A Panda Gives You A Tour Of An Air China Boeing 747-8

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In terms of things which are on my list of favorite things ever, Air China uploaded a Boeing 747-8 tour to YouTube a few weeks ago. It’s no surprise Air China wants to show off their Boeing 747-8s, as they’re the latest airline to take delivery of the plane. The best part? The tour is given by a panda.

It’s quite possibly the most cringeworthy best thing ever. I’m not sure whether my favorite part is the panda thinking there may be a panda princess on the upper deck, him just entering the flight deck without permission to give the captain flowers, or the fact that the plane doesn’t seem to have an economy cabin. Good thing there were no air marshals aboard.

If you want a Saturday laugh, you need to see this video:

(Tip of the hat to @Dadaop)

  1. He went upstairs and gave the captain flowers. The captain is also a panda. Perhaps he did find his Panda Prince(ss) after all….

  2. “Three hundred and sixty five passengers can sit here” he says as the caption reads, “233 passengers can sit here!”

  3. @Lukcy what is the status of Korean Air’s 748? Is that going to be delivered this year?
    Besides Air China and Lufthansa, is there any other airline operating or going to operate 747-8 this year?
    Does Boeing give up on double deck aircraft given how bad the sale of 747-8 is?

  4. Didn’t the panda begin in economy? That’s where (as Aaron points out) he said they could fly 365 passengers but the caption reads 233. The video definitely made me smile.

  5. One of my friend went back to home in Beijing from LHR via Air China. When he came back the flight delayed for 2 days!!!!

  6. Looks like they fly out of T-5 at JFK too. So cringeworthy o don’t think JetBlue can even justify legal action against them for using a photo of their terminal…

  7. @him Delay is quite normal in China, simply because air traffic is too crowded. Even Beijing Airport T3 cannot handle that amount of traffics, so that they decide to build another airport.
    Unfortunately, both LHR and PEK are busy as hell, you can just check to see how hard it is to add slot to these two airports.
    Air China realized that situation and opened a route between Beijing to LGw

  8. Anyone notice when he talks about going upstairs to look for his panda princess he actually walks down stairs?

  9. Well,it turns to be the sequel of Air China’s “Captain Panda’s 8 hours in Beijing”

    It’s kind unrealistic given Air China captain’s English is not that good. They should hire more foreign pilots like their joint venture partner Cathay Pacific did.

  10. Speaking of “legal action”, I think that Sichuan Airlines, which has appropriated “Golden Panda” as the name of their FF program because the world’s largest panda breeding farm is located in the Sichuan Province for which the airline is named, could have a case against Air China’s shameless use of the province’s cherished mascot…

    On the other hand, Air China’s showing off of their new 748 or other products would look even more ridiculous if they did use a phoenix, their own mascot, to do the talking! 😉

  11. @NXO. Airports in China are not actually overcrowded, its that the Chinese Army restricts the flightpaths. Which leaves very narrow slots left. Also, the time between flights taken off/landing was long compared to other countries. Only recently they started narrowing the time between movements at Pudong airport. This should release some pressure and result in less delays. Im touching wood. Sufffered with enough delays when living in Beijing and now in Shanghai.

    I can recommend reading the book ‘China Airborne’ to understand better how it all works here in china

  12. American Chambers of Commerce Beijing Magazine had an article about China’s airspace a couple of years ago. In that article, the author mentioned 80% of Chinese Air Space is reserved for military use and only 20% is allocated for commercial use. In the U.S., the number is completely reversed: 20% for military and 80% for commercial aviation.

    BTW, I am on the upper deck of Air China 747-8 this coming Friday traveling from JFK to PEK. Not my first time on the 748 but first time on Air China’s 748.

  13. Wow…. my confidence in Air China has just dropped substantially after seeing this, for multiple reasons.. 1) Someone at Air China thought this was a good idea, 2) Someone at Air China paid for this crap. 3) Someone at Air China thought this is what the English-speaking world wants.

    Obviously being able to afford a 748 is NO guarantee that you’ll understand the business.

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