Casey Neistat Reviews The Etihad Residence

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Casey Neistat is one of the most popular YouTubers (he has over 11.5 million subscribers, and his videos collectively have more than 2.7 billion views), though YouTube isn’t even his full time gig anymore.

He’s also a bit of an airline geek, though he goes about experiencing the world’s best airlines differently than many of us do. Rather than maximizing points to fly great airline products, he just asks airlines for free tickets, which I guess is another way to maximize. 😉

I’ve shared some of his videos in the past, from his video about him complaining about how American took away his comped Concierge Key status, to his video review of Emirates first class.

Well, Casey has just published a nearly eight minute video of him flying the Etihad Residence from Abu Dhabi to New York. For those of you not familiar with the Residence, this is the three room suite with butler service that Etihad has on their A380s, with tickets priced at nearly $30,000 one-way.

The airline gave him the ticket for free, which is one of the first cases I know of them publicly “giving away” a ticket, as they’ve been mostly pretty strict not to do that.

You can watch the video here:

The video put a huge smile on my face, since it brought me back to my flight in the Etihad Residence about 2.5 years ago (I paid for my ticket, though I found a good fare out of Cairo). If you want to read about that experience:

Every time I share a video of Casey’s, some people are really put off by his stuff. Casey has a unique personality, and I tend to think his videos are an acquired taste. Is he unusual? Absolutely.

But there’s something about all of his videos that makes him approachable and relatable, and the more of his stuff I’ve watched, the more I’ve enjoyed it. I love his enthusiasm, as I feel like his impressions are similar to those a kid would share if experiencing this product (I mean that in a good way).

Along those lines, you have all kinds of influencers who get stuff for free and make videos that are essentially advertisements, though I feel like Casey actually makes videos about free stuff in a tasteful way, as much as that’s possible.

Anyway, the video brought me back to my most memorable flight ever, so thanks for that, Casey!

What do you make of Casey’s Etihad Residence video?

  1. His unusual camera angles and “naive” commentary gives the viewer a very unique perspective (pun intended), which puts you alot closer to the actual experience than most other reviews.
    It really shows how talented the guy is.

  2. Is there / Do you know anyone paying that full fare amount for a First Class ticket (other than politicians with tax payers money)?

  3. I probably flew the First Class residence (paid ticket only / no points tricks) more than 10 times over the years. Honestly I have stopped flying with them since 2018 since the service has dramatically gotten worse with their multiple cost cuts even for premium cabin passengers.

  4. Excellent video but I always feel there’s a conflict of interest when the experience they’re reviewing is paid for by the airline.
    Kudos to him for getting Etihad to pay for his ticket though! The video did make me think who the target market is for Etihad’s Residence and whether Casey’s video will generate more Residence customers for Etihad. Only the 1% of the 1% can probably afford to pay for such luxury and I don’t think the majority of those folks watch Casey’s videos on youtube, or perhaps they do!

  5. The very first video I watched of Casey made me cringe. But then it all changed with just the second one. He has his own unique style and you either like him or dislike him. Even the crews that interact with him seem to enjoy his antics :).

  6. Not sure why 11.5m people subject themselves to his videos on the regular. Agree that this one is less cringe-worthy than most. What I really don’t understand is why Etihad would give away their product to a reviewer who’s demos likely skew away from the folks that will pay five figures for airline tickets. Seems to diminish the exclusive aura around the product.

  7. This is an advert for Etihad, not for the residence. I doubt there will be a single ticket sale generated for the residence based on this video but his viewers are target market for flying Etihad (probably in coach). For a flight where the residence was unsold, this is cheap advertising for Etihad.

  8. I think Etihad have been on a bit of an advertising spree recently. In addition to this video, I believe they’ve also given TPG free tickets in every class on the A380 (to review presumably) and also gave everyone on the Ellen Show free holidays.

  9. Hot take: his review of the Etihad Residence was way better than what Sam Chui or TPG has done in the past. With them, they were more focused on the lounge and redemption, while I think I learned way more about the actual Residence Suite from Casey (his video is the first one that actually showed the bathroom too).

    Some of the other airline YouTubers can also be a bit…pompous? They complain about the smallest things (like Nonstop Dan’s complaints about Etihad’s first class). While I understand that these reviews focus on whether or not it is worth the upgrade, some of their critiques of the small things gets old.

