You Can Now Buy Emirates First Class Pajamas & Blankets Online

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As aviation geeks, many of us have a tendency to want to take some aspects of the flying experience home. For example, this is something United had a huge issue with when they introduced their new Polaris experience, as they found a lot of people were removing the blankets and pillows from the plane, given how comfortable they are.

United then started selling some of the Polaris amenities online, and I know it has been popular with many. For example, I really love the Polaris duvet, and think it makes a great gift for any aviation geek (and it’s not horribly priced for a duvet either).

It looks like Emirates is following in United’s footsteps (for once), as Emirates is now selling some of their first class amenities through their online store.

The Emirates online store in general has some awesome merchandise for anyone who likes Emirates branded great, but the addition of some first class items is cool as well. Here are the first class items you can expect to see online:

Bowers & Wilkins PX Headphones

The Bowers & Wilkins PX headphones are made to suit every environment you’re in. With 22 hours of battery life, and 3 noise cancellation modes – these headphones have you covered whether you’re in the office, city streets or any flight. Available in two colors with an exclusive Emirates travel case – grab a pair quickly before your next adventure!

Available in all Emirates Official Stores and, these must-have headphones retail at AED 1,799.

Hydra-active Sleepwear (First Class Pyjamas)

Relax in the world’s first moisturizing sleepwear range to ever be developed for an airline, and drift off like you’re up at 40,000 feet in hydra-active sleepwear pyjamas. Designed to prevent skin dehydration, you’ll feel rested and refreshed every morning. The fabric is crafted with the use of natural ingredients – Shea Buter and Argan Oil – which are released with every motion, keeping your skin moisturized and protected.  The patented Microcapsule Technology locks in the natural benefits, allowing you to wash the pyjamas and use them again them again.

Catering to female and male sizes – the pyjamas come in four sizes and in a jersey travel pack. The dark grey men’s pyjamas come with wide leg pant and ribbed collar, while the female’s pyjamas come in a light grey tapered pant and reverse darker color collar.

Available in all Emirates Official Stores and, the First Class pyjamas retail at AED 200 per piece.

First Class Blanket

As the winter and the festive season approaches, grab yourself a warm blanket for those special chilly nights spent at home with family and friends. When open, the cream colored, furry blanket has armholes and pockets to keep hands and feet warm.  This essential item can also be converted into a travel pillow, providing ultimate comfort and support for the neck.

Available in all Emirates Official Stores and, the First Class blankets retail at AED 225.

Now, truth be told, I don’t actually love any of those items.

The Bowers & Wilkins PX headphones are good, but at the price I think there are better ones out there.

I find Emirates’ new pajamas to be not be particularly comfortable.

And I also don’t think their blankets are great, and actually prefer the United Polaris duvet, if you are in the market for an airline blanket for home.

But hey, it’s a cool option to have, I guess.

Anyone plan on picking up any of these Emirates first class amenities?

  1. Congratulations on getting married! I personally find the amenities to be highly overpriced.

  2. I don’t need. I have plenty of those. Paid first class here. Haters gonna hate. I feel sorry for Economy pheasant here who have to buy everything even a packet of peanuts.

  3. Great, now the plebs will be walking around Singapore and Dubai with their Emirates first class pajamas, going to clubs and high end malls as if they paid for their First Class fares like I do. No one will be able to tell us apart. From now on I will only fly discount Economy class fares from Orbitz just to prove them wrong.

  4. The new two-tone grey pajamas are not nearly as comfortable as the older style, which was beige and did not have the new model’s irritating shawl collar. Fortunately, I stocked-up on the older jammies and hopefully have years of comfy lounging ahead!

    Off-topic: I was hoping for a review of Condor’s transatlantic Business Class. I’ll be trying it out on Thursday; Frankfurt to Halifax.

  5. I have gotten them on flights and do not use them on the ground. I have gotten pajamas from some other airlines that make great sweats for running. These do not.

  6. I actually quite like my Emirates 1st PJ bottoms. Actually wearing them right now. No, I’m not in public, I’m snuggled up on the lounge. The neckline of the top does make me feel like I am cast as one of the crew of some space travel drama.

  7. If there’s anything I could do over about my Emirates First Class experience, it would be to trade the pajamas in for a medium.

  8. Interestingly enough, on one of my flights, the Emirates FA simply told me to take the PJs and blanket, she even gave me a souvenir Emirates cloth bag to put them in. Didn’t give me the headphones but at ~USD 500 I can understand that lol.

  9. @Lucy: that’s not the PX. They were introduced after your flight, and they are totally different from the one on your picture.

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