Captain Panda Spends 8 Hours In Beijing

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On Saturday I posted a link to a pretty epic Air China promotional video which was unveiled last month. In it, an animated panda gives a tour of Air China’s Boeing 747-8. And. It’s. Amazing.

Reader Paos pointed out that this was actually a sequel to another promotional Air China video, entitled “Captain Panda’s 8 Hours in Beijing:”

Oh my, it might just be even more epic. My thoughts?

  • Am I the only one that finds the descent rate of the plane a bit alarming?
  • At least the video is accurate about the fact that your longhaul Air China flight will arrive at a remote stand
  • It’s a bit concerning that Captain Panda only has eight hours between flights, and doesn’t use it to rest
  • I don’t think I’ve ever had an Air China captain who speaks English even a tenth as well as this upstate New Yorker… usually Air China pilots are more like this:

Regardless, what an awesome video! Here’s to hoping this becomes a series for Air China!

  1. Thats actually really scary. Air China needs to teach their staff English. Wonder how many complaints ATC has made.

  2. It’s funny how he says 365 passengers can sit here and the subtitle says 233 passengers can sit here.

  3. I’ve had Australian pilots at least twice on Air China, so some of them can definitely speak English (which I’m sure even the Aussie accent qualifies for)!

  4. – Why do they use such high quality animation but such poor quality real life video footage?
    – What does he hope the lady pandas get?

  5. To me the most concerning part is that the panda admits that his species is notorious for having poor eyesight. And then guess who’s flying the plane?

  6. If JFK ground can use standard RT, it will definitely make non-native English pilots less nervous, reducing chance of miscommunication.

  7. The duck lobby is apparently bigger than the dumpling lobby (the bamboo lobby never had a shot/shoot?).

  8. Why is the music Irish? Is it because the panda is really from the Bronx? Also, I never knew pandas loved duck so much.

  9. Almost every international flight that is operated by a Chinese carrier arrives in China will be stopping at a remote stand. It might have something to deal with customs policy I guess? And also, if you are annoyed by the poor English skill that are presented by Chinese Airline cabin/ground crews, go to the domestic departure section of the airport, you will be surprised that they cannot read the same sentence that they used for probably 100+ times a day correctly. Not even grammartically correct.

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