Meet Buzz, Ryanair’s New Airline

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Ryanair is one of the world’s largest ultra low cost carriers, and is known for their incredibly low fares within Europe (and beyond).

Ryanair Holdings Group has several airlines, including Ryanair UK, Ryanair DAC, Ryanair Sun, and Laudamotion. This comes partly through acquisitions, and partly in order to set up different business units in different countries to diversify as much as possible and establish the lowest cost basis possible.

Ryanair Sun was established at the beginning of 2018, and has its own Polish Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC). The airline started with a fleet of just five aircraft in summer 2018, operating flights for Polish tour-operators. However, the airline has grown to include 17 aircraft, and plans to grow to 25 aircraft by summer 2019. The airline now operates both charter and scheduled flights.

Well, it looks like the airline will soon be rebranding. As of fall 2019, Ryanair Sun will be rebranded as Buzz.

Buzz will launch their own website and app, allowing Polish customers to book all Ryanair flights, including those operated by Buzz.

Here’s what the Buzz plane will look like:

And here are cabin pictures:

These planes will feature the same 30″ of pitch that Ryanair has, yet they must be using some sort of a lens to make it look more spacious…

It’s worth noting that Buzz bears no relations to BuzzBallz, Spirit’s signature cocktail

The history of the Buzz name is interesting. Buzz was a subsidiary of KLM, and operated UK flights in 2000-2004. Then they sold Buzz to Ryanair, though Ryanair didn’t continue to use the name. 15 years later they’re bringing the name back.

Juliusz Komorek, the Chairman of Buzz Supervisory Board said the following:

“We are excited to launch Buzz today, and to see our newly branded aircraft appear in Poland this autumn. Over the last 15 years, Ryanair has grown to become Poland’s biggest airline, thanks to the unbeatable combination of the lowest fares, best customer service and largest route network – and we now expect that Buzz will be Poland’s No.1 airline.”

Meanwhile Michał Kaczmarzyk, the CEO of Ryanair Sun, said the following:

“Following a successful year of growth for Ryanair Sun, we are delighted that our planes will have a new and unique branding as we launch Buzz.  Our goal is to offer services at the highest level to both customers and tour-operators. Buzz will continue to operate scheduled and charter flights, with our fleet growing to 25 aircraft by summer 2019.”

Bottom line

Ryanair has had a lot of issues the past year or so (especially with labor). It’s interesting to see the airline increasingly create brands that deviate from the Ryanair name.

On one hand, you’d think they’d want to take advantage of the brand recognition that Ryanair has. At the same time, I guess if people increasingly have negative views on the brand, it makes sense to create some different names.

What do you make of Ryanair Sun being rebranded as Buzz? 

  1. Its interesting the name they have chosen as Buzz was a low-cost brand of KLM uk formerly which they eventually sold to Ryanair – so they are basically resurrecting this albeit with awful branding…

  2. I think the headrest of the first row is in upright position and the next three rows of seats are reclined to look more spacious.

  3. The logo is quite similar to BusyBee (Norway) and the name is the same as the LC of KLM (yellow and purple combination, yikes)

  4. Hmmm… I’m reminded of Joon, which I predicted would be shut-down before it ever became airborne. What’s the point of all these airlines within an airline? Seems to me all they do is dilute the brand.

    I know lots of people have complaints about Ryanair, but they are the only airline serving the airport in Beziers, France, and since our house is only an hour away we often use this LCC to fly up to England. The fares are so ridiculously low that once every couple of months we fly up to London for a weekend, to see a play and visit with friends. Our last trip costs my husband and me 38 euros each, roundtrip Beziers – Stansted. All our Ryanair flights have operated on-time, the planes are immaculate (if garish on the inside, with the screaming yellow cabin trim), and the cabin crews young, friendly and helpful. What’s not to like?

  5. Most important question is whether Buzz will feature Ryanair’s signature hard landings. A flare costs extra on Ryanair.

  6. As Esteban says very similar to the old BusyBee logo on the tail, plus the yellow line down the side.

    Where this get really weird is what happened to BusyBee.

    After a bankruptcy in 1992 it was restarted under a different name after a member of the pilot group got a childhood lawyer friend and ex pilot in the Norwegian air force help them raise money to keep going.

    The lawyer in question was Bjorn Kjos and the name of the new company was Norwegian Air Shuttle.

    Wikipedia claims that for the first 4 months of it’s life Norwegian Air Shuttle kept the bee and yellow logo as their livery, before adopting a new livery that lasted until they became a LCC and adopted the red noses for their then new aircraft the B737.

  7. Ryanair’s research has concluded that Buzz is the airline millennials want and will be eager to fly!

  8. It is a terrible brand and the livery is even worse

    Low cost doesn’t need mean that the name and brand need to look terrible and whilst Ryanair do everything to keep costs down they could have spent more than $10 dollars on branding

  9. Aren’t those bees just the most adorable brand in aviation? :p

    However, I need to remind everyone that “buzzed” flying is “drunk” flying.

    So no flights to the US, as the FAA will never approve their app. 😉

  10. As long as they have a cart filled with different cannabis choices it will be a huge success……..and their clothing policy better be skimpy!

  11. The livery, though odd, is still better than WOW’s. I don’t hate it.

    Hey, United! When you gonna bring back “Ted?”

  12. it seems an odd decision to move away from the Ryanair brand.

    i wonder if there’s a legal reason – something about making it a properly separate entity ?

  13. Flew Ryanair today from Krakow KRK to Stockholm Skavsta NYO. Flight attendants wore Jackets labeled Buzz.

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