Buy Choice Points For 30% Off (Or Buy United Miles For 1.18 Cents Each)

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Through Friday, November 17, 2017, Choice Privileges is offering a 30% discount on the purchase of points. The promotion is valid as long as you buy at least 5,000 points in one transaction, and you can buy at most 50,000 points through this promotion. If you buy 50,000 points it would cost you $385, which is a cost of 0.77 cents per point.

Lately Choice seems to be offering discounts on purchased points more frequently, and when they do, 30% off seems to be as good as it gets. In the past Travis has written about why he thinks Choice points are worth buying. Specifically, Choice has an impressive footprint in Northern Europe, where hotels can otherwise be expensive. Travis has redeemed at hotels like the Clarion Collection Hotel Folketeateret and the Clarion Collection Hotel Bastion, which cost 16,000 points per night. If you bought the points for those stays through this promotion, it would be the equivalent of paying ~$123 per night, which is quite a good deal.

However, there’s one quirk to be aware of when it comes to redeeming — if you don’t have status you can only book at most 30 days out for US and Canada properties, and 60 days out for other properties.

At the moment this promotion is potentially even more lucrative than usual, though. Through November 30, 2017, United is offering a bonus when you convert hotel points into MileagePlus miles (registration is required). While they’re offering a 30% mileage bonus for most of their partners, they’re offering an additional bonus when you convert Choice Privileges points into MileagePlus miles.

During this promotion, you can receive 3,250 United miles per 5,000 Choice points. That means that buying 50,000 Choice points for $385 would earn you 32,500 United MileagePlus miles, which is a rate of ~1.18 cents per MileagePlus mile. That’s quite an attractive deal, and almost a rate at which it could make sense to speculatively buy miles, in my opinion.

Do you plan on picking up Choice Privileges points through this promotion, either for the purpose of hotel redemptions, or for the purpose of generating United miles?


  1. Am I missing something somewhere. Where should I see the 3250 United per 5000 Choice points offer? All I see is 5,000 points to 2,500 miles on the United site..

  2. @Ben: You write: “While they’re offering a 30% mileage bonus for most of their partners, they’re offering a 100% bonus when you convert Choice Privileges points into MileagePlus miles.”

    I don’t see where you get the 100% bonus from?

    Normally, 5000 Choice points = 1000 UA miles. Therefore, 5000 Choice points = 3250 UA miles is a 225% bonus.

    This is a stacked offer: Choice is giving you 2500 UA miles (instead of the regular 1000) for 5000 Choice points, so they’re giving you a 150% bonus. Then, UA is adding 30% to those 2500 UA miles during their promo.

  3. Its up to 25,000 bonus miles? So am I to understand that If I were to transfer ~83,333miles I would get a maximum of 25K miles? Does that seem correct?

  4. @ David — I probably didn’t describe that well. Was going off of how they describe it on the United promo page, that you “earn 100% more miles.” But you’re right, it’s actually significantly more than that, so I updated the post to reflect that.

  5. @ Mike — It’s my understanding that what’s capped at 25,000 miles is the bonus portion of it that United is providing, rather than the total number of miles you can earn. So you should be within that limit as far as I can tell.

  6. @Ben, correct me if I’m wrong here.

    I believe there is a miscalculation in your above figures. It is UA miles for 1.18 cents each if you get a 50% discount on the Choice Privileges purchase. However, most of us got 30% off and this makes the exchange 1.30 cents for each UA miles!

    Thank you for your recent purchase of Choice Privileges® points. The points have been credited to your account as per the transaction summary below:
    Choice Privileges Member Number: GP XXXXXXXXXX
    Name: Kalboz
    Points Purchased: 50000
    Bonus Points: 15000 (30%)
    Total Points: 65000
    Total (billed to your credit card):* $550.00

    Choice Privilege won’t let me purchase any more points at this time. The exchange, however, went like this and already posted on my UA account:

    Exchange out of 65,000 Choice Privileges® Points Choice Privileges®
    Exchange into 32,500 United MileagePlus® award miles MileagePlus®

    And no one can tell me when the extra 30% UA miles will post which should be an extra 9,750 UA miles.

  7. At ~1.18/Mile, for which I can use on several Star Alliance partners, this is definitely worth it for me. Thanks for the content and the 32,500 miles.

  8. @Kalboz said: “And no one can tell me when the extra 30% UA miles will post which should be an extra 9,750 UA miles.”

    The T&C can tell you this: “(d) Bonus Miles will be credited into the member’s account on or before January 30, 2018.”

