This ~$600 Roundtrip Business Class Fare Is Really Tempting Me…

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Airline pricing can be highly variable depending on the market in which you’re originating, as I’ve talked about many times before. Some of the cheapest markets include “the four Cs” — Cairo, Cape Town, Casablanca, and Colombo. There are plenty of other markets as well, but those are among the most common for great fares.

I’ve booked plenty of business class fares out of these markets, in particular out of Cairo and Colombo. Qatar Airways is probably the airline which publishes the best business class fares out of these markets, making it a great opportunity to rack up American AAdvantage miles. That’s especially true now that American is going revenue based, given that on Qatar you’ll still be able to earn AAdvantage miles based on the distance flown rather than amount spent.

Which brings us to the latest super cheap fare on which you can earn miles, between Colombo and Casablanca. The roundtrip distance of that journey is 11,600 “butt-in-seat” miles.


Just how low is the fare? Qatar Airways has a fare of just ~$600 roundtrip all-in. That’s insane.


Best of all, Qatar Airways’ flights between Doha and Casablanca are operated by the 787, featuring their excellent reverse herringbone business class product. Not only is it an excellent hard product, but Qatar Airways has among the best business class soft products in the world as well.



To crunch the numbers on that, through American AAdvantage you’d earn 17,400 elite qualifying miles, and even more redeemable miles than that, depending on your status. That’s ~3.5 cents per elite qualifying mile, which is incredible. That would be a great cent per mile ratio for economy, let alone business class.

Qatar Airways codeshares with Royal Air Maroc between Doha and Casablanca, so what I’m actually even more tempted by is the ability to try Royal Air Maroc between Doha and Casablanca, since it’s an airline I’d really like to review. That’s available for the same fare.


I could book an award ticket from the US to Colombo…

And then on the return flight I could finally fly Kuwait Airways from Colombo to New York for under $1,000.


Bottom line

I’ve seen a lot of low Qatar Airways business class fares, but this fare between Colombo and Casablanca has to be among the lowest ever. I realize it’s not practical for everyone, but I think it’s fun to sometimes look at just how low business class fares can get. It’s like the sub-$1,300 business class fare Qatar Airways published a while back between Cairo and Miami.

When planning your travel always check those business class fares, because you might be surprised by just how low they can get.

(Tip of the hat to RabbitohRob on FlyerTalk)

  1. If one has lots of free time or lives in those countries, heck yeah

    I cant survive those routes. Not even in First Class.

  2. Qatar had an excellent fares recently from Europe, various cities, maybe still bookable. I was tempted too and booked business from BER-DOH-AKL-DOH-MUC at some very competitive 1800USD. (combinations ranging 1500-2000 USD) Many combinations of cities may still work; originating from AMS, BER, MUC, PRG and arriving back in various cities. Great fare for the longest leg out there  (once it starts) Thanks for the post!! Love your blog and adventures 

  3. Sounds great if you’re a oneworld flyer! I say go for it! Can you still earn AAdvantage miles even if that flight between Casablanca and Doha is operated by Royal Air Maroc?

  4. @ HT — Was just posting random dates, wasn’t actually going to do those exact dates. 🙂

  5. The reverse herringbone is ideal for people that don’t like to make eye contact with any one less. Otherwise it is very congested. The business 777 is much better, a lot more roomy, albeit no privacy. You have weird preferences.

  6. If you do go to Morocco please do spend some time in this magnificent country, Chefchaun, Marrakesh, Ouzoud to be speciifc.

  7. Ben
    If you do decide on a KWI trip, and manage to make it a one night stopover hit me up as I live here and can show you around. Send me a PM and I can reply with my primary email address for your future reference.

  8. I will be able to do this if I chose to in August, but I don’t see that $600 fare on Google or QR, I see $1,600-$2,000. Any tip on finding that fare?

  9. For the award ticket, could you do Qatar’s A350? The BOS route has award availability, I’m almost certain.

  10. I have the time to do this over the next month, it’s just getting to CMB for a reasonable price from MIA, then getting back. Doing an award ticket defeats much of the purpose of going on an insane MR like this.

    Thoughts, @Lucky?

  11. @Joel. Wow thanks for sharing that is news i hope they launch this finally. We are booked for March only so hopefully this will work out somehow.

    @Ben, do you know what is behind Qatar decreasing freq on some major international routes?

  12. Lucky, as a person who had to take Royal Air Maroc several times becuase it was the only option, I can say: don´t do it! It´s disgusting, the service is unfriendly and rude, the hardware dirty and smelling like a old carpet.

    But on the other hand, you know QR good enough so it could be a great adventure and nice experience to travel with AT 😀

  13. sale must be over this is all i could find:
    $1965 was lowest biz fare i could find on ita matrix for june 1 to june 22 casablaca to columbo

  14. If only there was a similar fare in the reverse direction too, then I could nest one inside the other & get a cheapo LCC out to Casablanca to start it all off.

  15. I was able to lock in CMB-DOH-ADL & CMB-DOH-MEL, both r/t in QR Biz for $1098 & $1085 respectively. Incredible deal imo. Suffice to say AA EXP renewed after this plus all the miles!

  16. tried the same dates on the QR website but it priced out to US$2442. how did you land that fare??

  17. I just looked for that same fare on the same dates and it comes up almost 4X higher. Really interested in booking it if I can get anywhere close to the $600 you found. Any suggestions? Did you just search through the Qatar website?

  18. Also searching the fare for dates during June (using your random example) and is not pricing for me either – US$2400. Searching out of Singapore but have tried various other sales cities and also VPN.

    Suggestions? or do you think the offer has been pulled?

  19. The fare was gone shortly after this was published. The best way to book these low fares is you have to know it before anyone else, book it, then share. Last year, I flew CMB-AUH in BC and 1st for $300, and got to use their 1st class lounge. Best $300 ever spent.

  20. Yeah… Unfortunately this was a short running – Sri Lankan – promo fare. It was published on May 5th and expired on May 10th already. A great part of (southern) European destinations was also a part of this promotion, but the prices were nowhere near the $600 return CMB-DOH-CMN.

  21. @Ben,
    Are you planning on spending one week in Casablanca, or do you have any other trips up your sleeve?

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