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While perhaps not as good as the $450 roundtrip mistake business class fares that American published a couple of days ago between Washington and Beijing (which they’re honoring — woot woot!), American and Delta are having a far war for travel between the US and Brazil. Roundtrip fares between the US and Brazil (including Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo) are running ~$1,550 all-in.

Via View from the Wing, the basic terms of the fares are as follows:

American business class fares to Brazil

  • Valid departure cities: Atlanta, Detroit and Minneapolis
  • Advance purchase requirement: 21 days
  • Minimum stay: 7 days
  • Valid travel dates: Tuesday through Saturday outbound, Saturday through Wednesday return
  • Expiry date: valid for travel through December 15, 2015



Keep in mind that American flies the 777-300ER to Sao Paulo out of Dallas and New York, which features their new first class and new business class. Also keep in mind that American lets you apply systemwide upgrades on discounted business class tickets, so you could easily snag an upgrade to first class. I’d avoid the 777-200 if at all possible, since it features American’s old product.

American 777-300ER first class

Also keep in mind that American offers bonus miles for travel in paid premium cabins, so as an Executive Platinum member you’d earn 9,000 bonus miles, on top of your 100% Executive Platinum bonus and class of service bonus.

American 777-300ER business class

Delta business class fares to Brazil

  • Valid departure cities: Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, and Phoenix
  • Advance purchase requirement: 21 days
  • Minimum stay: 7 days
  • Valid travel dates: Tuesday through Saturday outbound, Saturday through Wednesday return
  • Expiry date: valid for travel through the end of the schedule



While Delta doesn’t have a first class product, they do have a solid business class product, so they’re a great option if you’re a SkyTeam loyalist. I’d say their catering is also much better than what American offers in business class.

Delta 767 BusinessElite

Bottom line

These are among the best business class fares I’ve ever seen to Brazil, and I wouldn’t expect them to last.

Keep in mind that they’re even valid for travel during part of the busy season. If I didn’t book so many tickets to Beijing, I’d totally take advantage of this deal. 😉

I think it’s an especially good deal on American, given that they have reverse herringbone seats in business class on their 777-300ERs, allow easy upgrades to first class, and award further bonus miles for paid premium cabin travel.

Do you plan on taking advantage of these great business class fares to Brazil?

  1. I frequently see ~$1900 fare between SEA/SFO/LAX to GRU/GIG via MIA. I would think this is a great deal. Because flights to Brazil ain’t cheap even for economy class (unless you want try Gol, they are crazy, using a 737! To flight between North America and Brazil. So this is definitely a good fare.

  2. You do need a visa to visit Brazil if you’re a US citizen, so keep that in mind. That said, this is a great fare and very tempting. Have wanted to tick Brazil off my must-see list for years now.

  3. I’d jump on this if it weren’t for the 7 day stay requirement. I’d take a PHL-MSP positioning flight and then go MSP-GIG.

  4. And, for the non-elite, a sample economy flight DTW-GIG/STU-DTW is CAD$908, or $716.09 — less than half the business-class fare! Just saying.

  5. ok so I put a hold on ATL-MIA-GRU over labor day and the J cabin is wide open, $1554 RT. now the tough part. visit GRU for a week or GIG? probably won’t be able to swing both in one visit.

    anyone with brazil travel experience?

  6. @ pavel — As a tourist I do think Rio is more interesting than Sao Paulo, though I’m sure someone with more expertise can correct me if I’m wrong.

  7. @pavel a week in Rio is too much. I would suggest to squeeze in Iguassu or Isle Esme. Also, remember hotels in Rio ain’t cheap, and there aren’t many hotel chains in Rio, and they all have high categories. Finally, Rio ain’t safe, even Anderseen Cooper got robbed in Rio. So three days in Rio and two days in Is,e Esme may be a better choice.

  8. @[email protected]: If traveling as a tourist definitely do Rio instead of Sao Paulo. Rio is the touristic place with nice beaches and amazing views while Sao Paulo is the most important business hub for Latin America. Sao Paulo does not have anything “really interesting” to see other than the historic city center and some museums but if you are in gastronomy it has one of the best selections of restaurants in the world as it is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Latin America. Although someone mentioned that the Brazilian Real has the worst value against the USD in the last 12 years, Brazil is still very expensive so don’t expect any bargains in hotels and restaurants there. A quick look at the Grand Hyatt Sao Paulo (category 4) shows rates around $400.

  9. Brazil is on sale across the board now. $630 round trip from Chicago to rio on copa (a crappy flight admittedly) was even matched by AA over the weekend. havent seen flights that cheap in over 10 years. The currency is getting crushed as others have noted but for the most part that just brings costs inline to the U.S., ie Big Mac index. Nothing much you buy here besides fruit is a deal. But the beach kicks ass and the girls are hot so book your flight and start working your tinder game.

  10. Hey Lucky. I’m not finding these fares out of Philadelphia. I tried Oct/Nov and then May/June.

  11. UA flies from ATL/MSP to GRU in F(global first) for $2400
    $2644 for BWI to GRU
    I am not finding these deals from any other departure cities
    Book 17 days in advance, minimum stay 4 days.

  12. How did you find those fares??
    Same dates or other dates and same flights on AA and o less than 4500

  13. Hi Lucky, how did you arrive at the 9000 bonus miles calculation for paid business for exec plats that you mentioned in article?
    I understand that flights greater than 3000 miles flown give 3500 bonus miles per segment, but where did the addl 2000 miles come from? Thx

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