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While perhaps not especially useful to most, Brussels Airlines has an innovative promotion for the World Cup. They’re offering the opportunity to fly with their football team roundtrip between Brussels and Sao Paulo, and the package even includes tickets to all of the games that the Belgian Red Devils play in.

Here are the details:

As the official airline of the Belgian Red Devils, we are very proud to fly our Belgian national football team to Brazil for the 2014 world cup, on board one of our Airbus A330 wrapped in Belgian colors for the occasion. There are only 56 seats still available (out of the 150 seats) on the team’s flight SN2014 and you can be in one of them!

As well as joining the Belgian Red Devils on SN2014 to São Paulo, you’ll get to root for them at all the world cup matches they play (up till the finals, we hope!). You’ll return to Belgium together with the team!

Total price (up until the finals): €3,499


While hotels aren’t included, I’d say that’s not a half bad deal for roundtrip flights and tickets to the games, assuming you’re a huge football fan. I mean, if there were a flight with all of the Real Housewives, for example, I’d be in like flynn.

And per the FAQ, you even get a refund if the Red Devils don’t make it to the finals:

What if the Red Devils leave the tournament early?
The total price of the SN2014 package includes the return flight fare and the cost of entrance tickets to every match the team plays, up until the finals. If the Red Devils do not make it to the final, you’ll be refunded the cost of the entrance tickets for the matches which the Red Devils don’t play. If they are eliminated after the 1st round, you’ll be refunded €814; after the 8th finals, you’ll be refunded €724; and after the quarter finals, you’ll be refunded €590.

Kudos to Brussels Airlines for their creativity!

Now what I’d really like to take part in is Brussels Airlines’ Tomorrowland flights (and while I’d stick out like a sore thumb, I’d sure find it fascinating):

Just don’t tell the Directorate General Of Civil Aviation in India about these flights, because I doubt they’d approve. 😉

(Tip of the hat to Chris)

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  1. They launched this back on 24 March, and are down to about 20 seats based on my conversations with SN. Hurry if you’re interested. 50 of the 150 seats were reserved for MM Senators and HONS.

  2. Belgium has a great chance to qualify for 8th finals but that is how far they can go. If they move to 8th finals they get either Portugal, Germany, USA or Ghana. That means they will be flying back to Brussels after playing the 8th finals. BTW, a ticket to the final game of the World Cup costs around $1K and you can find scalpers on the internet asking $100K for that ticket. Crazy!!!!

  3. Dude, all the flight/hotel/train packages are already sold out for this year so you are SOL! I don’t know what they’re selling at Tomorrowland but it must be damn good stuff.

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