Incredible Deal On A Portable iPhone Charger

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Keeping electronic devices charged while on the road can be a challenge. Admittedly I’m a bit OCD, but I always make an effort to charge my electronic devices when I’m near an outlet, even when they’re almost full. You never know when you’ll need them, especially when you’re traveling (which for me is true now more than ever before, given all the US Airways A321s I’m stuck flying on transcons, which don’t have power ports).

Anyway, at the moment there’s an incredible deal on a portable charger, just in time for the holidays. This is perfect if you have an iPhone, iPad, etc. Specifically, the Gatcepot 15000mAh power bank with two outlets is presently on sale for $11.19, while the normal cost is apparently $59.99. If you’d prefer one in black rather than gold, that’s available for $12.99.


Technology is advancing quickly, as just last year I wrote about a great limited time sale on a similar charger that was marked down to $21.99, and that only had 13000mAh. So this one is almost half the price and will last you more charges. This should be good for at least five or six iPhone charges on one battery.

If you’re in the market for a charger, this is a deal that’s tough to beat. Or since it’s the holidays, if you have a traveler in your life, this is probably a gift they’d appreciate. Act fast, because I doubt this offer will last.

(Tip of the hat to Rene’s Points)

  1. Meh…according to CamelCamelCamel, this isn’t that much of a deal. Has been ~$15 for entire year. Also, the reviews get a D rating on Fakespot and it’s an unknown Chinese brand.

  2. The title is misleading.

    This is NOT an iPhone, iPad or iPad charger. It’s not affiliated to or certified by Apple or anyone else.

    It’s a PowerBank with USB out, so you can use it to charge anything you like (E-cigarettes, Smart Bands, Phones, ebook readers, whatever)

  3. I was ready to buy several for grandchildren at that price until I read through the Amazon reviews. There are some common negative themes, for example weight and flimsiness, that show up even in most of the four-star reviews, let alone the one-star and two-star reviews. I might take a chance on one for myself if I needed one, but not for a Christmas present

    I’ll wait until you’ve used and reviewed it, Lucky.

  4. This is clearly product placement as another blogger made a very similar post. Never trust no name brand electronics and with just 90 Amazon reviews …. no

    Shame on you Ben

  5. Three things to remember:

    1. Battery packs of this size are roughly the energetic equivalents of a hand grenade.

    2. Battery packs can (and have) catch fire and/or explode.

    3. You usually get what you paid for.

  6. I had airport security in Beijing remove these from my hand luggage recently for safety reasons with no real option other than leaving them behind.

  7. Gotta pump pump pump those referral links somehow. If not credit cards then cheap knock off Amazon electronics.

  8. As a former US Airways passenger I’ve used a similar battery pack for years. I haven’t used it lately even on my LUS Transcon flights because my new Apple devices are holding longer charges and this device adds a half pound of weight (every ounce counts since I don’t check bags). Also lounge access solves this problem as my new devices charge very quickly. I’ve never been challenged to remove it by Security anywhere and I know that some EU airports are very strict about any batteries.

    I think it’s a great device if you need it – never had an issue with my older model.

  9. I’m wary of the no-name fly-by-night Chinese electronics products, whether they are battery packs, car USB chargers, etc. Sure, that’s a great price, but you just don’t know about the quality. I’d rather stick with known and trusted brands like Anker and RAVPower.

    Also, problems I have with the item Lucky linked to:
    – there are no actual pictures of the battery pack in the listing. The listing just shows CGI drawings, not actual photos. There are customer pictures and reviews, but…
    – There are multiple reviews with the exact same language(blueEyedTechieInTX and Jhezka); some pictures are in multiple reviews (adidush, john cretium, review effective)
    – There is a consistent theme around low quality, even from some of the “free sample” reviewers.

    Personally, I would run from this one.

  10. For example, we’ve been using the same Poweradd Pilot 2GS 10000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger regularly for as long as a couple of years now. It’s still working fine for us with never a problem. For my own interest I looked it up on Amazon. It’s on sale for $15.99 and at the moment shows 3,341 customer reviews with a 4.5 star average.

    This indicates to me that prices are coming down and it’s worth shopping around a little.

  11. Grab an Anker, Amazon usually has great deals on them. Mine is several years old and still will supply 5+ charges to my phone and about 2.5 on my Kindle Fire

  12. Affiliate Marketing. Its how he makes money from his blog. Amazon will cut you a percentage of what you buy when you click on his link. But not just on this product, on anything you buy with Amazon. So it can be lucrative given how many visitors he has on this website. Can’t hate on him for it.

  13. Anker is the one to go to. I personally prefer a battery case though as you don’t need to carry a separate thing and cable when your phone’s battery is running out. Anker iPhone 6 slim battery case changed how I use the phone daily significantly.

  14. I worry about this device. There are all kinds of spelling mistakes on the Amazon post and poor grammar. And one of the pictures spells “bettery”. From a frequent China traveler – – I wouldn’t take a chance on this one.

  15. Although not the cheapest I trust and have had a good experience with. Monoprice packs they have a flashlight on the larger models – look for sales. It’s the white/black plastic “select” model

  16. If you’re going for referral links, why not post something of quality, like the Anker chargers? Highly rated, excellent customer service.

  17. In this day and age power packs are the last thing anyone should carry on a plane, most seatback IFE have USB charge ports.

  18. In term of portable charger, I would be very picky on the brand and origin of battery cells.
    Basically, you don’t want it to blow up like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and these portable charger tends to have very big capacity most of them at least doubled the Galaxy Note 7 itself.
    Most of cheap portable charge offer quite bad battery cells that self-discharge quickly and doesn’t hold well in various environment. I would always go for Japanese Battery Cells which is very well known for quality. My personal preference when it comes to portable charger brand would be Panasonic (Eneloop) and Danboard. Both of them use Japanese Battery Cells.

    In term of air travel, some airlines do have restriction on how big the capacity of the portable charger is allowed on board which might become stricter since the Note 7 Fiasco. I would always go with 10000 mAh or less just to be safe.

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