free breakfast and possible upgrade, this is huge. I get to save on all the extra money I would have paid at the Hyatt for breakfast and villa upgrade.

    Thanks very much!!!

  3. My wife and I have a trip planned for January 2018 to the Conrad Maldives. We booked using one of my Citi Hilton Reserve free nights plus 5 nights with points in a Beach Villa. I spoke to an awesome Hilton rep and rebooked into 6 nights in a Water Villa using the same Citi Hilton Reserve free weekend night and same amount of points!

  4. @ Steve – I wouldn’t want to jump the ~15-20 feet down to the ocean from the deck of the water villa…or more when the tide’s out! I only took the steps down once & was non-plussed. Much preferred the extra size & the privacy of the beach villa.

  5. @Steve, I just came back from the Park Hyatt Maldives and I am a Diamond at Hilton and a Globalist at Hyatt. I also chose a beach villa for it’s privacy and yes, just a couple of steps from my villa is the ocean with no one around and a clear view. The overwater villas are a much farther walk to the facilities, are not as private and are actually hotter inside due to no trees blocking the sun. If you don’t get free breakfast with Hyatt, I understand the stay at the Conrad, but I will tell you that i have not had better service in any hotel in the world than the Park Hyatt Maldives. And I have travelled extensively. I also read from many guests at the Conrad, that it is a busier resort than the Park Hyatt, and therefore if you want privacy, go for the Park Hyatt and stay in the beach villas. I am sure you will have a great time at the Conrad too, but I just wanted to give the PH it’s rightful praise.

  6. @Scott, it’s a tough choice but the math leans toward Conrad. 380k points Conrad Overwater Villa vs. 125k points Hyatt beach villa. Free breakfast at Conrad vs. no breakfast at Hyatt. Plus at Hyatt, I know my girlfriend is going to want the overwater villa which will cost me an extra $400 to $500 per night at Hyatt plus breakfast.

    The cash saved at Conrad for me is astounding on this deal. Plus I may want to visit Sydney in 2019 and I can use these Hyatt points for the Park Hyatt Sydney.

  7. The Conrad Maldives is so excellent. Spent 10 days there in January. Started with the beach villa and was kindly upgraded to the deluxe beach villa. Have also stayed on the over water villas in the past. We actually prefer the beach villas near the tennis courts. The deluxe was wonderful but there are pros and cons for both. One or two nights on the over water villas is enough to try out. Paid the 76k points. At the time the rack rate was about $2000 so got good value.

  8. Has anyone tried both the InterContinental Thalasso and the Conrad Maldives? And if you’ve done both, which had the nicer OWB’s?

  9. No upgrade if you are Diamond. Just booked. Here is what you get:

    Due to the very special nature of the accommodations at Conrad Maldives, we are unable to offer upgraded accommodations. However, as you are a valued Diamond member, we are delighted to offer you the following benefits during your stay:

    – One bottle of Sparkling wine* upon arrival
    – Chocolate & Fruit amenities upon arrival
    – Daily Happy Hour at Vilu restaurant for you and
    sharing guest in same villa from 17.00 -­ 18.00 hours

  10. @steve, I’ve been to the IC Thalasso and will be going to the Conrad Maldives next month in a water villa!

  11. @JS, my understanding is they won’t promise an upgrade but if it’s available, you will get it. Plus the breakfast.

  12. Yup! Booked five nights overwater in early November (lowest rate, prepaid, would have come to $4,800). Only booked once I was able to confirm my outbound on the new IAD-HKG route on Cathay you also shared! J all the way to MLE. And I got a 50,000 bonus point offer for a CapOne Venture today to put towards transfers. Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

  13. Had existing reservations for March called to change room type to overwater villa. Now confirmed.

    I stayed in the beach villa two years ago. Those have been refurbished in October of 2016.

    Now wondering if this is a glitch and they will cancel these.

  14. Definitely a great deal, though I’d note that typically paid upgrades from the beach to the basic overwater villa tend to be reasonable here. I think I paid about $100/night a few years back (shoulder season).

  15. I think this is a glitch. Conrad Maldives has close to 100% occupancy all year around.
    So why on earth they should be doing this?

    FYI, there is a dedicated blog on flyertalk. Gives you perfect answers to almost all the questions you might have regarding Conrad Rangali.

  16. Funny that Joe, as when I was there in November last year it was barely at 50%, some days less, as confirmed by the staff.

  17. For those who havent been to both Conrad and PH, you’re missing out. Go to both in one trip if you can. PH for the intimacy and the reef, Conrad for the variety of sea life and greater variety of food and activities.

  18. I just returned from PH Maldives on points and just see this! Booked for November. Hope that it is half has good as the PH. Btw, upgrade to a water villa in PH last week were $700 a night!!!

  19. I was just about to book a 5 night stay at the conrad maldives for 380K, however the website says it will charge over 7000USD to my credit card immediatly to hold the reservation. That is ridiculous! Even if they do refund it later, I am still paying more than full price even though I’m using points redemption. Have others encountered this?

    I stayed at the conrad years ago and thought it would be nice to visit again. I guess that won’t be happening. I don’t feel comfortable shelling out that much months in advance to hold a points redemption. So disappointing!

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