    Whereas Casey is like a kid in the candy store. Sure, that can be annoying, but for those of us who usually fly in economy, we would probably be just as excited as he was to discover a fridge under the ottoman.

    And at least he’s up front of Etihad giving him the Residence for that flight.

  10. Between this and the support from Gary wrt the supposed AA pilot, glad to see that the gift of caring and sharing for the holiday season is in full force!

    As for Casey, yeah, he’s not someone I can relate to in really any way, but his videos are still entertaining for what they are.

  11. you can tell he’s truly in awe of the Residence, i love it. plus i’d say that the majority of us are jealous of his experiences!

  12. @Joey, I imagine that Etihad’s motivation in giving him the free ticket was to promote the airline as a whole. By virtue of his promoting The Residence, viewers are probably more likely to buy a ticket on Etihad in economy. Emirates markets like this all the time, promoting their first class hoping to reflect well on the airline as a whole.

  13. @Jon

    I can’t relate to him in any meaningful way either, and yet somehow, the few videos I’ve seen have been more compelling than the usual avgeek vloggers. Funny that. And I give him credit for being up front about the tkt. Unlike Josh Cahill who discretely (but vigorously) seeks out freebies, and then gives bad reviews if airlines don’t upgrade him!

  14. I fully admit that my following comments are based on age. My age. And being too “old” for what I perceive as BS and disrespectful, entitled behaviour from people who wouldn’t know decency, professionalism and manners if they got slapped and belted over the head with awareness.

    I can’t take Casey’s report/blog/presentation seriously in any way. Listening to him, reading what he has to say and seeing how he dresses in certain situations just makes me think: attention-seeking, insecure wanker who didn’t get enough hugs growing up.

    I also can’t believe in any product/service that he – and many attention-seeking, immature bloggers/influencers of his level – is highlighting. Dressing and acting like a sloth in ultra first class? Not decent.

    Being in many situations, having access to a certain level, indulging in decadence? It’s not a right. It is still a privilege that we have to respect.

    Rant over. Happy travels 🙂

  15. Juan, Nonstop Dan’s review started with all the oohs and aahs, purring like a cat, complete with bodily contortions. The moment he got told to put his camera away the claws come and he suddenly decided Etihad is no good. He tried a similar stunt with these like some other vloggers “The brutally honest truth” with Qatar but that fell short of views. I got told off by an Etihad Purser too but that didn’t mean suddenly Etihad becomes garbage. I guess with Nonstop Dan he thought being told off up front is something that could never happen lol. I guess it does even on the ME3

  16. Casey Neistat is an acquired taste to say the least! The black on his glasses is not wearing off, he spray paints them white and then removes most of it. Why you ask? Because he can I guess! (They are Ray Bans by the way!)
    Does he dress to the nines? No! Even the few times I have seen him wearing a tux, the temptation to chase him with an iron was almost more than I could bear! But alas, that is just Casey.
    Unlike some of your readers, I myself have found myself mellowing with age and unless McK77 is 77, I would wager I am older than he! My advice? Get over yourself! No one is going to hold a candle to your a$$ for what Casey does!
    Relax, you will live longer! Enjoyed the excitement of Casey’s review! He enjoyed it!
    End of rant!

  17. What’s with the towel piled high on his head like some 1950’s diva who’s just stepped out of her bubble bath, rather than just a 5 minute max. shower?
    And with sunglasses? Get over yourself girlfriend!

  18. This whole thing was to build brand awareness for Etihad and it basically cost them next to nothing in reality. I don’t get why so many are complaining why would Etihad give away that free ticket. The empty Residence is on the plane regardness if there was no passenger, so giving away a free ticket doesn’t really cost Etihad. Except for the Champagne and wines he drink and the food he ate. 😉

    So what we need to do is help Lucky get to 12m followers so maybe he can be the next guy to fly for free. 😉

  19. Honestly, I know it’s generational, but You Tubers to me are truly the most obnoxious segment of media (if it deserves to be even called that) out there today and easily fits the definition of the lowest common denominator in society.

    Classless and narcissist. I pray this trend one day dies a brutal death so these people who should be working at Starbucks find their true calling in life.

  20. I don;’t like Caseys videos at all and dont enjoy his personality on camera but I see how this can be something fun to watch if youve experienced the Residence, want to one day, or just enjoy living vicariously through others. Hes just not my cup of tea.

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