  9. Also Kalboz. I bought 50k for 385$. You bought 65k ie 50k plus bonus for $550. Ie I think the bonus maxed out at @50k. Meaning you paid slightly higher. Correct me if wrong

  10. @Kalboz
    How are you getting the 15,000 Bonus points upon purchase? All I see is:



    Number of Points 50,000 Points
    Cost of Points$550.00 USD
    Discount (30%)-$165.00 USD
    Total Charge$385.00 USD

  11. How long does it usually take to get the points to post(For Choice)? I just bought the 50k and didn’t post. For the SPG promo, I got the points right after purchasing it.

  12. @Mick, I believe you are right I got shafted with the previous deal. I’m dipping into this one through my wife’s account which we set up today! 🙂

    Name: Mrs. Kalboz
    Points Purchased: 50000
    Total (billed to your credit card):* $385.00

  13. Does Choice process points purchases directly or is it (i.e. which credit card should be used for the purchase?)

  14. Great information, I can’t find this on Points Guy, Doctor of Credit, etc. One Mile at a Time has become my best source of useful travel information. Thank you.

  15. How long does it take for points to post to your choice account? Purchased 50k earlier today and it still hasn’t posted.

  16. Mine took 24 hours. Once I see them in my choice account it still says “50,000 points will get you 25,000 united points “ on the choice website. Will the bonus still be applied for the extra 7500 Miles?

  17. Points took 24 hrs to post. Just converted 50k points to 25k MileagePlus. I’ll report back when the bonus posts. Please do the same.

  18. @Mick Since United is the one who gives you the bonus of 30% extra miles, I’d assume you convert the points to miles and once United receives this they are the ones who would award you that 30% (7500 mile bonus). At least, that’s how think it would happen. I just converted the points to miles. Now it’s a waiting game for the 32500 miles to show up in my United account.

  19. Looking to use these Choice points to book hotels for a vacation in Scandinavia next year – but their page is saying ALL CHOICE HOTEL AWARDS ARE BLACKED OUT FURTHER THAN 30 DAYS AHEAD ??????? That can’t be right surely?

  20. @Harry Hv

    You can’t book more than 30-60 days out without status. You’ll have to book within 60 days of when you’re traveling.

  21. @Harry Hv. If you try to look up availability outside your booking window of 30-60 days it will show no availability. Last summer we made a backup reservation that was cancellable and booked when the window opened. As long as a room is available, a reward room can be booked so you can check in advance if the hotel is full or not. In theory we could “hold” on to the room with a refundable regular booking and then release the room and immediately book the reward room when the booking window opens up. We didn’t need to do this as there was still availability when the award window opened for us.

  22. The registration link doesn’t seem to work anymore for me – – entering my MileagePlus number there is constantly erroring out – “The MileagePlus number you submitted is invalid or not eligible for this offer”.

    On United’s MileagePlus News & Offers – Hotel page (, I see “Registration not required” for this promo. Does that really mean registration is no longer needed on the link you posted?

  23. The United transfer promo page appears to be broken. It has the text “Enjoy {{BONUS_VALUE}}% bonus award miles when you convert hotel points”, and refuses my mileageplus number. Hopefully they get it fixed or I’ll be stuck with Choice points…

  24. @Nash D

    The “Registration not required” part is for the promo in which Choice gives you 2500 instead of 1000 UA miles for 5000 Choice points – not for the promo where UA is adding a 30% bonus to those miles.

  25. Thanks @David. Saw that right after posting. I hope they clear this up soon – tweeted/DM’ed United to see if they can do something about it.

  26. As a reference point it took 24k for 50k to turn up in my choice account and 24hrs for the exchange to turn up in my mileage plus account.

  27. The offer on United is “Through November 30, 2017, get 2,500 award miles when you exchange 5,000 Choice Privileges Points. Terms apply”. If you transfer 50k Choice miles to United, why does that not get 10 x 2500 United miles as the bonus?

  28. Again:

    The T&C can tell you this: “(d) Bonus Miles will be credited into the member’s account on or before January 30, 2018.”

  29. Again:

    The T&C can tell say:

    “(d) Bonus Miles will be credited into the member’s account on or before January 30, 2018.”

    “Bonus Miles” are the 30% that UA will add – *but not until January*.

  30. @bob @Boris Were you able to clear anything up about the bonus not showing up? Theoretically they have until Jan 31 2018 to post but a confirmation that the 30% bonus will post would be good!

  31. Anyone have luck with the promo page? It still appears broken. When I try it still says “Enjoy {{BONUS_VALUE}}% bonus award miles when you convert hotel points”. It doesn’t seem to recognize the MileagePlus numbers either. The promo is supposed to be through Nov 30th so I would be very surprised if they removed it.

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